FanFic - Max/Liz
"Taking a Step Back "
Part 13
by Mary N.
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"No? We have something better. Bait." Kyle Strongly suggests while he folds his arms over his chest. "Teomner wants Liz and Max and he isn't going to stop till he gets them. That's our advantage, now we need to make the trap."

Liz's Journal Entry:

I saw the doctor today. He was impressed by how fast my shoulder has healed. Little does anyone realize how fast it really healed. No more sling for me!

With the sling off we decided that tonight would be the night to finally put our plan into action. It's been five days since my friends and I met Nasado and came up with a this plan to put an end to Teomner's invasion into our shared dreams, and into our lives.

It's probably a good thing that we aren't going to wait any longer. Isabel and Alex are both really on edge these days. I feel really bad for them, they are feeling the aching of their uncompleted bonding. I remember how I felt when Max and I were having trouble completing our bond. My body ached continuously, and in the end I thought I was going to lose my mind I needed him so badly. I am sure that Isabel and Alex are feeling the same way now.

Max and I are coping right now. However, it's going to be hard on both of us to be good tonight. I feel it deep in my bones, that if our plan doesn't work, Max and I won't be able to refrain from taking that next step.

I'm hoping this plan of ours works, not only for myself and Max, but for our friends as well. If all goes as planned, things will be able to go back to being normal, our kind of normal, which realistically isn't normal at all.

I know I've mentioned this before, but I can't get over how well Kyle has taken the news about our Czechoslovakian friends. The best I can figure is he kind of finds the whole thing exciting. He knows the truth that both his father and grandfather have been trying to prove for so long. He told me that some day he would like to share what he knows with them, but he understands the need to keep it all a secret. Kyle told me something that I keep wondering about. He said that even though his father is handling this ‘Finding out Max's secret' thing badly, he felt that if his dad knew the whole truth he would be on our side. That he would also keep our secret. I'm not convinced, and I'm definitely not going to risk all of our lives by telling him. The key is I never realized before today that even though Kyle doesn't have much time with his father, he still loves him, even respects him.

Liz closes her journal and puts it back in it's hiding place in the wall and picks up a bag leaning against the her dresser, then she walks out into the kitchen where her mom is working on the dishes.

"Mom, Max will be here soon. I'm going to wait for him in the cafe."

"Okay dear. Just remember take it easy with your shoulder. Just because you don't need the sling anymore doesn't mean your completely better."

"Yes, mom. I better go or we'll be late for the curtain call."

Liz and the others told their parents that they were going to go watch the school play, staying after to help to help break down the set, and planned to attend the all night cast party afterwards. Liz's parents weren't to sure about the all night guy/girl party. But when they found out that it would be a chaperoned party hosted by the English and Art departments teachers from school they agreed. However they made a condition; Liz had to promise that she wouldn't leave the group. "No pairing off" they said. Liz promised her mom and dad that she wouldn't leave their friends sight, which was true. But she didn't tell them that they didn't plan to stay for the play or anything afterwards. They were all going to make an appearance then leave for the desert to put their plan into action.

"Yes sweety, but remember what your father and I said about pairing off. We're only letting you go tonight because we trust you. Have fun."

"Thanks Mom." Liz gives her mom a peck on the check. It's been along time since Liz has kissed her mother. Nancy looks at Liz in surprise and smiles at her.


Max and Liz pull up to the school and park. They see their friends waiting for them in the quad. After hoping out of the jeep, Max and Liz head over to the quad to join them. Taking each others hands. "Time for a short appearance." Max says.

The six friends head in and take their seats in the back of the auditorium. Max asks everyone. "Is everything set?"

"Kyle and Nasado are already in place." answers Alex. The lights begin to dim. "Looks like it's show time." Max and Liz slip out through the back door, and head for the Jeep. Michael and Maria know to wait 15 minutes and then to follow.

Next to the jeep Liz is looking into Max's deep soulful eyes. She's not surprised to see desire lingering there. She begins to circle him rubbing her hand down his neck. Max gasps at her touch. She continues caressing him across his chest, up his left arm, down his back, and up his other arm, stopping when she is standing in front of him once again. Liz likes the way that even under these circumstances she can still get to him. She moves close into his chest wrapping her arms around his neck.

Max responds by wrapping his arms around her small waist pulling her body tightly against his own. Followed by dropping his lips to meet hers in a hungry consuming kiss. Max's eyes now at half mass, he swallows hard." In a soft raspy voice. "We should get going."

Hesitantly Liz nods her head in agreement after shaking off her own current thoughts of gratification "Max do you think it's going to work tonight."

"I can only hope so, because I can't take much more of this."

"Yeah, me too" Max helps Liz into the jeep and they head for a secluded, predesignated place in the desert.

After they pullout we see a silhouette lurking in the shadows talking on a cell phone. "They just pulled out....Yes sir, I'll keep and eye on the rest of them." He pauses when he hears Maria's voice. "Hold on sir."

Maria walks out onto the sidewalk. Pulls out her Cell phone and calls Liz's cell. "So, Liz were did you and Max go?"

"It's time Maria."

"What do you mean Liz, It's time? Oh, never mind, I understand. Tell Max I said he better not hurt you. To be careful. You know what I mean. It is the first time for real, and Liz make sure you two use something, we don't want any accidents you know. Tomorrow, you and me, you better tell me everything, have fun babe."

"What was that about? Michael asks with a knowing grin.

"They've made there decision to take it all the way." Maria grabs Michael's arm and leads him back into the school. "So when are we going to be next."

"Sir, I think things just got worse. They're ready to take the next step."

You hear an angry voice coming from the phone, but you can make out what is being said.

"Yes sir...... I know......... I follow them and let you know where they are........Yes sir." The figure steps out of the shadow and hops into a blue Sedan and heads in the direction the jeep went.

Michael and Maria lean against a wall, cuddling as two lovers. They are watching to see if what happens next. They are pleasantly relieved when they see the figure of a man jump into a car and speed down the road after Max and Liz.

Michael rushes inside to get Alex and Isabel. Maria calls Liz. "Hello Liz, the game has begun, be careful."


"Max their on there way."

"Liz are you scared?"

"A little, but I have to believe that it is all going to work out. What about you?"

"Me too. What I don't like is that the only way to make this work is to put ourselves on display like this. If they don't believe that we are really to go through with this it will never work."

"Max, when I'm with you it's no act. I'm worried that we'll get carried away in the moment forgetting that we're being watched."

Smiling at Liz. "I was worried about the same thing. We'll just have to keep reminding each other." By the way, have I told you today how much I love you?"

Yes, but I'll never grow old of hearing. I love you too." Liz moves a little closer to Max.

Looking in the rear view mirror, Max says, "We've got company. They're hanging further back but they're there. It's good because we're almost there. I was beginning to wonder if they would catch up in time."

Max pulls the jeep on to a dirt road going about another five minutes and then stops. They each grab their bags and hop out of the jeep. Max spreads out a blanket and takes off his jacket.

Liz removes her jacket and sits down on the blanket. Max walks over to the Jeep and pulls out a radio, turning it on he sets it on the hood of the jeep. Reaches for Liz's hand, then asks "Shall we dance?"

Accepting his hand Liz rises to his side for a slow dance. "We have to give them enough time to get here, and I can't think of a better way to wait then to have you in my arms." They both draw in for a passionate kiss. Max begins to search the crevasses of her mouth with his tongue.

Liz moans into his mouth as a response to the fire already burning inside of her. Pulling back for a moment they try to remind themselves of the audience that they are sure they have at the moment. "Max.....we.....can'"

Max places his opened mouth to her neck leave a trail of kisses up to her ear. "I know, but you taste so good."

She gives into the desire to be closer to him. She steps back pulling him along with her. Releasing only once the reach the blanket. She lays slowly down in front of him.

Max follows Liz down on to the blanket and resumes making love to her mouth. His hand wonders up the back of her shirt releasing the clasps of her bra. He continues to stroke the soft skin on her back.

Liz's own hands begin to find their way to the buttons of Max's shirt. Without breaking contact of their lips she slowly unbuttons his shirt between them. When they are all detached she slides the front of his shirt open reveling his rippling muscular abbs. and strong firm pecks.

Max's sits up only long enough to remove his shirt completely, discarding it haphazardly, and returns to Liz's side. Once again moving his hand under her shirt to her massage the soft silk skin of her back.

Liz can't take any more she needs to be closer to him, to feel his skin next to her own. To feel his heat pressing against her own. "Max, I'm lost. I can't take much more of this."

Max's hand caresses it's way around to her chest. Cupping her right breast in his hand. I feel the same way. I just can't get enough of you. I swear I thought our dreams were to die for. Now I don't think they can ever compare to the way this feels. Forgetting that they are being watch Max pulls Liz's shirt up to get a better look at her breasts. He has only seen them in their dreams and he wants to know if they look the same in real live.

Liz suddenly feels uncomfortable. Like eyes are boring holes into her.

Max feels Liz's stiffen under his hold. "Are you okay. I didn't mean to embarrass you. I won't do that if you don't want me to."

"Max, no, it's fine. I just feel like someone else is staring."

"I'm sorry Liz, I forgot myself. I wasn't thinking."

Touching his face gently. "You were right we have to make this as real as possible. Can you block their view." Max nods and places his hands on her shoulders. Liz slowly unbuttons her own shirt keeping her eyes focused on Max. She couldn't do this otherwise.

"Liz, no you don't have to do this."

"Max, yes we do, we have to draw them out. And the only way to do that is to make them think that were willing to take these risks to be together." She pauses for a moment still looking deep into his eyes. "Max I am willing to take these chances to be with you. These past three days have been unbearable. I need to feel your touch again. My body longs for you. I want to feel you inside of me, and if we can't do that in our dreams, than I'm willing to take the risks. I can't ...."

Placing his finger on her lips. "Shhhh... everything is going to work out. You'll see."

Liz finishes removing her shirt, her bra comes off with it. Max moves in quickly to cover her. She's for his eyes only. Pulling her hair to the side he hungrily kisses a trail of kiss up her neck "If they don't come to stop us soon, I will. I won't have you exposing yourself any farther. We'll just have to find an other way." He continues the trail of kisses down her neck over her shoulder. He takes her hand into his own bring her fingers to his mouth sucking each one in turn.

Liz closes her eyes, enjoying the new sensation of warm mouth surrounding her finger tips. She shivers in delight. "Are you cold?"

"No, wait. Max in my bag is another blanket. We could use it to..."

Before she said another word Max reached for her bag and pulled her a blanket from it.

Liz lies down on her stomach to conceal herself from any on lookers. Max lays down beside her covering them both with the blanket. Smiling brightly. "This could end up being your lucky night after all Mrs. Parker." Taking her again into his arms they kiss deeply. Liz wraps her arms around his neck drawing him in closer, deepening their kiss.

***********Same time**************

Maria and Isabel look at each other in shock when they see Liz taking off her shirt. Not that they saw anything. Max did a good job blocking out the view of any onlookers. They just couldn't believe that Liz would go that far knowing that they were there.

Alex and Michael just smiled at each other, also in disbelief that Max would let her. As they looked back Max and Liz were under a blanket going at it again. They were really in shock when they saw Liz and Max's jeans appear from under the blanket.

************same time***********

Liz pulls back with she fells Max's arousal next to her stomach. She is alerted to the fact that they are both out of control, that they have gone to far and she needs to do something to cool them both off and quick. But she couldn't think of anything. She did the only thing she could think of, she did an Alex.

She nozzles her head into the side of his neck and whispers. "Why did the chicken cross the road?"

Max looks at her strangely. "What?"

"Why did the chickens cross the road?"

Now looking at her like she lost her mind he answers. "To get to the other side."

"No, there were to many eyes watching them." She raises her eyes brows at him while bitting her lower lip.

He was sure he understood what she was trying to say, until she said, "Can you take off your jeans." The expression on his face told she'd better clarify. "They're watching, we have to give them something. Just keep your head clear. I'm not going to have our first time become an exhibition for anyone who wants to watch.

As Max pulls his jeans from under the blanket he sees Liz doing the same. They nuzzling up close to each other. "Keeping my mind on why we are doing this is really going to be that much harder now that you've taken those off." Max runs his hand up her leg.

"Be have yourself or I'll have to punish you,"

"Promise?" Liz blushes.

Max smiles at her apparent embarrassment. He just loves teasing her. She looks so sweet and innocent when she blushes.

Liz has a thought and is trying to fight back the impulse to break out laughing. "What do you think our friends are thinking right now?"

"They're probably thinking we've lost our minds."

"Either that or we're about to loose something else."

"I would love to see Kyle's face right now."

"Max Evan you are so bad."

"I know and that's part of what you love about me." Max roles on top of her. They start heavily making out once more. This time hands have more places to roam. The only clothing remaining are Liz's panties and Max's boxers.

They stop when they hear movement around them. Max sits up. Liz pulls the blanket to her chest to cover herself. They both look startled when they see Teomner standing beside the Max's jeep and two other men on either side of the blanket they have been lying on.

"Hello Liz, Max I was hoping that you wouldn't do this." Teomner motions to the blanket and the near necked couple. I was hoping that you would be more responsible than this. What would your parents say if they knew what you two have been up to?"

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