FanFic - Max/Liz
"Epiphanies 2: The Anasazi Road"
Part 27
by Carol
Disclaimer: I would be the happiest woman on Earth if I owned any of these people, but sadly, only Josh, the Holbrooks, and Paul Hernandez are mine.
Summary: This is the sequel to EPIPHANIES 1: The Ties That Bind. It picks up the evening of the Evans barbeque that ended the first story. Here, Max and Liz must come to terms with a shocking revelation about Liz and her Grandma Claudia. They search the past among Native American ruins and history to find the truth and each other.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: I have done extensive research on the Anasazi for this fic. Most of what you will read is either factual or widely accepted speculation. I have, on occasion, filled in a gap or made an assumption that suits my purposes. The alien connection, of course, is my own Roswell-loving imagination.
"Liz, honey. Max. I need to talk to you."

Liz and Max had become familiar with this ritual by now, though Max was beginning to resent the fact that his sleep was every bit as crowded as his waking hours. They sat up and Liz noticed that for whatever reason, she was covered in a nightgown. Was that Grandma Claudia's doing, she wondered? She looked up to see her grandmother sitting at the foot of the bed.

"I'm sorry. I don't know what to say to you. I'm so sorry. I told you there was nothing to fear because I thought I could protect you . . . guide you away from any danger. I didn't think they would find you so soon. You're okay?"

"We're fine, Grandma. It's okay," Liz assured her. "And we may have found the visor. Paul has it. But what happens now?"

"Well, I've let it be known where Seranna and Katar are. I'm sure they've been captured by now. Questioning them should go a long way to clamping down on their organization. But you can be sure there will be repercussions. I just don't know if you should go on with this, Liz. Maybe you and Max should just let Paul take you home."

"Grandma!" Liz exclaimed. "You are the one who told us we had to be committed, had to see it through. We've already learned so much, but we're not done yet. We can't stop now."

Max looked at Liz with wonder. After the trauma she had survived today, she was still willing to pursue the answers. Baby, I'm amazed by you, he thought.

"Max, is that how you feel?" asked Grandma Claudia.

"Yes. If Liz is willing, then we're going to keep going. But what comes next?"

"I know you have felt the pull in Chaco Canyon. I know there is something here we need, but I don't know what."

This was a familiar and frustrating position. The Cliff Palace all over again. Max hoped there were no other similarities.

"I know that I was drawn over and over to the Supernova Petroglyph. That's all I can tell you."

"And Max and I were drawn to the place where the original Anasazi roads converged," added Liz. "We should try to go both places tomorrow, Max."

"What about the Criston?" asked Max.

"The what?" Grandma Claudia was confused.

"That's what the other aliens called the visor or crown or whatever--a Criston."

"I see." She thought for a moment. "I will talk to Paul, but if that is, indeed, what you found, then you should have it with you. It may be the key to something or . . . I don't know, but it has to be important, so keep it with you."

"Grandma?" Liz hesitated.

"Yes, Honeybear."

"Are you watching us all the time?"

Grandma Claudia smiled. "I know when to keep an eye on you and when not to, little one. I was young once, too, you know." She winked at them and disappeared.

Liz gave Max an embarrassed smile. "Well, that gives us something to think about, doesn't it?" Max chuckled and pulled Liz close. "Thank you for the note, by the way," Liz whispered into his chest.

"Thank you for your answer," he grinned.

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