Fanfic - Max/Liz
"The Boatman"
Part 6
by Adian
Disclaimer: Characters created by Melinda Metz/ Jason Katims (I only own the characters I create.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
Author's Note: I was supposed to be writing a mythology paper and this is what happened. I just put this out there never expecting anyone to like it. This wasn’t supposed to go any farther than part one.
While everyone else gasps I smile in satisfaction. The traitorous bitch from hell has gone home. And the future begins again with a blank slate.

“How did you know she was a skin?”

“Khivar planted Tess to divide and conquer from the inside. She got her hooks in my mind the night of the Kyle incident. I was devastated and not paying attention. Tess planted fake memories for us to remember together.”

Max turns me around to face him. “Beloved, she used the mind warp on you. She was deliberately trying to drive you insane. The whole pregnancy was a sham. I never slept with her she just made me believe I did. Ye gods did she succeed. I couldn’t protect you. I couldn’t even protect myself at that point. Tess was extremely successful in her mission. We lost our trust and faith in each other as individuals and as a group.”

“There are some things I have to tell you for me to finish my mission. First beloved you must tell them of my other visit. Second Ava must be found to complete the Four-Square. She is trustworthy and she can help you hone your powers. Third Nicholas has Alex in Oregon. I have given Liz the details. Khivar will not arrive for another six weeks. Khivar is planning on inhabiting Alex’s body so he is safe until Khivar arrives. As a precaution have Ava check Alex’s mind to be sure Nicholas hasn’t all ready done anything.”

“Most importantly Liz is the Queen. She has been and will always be our anchor. Her position is in the center. If you look at the drawings of the Four-Square all power emanates from the center. I know she has the capability of magnifying individual powers and the Four-Square. In our research we haven’t been able to find anything else about her position.“

“The eight of you are a complete unit balancing human and alien. Keeping the balance is the only way to succeed. You each play a vital role alien or human. Maria is the heart, Kyle the warrior, Alex the strategist, and Valenti the protector.”

“I have given you all that I can to rectify the future as I know it. The future of two worlds now lies on your shoulders.” Future Max starts to shimmer. He cries, “Beloved,” and disappears.

The End

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