FanFic - Max/Liz
"The Pretend Game"
Part 11
by LivE
Disclaimer: Nothing Roswell is mine, sadly!!
Summary: This takes place shortly after the Pilot, but before Heat Wave. Circumstances lead to Max and Liz pretending to be dating… and sparks fly!
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Max sat up. He didn’t know what to say to Liz. He didn’t know what he was going to say the Michael and Isabel either. He looked at Liz who was still laying down, leaning back on her elbows. All he really knew was that they HAD to be together, at all costs.

"Liz, they still think its better if we remain unattached. I mean, not get close to someone and … I don’t think they’re going to understand what is happening between us." He saw a shadow entering her eyes, but he plowed ahead. "I think we’re going to have to continue to tell them we’re just pretending, otherwise they’ll never let us be together." The shadow in her eyes was getting darker and Max felt like a heel. He never wanted to be the person causing Liz any pain, and he knew that she was hurt because they couldn’t be public with their love.

Liz bit her lip, trying to be understanding. "I guess you’re right, but Maria already figured out we weren’t pretending, Max, so they probably will too."

Max gave her a puzzled look. "What do you mean ‘Maria figured it out’? I mean we just figured it out ourselves!"

Liz gave him an exasperated look. "Gee Max, for a clever guy you can be really dense sometimes!" She sat up and took his hands in hers. "I’ve been in love with you since the day you saved my life. Maybe even before that, but I never thought anything would come of it." Max was staring at her raptly and she continued. "I think unconsciously I just needed a reason to be with you and Pam Troy gave me one!" Max was starting to look dazed. "Anyway… Max when you’re near me, my heart just seems to stop and I don’t think –." But she never got to finish, because Max pulled her to him with a growl.

He kissed her with a hungry fervency that threatened to steal her soul from her body. They tumbled backwards onto the sand, Liz landing in a heap on top of Max’s chest. His hands slid under her shirt to caress her back, his fingers finding the long indentation of her spine. His fingers burned her skin, causing her to gasp into his mouth. She ran her fingers through his hair, pulling his mouth from hers. She ran her tongue over his lips and down to his chin. She rained small open-mouthed kisses down his neck, basking in the sounds coming from deep inside his chest at each one.

He rolled her over onto her back, cushioning her head with his hand as he lay on his side next to her. His other hand slid round her body, still underneath her shirt, until it came to rest on her stomach. He moved his fingers until his hand was covering the exact spot where it had been when he healed her, that day not so long ago. He stared into her eyes, his voice hoarse when he spoke: "Liz… I don’t think I can ever be without you again!"

Liz covered his hand on her stomach with hers. "Thank you, Max. For saving my life that day. And for loving me." The moon was casting its light into her eyes, making them sparkle. Max gulped for air, knowing he had never seen her look so radiant. He realized she might be right. How the hell are they going to hide all this emotion from Michael and Isabel? Especially from Isabel who had earlier sensed Liz’s feelings through him…

"So we’ll just play it cool around Izzy and Michael, okay? We should give them time to get used to us being together." He tried to ignore Liz’s disappointed look. "I’ll figure something out, I promise."

Liz nodded, causing her hair to slide through his fingers softly. "I’ll try…" But she couldn’t help but wonder why he let them rule his life like this. She already knew their secret. He has already done the worst thing he possibly could: use his powers in front of witnesses. So how awful could it be for them to be together?

She cupped his cheek. "Just kiss me again before we have to go back." She stopped his mouth before it could reach hers. "And you better make sure that you kiss me often when we get back to the real world too, otherwise I might get desperate and attack you in front of and audience!"

Max just smiled. "Don’t worry Ms Parker! Kissing you is something I intend to do A LOT!"


Max came to pick her up for school the next morning, a sulking Isabel in tow. He had dropped Liz off at the Crashdown the previous evening, reluctantly leaving to go home after kissing her breathless in the Jeep. This morning he had a long argument with Isabel, who didn’t want to get ready a few minutes earlier so they could drive by the café for Liz, and who also did not see why he was taking this pretend relationship to such extremes. Max had had to dance around the issue delicately in the hopes that he would not make Isabel suspicious.

Now Liz was coming towards the Jeep and it took all he had not to jump out and grab her. Instead, he got out calmly and helped her into the back, her hand burning in his. He heard Liz’s soft intake of breath at their touch and cursed the fact that his sister was around.

Driving to school was a quiet affair. Isabel was fixing her make-up in her small compact, while Max and Liz tried not to notice every breath the other one took. Max was looking at Liz in the rear-view mirror for the umpteenth time when he noticed that Isabel was casting him surreptitious glances out of the corners of her eyes. He wondered if maybe Liz was right last night. How is he ever going to hide the extent of his feelings from Isabel and Michael. He gritted his teeth. He would just HAVE to!

But before long he was looking at Liz again. She was wearing a filmy dress that hugged her body and fell to below her knees. She was breathtaking. Isabel turned to stare at him directly this time and he guiltily pulled his eyes away from the mirror. ‘Nice going, Max!’

When they got to school, her helped Liz out of the Jeep and kept her hand in his. At least handholding was allowed, even in pretend relationships! He was dying to kiss Liz again, but didn’t think that was a good idea with Isabel trailing behind them into the school.

"Uhm Max? Do you remember we have to go see Ms Hardy?" Liz was trying to tell him something with her eyes. "You know… about Biology?" Max didn’t know what the heck she was talking about, but he was ready to get away from Isabel’s prying eyes.

"Bye, Iz, see you later!" He called and practically dragged Liz down the hallway. When they rounded the corner, he stopped. "What --?"

"Come on!" Liz interrupted him and took the lead… towards the Eraser Room.

Max didn’t need an engraved invitation! He pushed her inside in front of him and slammed the door closed. Liz was smiling at him and he wondered how he had ever lived without that smile.

He pulled her close and she whispered ‘good morning’ against his mouth. Their kiss was slow and gentle and full of tenderness. Now the day could begin…


It was the period before lunch and Liz had just briefed Maria on the latest developments in her and Max’s relationship. Maria had squealed in joy, but couldn’t let the chance pass to tell Liz that she must still be careful. Who knows what the Czechs could get up to? Even if they were in love! She had also made Maria promise not to tell Isabel, Michael or Alex that she and Max was pretending to be pretending.

While walking to her next class, she saw Max and Michael standing near Michael’s locker. Michael was waving his hands in obvious anger and it didn’t need a genius to guess what they were talking about.

Liz sidled closer, desperate to hear what they were saying. She halted around the corner when Michael’s words reached her. "I went to the Crashdown last night and they told me that you’d left with her, Max! And now Isabel is saying you were acting weird this morning. Staring at her even more than before. What is going on with you two?"

"Michael…" Max’s voice sounded tired. "I already explained what was going on. Jeez, you’re going on like I’m in love with her or something! Its just a cover, I told you! I don’t feel… I don’t feel that way about her."

Max’s voice was cracking by the end of his speech. But Liz didn’t hear anything more. She felt like he was stabbing a knife in her heart. How could he say that? She knew he was lying to Michael to keep them together, but it still hurt to hear him talk about her that way. She sagged against the lockers. She had to do something! She never wanted to hear Max say that he didn’t love her ever again. Maybe it was time she took matters into her own hands. And Max… he was going to admit that he loved her in front of everyone, of that she would make sure!

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