FanFic - Max/Liz
"Taking a Step Back "
Part 14
by Mary N.
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Michael, Alex, Isabel, and Maria watch as Teomner and his two goons walk up behind Liz and Max. "It's time for Superman to go into action." Alex says while patting Michael on the back. He then wraps his arms around Isabel and Maria, "Shall we go ladies."

Alex and the girls head quickly and quietly to where Teomner and his goons parked their cars. Maria whispers, "That's the one that followed Max and Liz. Isabel waves her hand over the trunk of the other car opening it. Alex climbs in followed by Isabel. Maria closes the trunk and heads back to her car.

Michael staying out of sight, moves closer to Teomner, Max, and Liz just in case he is needed.

Kyle and Nasado stand by a flat bed truck that is loaded down and covered with a large canopy. They have been watching this whole scene unfold. Nasado seemed to find humor in Kyle's disbelief that Max was able to get Liz to do things with them all watching that he hadn't been able to get her to do the whole time they dated. When he saw Teomner and his men move in Kyle quickly grabbed his rifle which was leaning against the large bolder beside him, and readied himself in case anything went wrong. Kyle was confident that he could hit whatever he aimed at. He had proven his skills many times over at the State Wide Rifle tournament. And even though he had never killed anyone before, he was confident that he could do it if it meant saving the life of one of his friends. Max quickly gathers Liz's clothes and hands them to her. While picking up his own and dressing he bitterly addresses Teomner. "What you couldn't get to us in our dreams, so now you're following us? Haven't you figured it out we don't want anything to do with you. There's nothing you can do to make us help you."

"Max, Max, Max I figured you where brighter than that. I'm not trying to make you do anything. I told you the truth. You and your friends are destined for a great future. I am just trying to guide you in the right direction. We should be working together, not arguing about how to do it."

"Who are you trying to kid here. You tried to get me to do what ever it is you want by capturing Liz's mind." Max notes that Liz isn't getting dressed. She looks really uncomfortable and has pulled the blanket tightly around herself. He moves down beside her taking her into his arms. He can feel her fear and tries to comfort her. At the same time he doesn't lose sight of why they put themselves through this whole ordeal. Their plan. "Now you think that you can get to us here. There is nothing you can do to make us do whatever it is that you want us to do.

"Poor little naive Max, how can you believe Pahoran instead of me. Haven't you heard he's a killer. He killed his own friend, Atherton, to keep anyone from finding out the truth about himself. Your willing to trust someone who would do that, over me." Teomner looks smug, like he just revealed some horrible truth about his own brother.

Max has never heard the name Pahoran before. When Teomner had used that name Max was busy trying to save Liz. "Pahoran? Am I supposed to know that name. It doesn't mean anything to me."

"That's right my brother has a new name that he goes by doesn't he. What is it that you call him? Ah, Nasado. It means the visitor doesn't it? How quaint."

Liz is angry now. She can't believe that this man in front of them could actually believe that they are going to buy any of his lies after what he has done. "You have lied to us continually. Why would we possibly believe you now. We've see some of what you are capable of. You have given us so many reasons to believe Nasado over you. Haven't you ever heard that action speak louder then words, and buddy your actions are speaking volumes.

Realizing that this is getting him nowhere Teomner changes strategies. You are smarter than I gave you credit for little tramp. You say Nasado didn't kill Atherton or the others fine. You believe that I had something to do with it, fine. I killed them, and I enjoyed every minute of it. And if you haven't realized it I can do the same thing to you. Max I can kill your little plaything with simply a touch of my hand." Max pulls Liz to her feet and stands between her and Teomner. Teomner shakes his head at Max letting him know that he wouldn't have a chance of saving Liz if he wanted her died. "I've killed before, and I wouldn't think twice about doing it again. So I suggest you take my demands very seriously."

"If you're so powerful then why do you need me?"

Now on her feet, Liz keeping the blanket around herself, begins to dress. She steps into her jeans and then puts her shirt on. She didn't even bother with her bra. She just wants to be covered. She wants to be ready for whatever happens next.

Max and Liz have had their eyes on Teomner this whole time they didn't even see the other two men move in their direction until it is to late. Max feels a hand on the side of his head and then the lights went out.

Kyle, Nasado, and Michael watch from their own vantage points as these two men move toward Max and Liz. Kyle prepares to pull the trigger, but Nasado stops him. "Don't! It's okay, he doesn't want them dead, not yet at least." They had hoped that Liz and Max would be awake for this, but Nasado had warned them all that Teomner might make them sleep through the journey. Now they hoped that he would show them where his hiding place was. This is what they had been hoping for.

After Max and Liz went down, Michael continues to watch just in case they decide to put Max and Liz into the trunk. If they moved anywhere near the trunk he knew that he would have to go into action. Kyle, taking his rifle with him cautiously moves toward Teomner's car as well. He's worried that Michael and Isabel won't be able to handle these three men on their own.

Nasado cautiously follows Kyle. He had no doubt that his presence would be needed if things went badly. There was no way he was going to allow his brother to harm his children, blood or otherwise. Even though he wasn't able to raise his friends child, or his own children; he still has a great love for them. He is determined to keep them safe.

Teomner's men carried Max while Teomner carried Liz to the car. Placing both in the back seat. "What a shame, I could have had a lot of fun with these two." While climbing into the front passenger seat Teomner turns to the man who followed Max and Liz from the school, "Sheros, head back to the school. Keep an eye on the others. I want to know every move they make. I'll send someone to assist before the hour is up. Good job tonight." He closes the door, motions for his driver to go, and they drive off.

Sheros, walks over to his car, as he was about to open the door. He heard some noise coming from the area to the right of him. He decided to check it out. He was shocked to see Kyle standing with a rifle pointed at him as he came around a boulder. "Yes Sheros, good job tonight. How can we ever thank you." Nasado comes up behind Sheros and touches his head. They all watch as the guy falls to the ground. "That's right we can thank you by not killing you. Sleep well."

Michael and Kyle carried Sheros to a cave hidden a few kilometers from were this all took place. It was the cave Michael, Isabel, and Max's incubation pods had been hidden in. They laid him into a pod and closed it. Nasado pushes symbols at one of the ends and they all leave the cave. Nasado and Kyle rush to the truck. Michael goes to join Maria in her car.

Maria anxiously waited for Michael to join her. She was about to go check on them when he appeared. Once in the car Maria started the engine, pulled out to the edge of the road and waited for the truck to appear. She turns the car onto the road in the direction she had seen Teomner go, and made sure that the truck followed.

Isabel used her powers made a hole the size of her hand in the back of the trunk so that she could see out. She called Maria's cell phone and gave them the direction they needed to follow.


As the car came to stop Isabel closed her peep hole so that there was no risk of it being spotted. They waited a good 5 - 10 minutes before she unlocked the trunk for her and Alex to climb out. They wanted to make sure that no one would be around to see them climbing out.

They stood close to the walk of the house waiting for the others to arrive. Thank goodness it was dark outside there wasn't anywhere for them to hide.

It didn't take long for the others to arrive and they all moved quietly. Each knowing what they had to do.

Isabel unlocked the door. She and Maria began to search the upstairs rooms for Max and Liz. Michael, Alex, Kyle, and Nasado checked the main floor for Teomner and his men. When they reached the study, they heard voices from inside. Michael peeked around the corner. "It's Teomner." He whispered. They all strained to hear what was being said.

"I want you to hurry back to the school. Sheros is going to need your help keeping an eye on the others. Once they figure out that these two are missing they're going to be searching everywhere. I don't want them to find anything just yet. When Isabel, Michael try to find them through their dreams I'll have them."

"Yes sir. I'll report in when I get there." The man turned to leave the room. As soon as he came around the corner Nasado put his hand to his head and put him to sleep.


Isabel and Maria found Max and Liz sleeping in a room with two beds. Maria realized that the room matched the description of the room Liz and Max had been placed in before. Isabel quickly moved in touching her hand to Max's head. Nasado in preparation for this had told her what to do. As Max began to wake up, Isabel quickly moved to Liz's side.

Downstairs in the study Teomner sees Isabel and Maria move into the bedroom on a monitor in the study. He picks up the phone to make a call.

Michael also sees what Teomner sees on the monitor. He turns his attention to Teomner. As soon as Teomner's hand touched the phone Michael was on the move.

Teomner saw Michael coming through the door, he set the phone back down and with a movement of his hand Michael goes flying against the wall.

Max and the girls come down the stairs quickly when the hear the sound a loud bangs from downstairs. They move into the room and see Michael, Alex, Kyle, trying to recover from their flights. Kyle's rifle was laying on the other side of the room and Teomner and Nasado each had a hand on the other's chest. Nasado dropped to his knees before collapsing to the ground. Max tried to rush in to help only to be flung across the room into Michael and Alex.

Another man starts to enter the room behind the girl's, only to be stopped by their quick thinking, and the girls ability to work together. Maria and Liz starts bombarding him with flying hands and kicks to the shins. Isabel moved in touching his head and putting the guy to sleep. Doing the opposite of what she had done to Max and Liz. She was pleased with herself when it worked and he fell to the ground. Turning their attention back to Teomner. They see that the guys are getting nowhere. They were being tossed from one side of the room to the other one by one like rag dolls. If the situation hadn't been so grim it would have been funny.

Liz watched the sight in front of her, it scared her to think that this man could kill Max and her friends so easily. She looks down at the guy on the floor and she hears Nasado's voice. "Love is your strength, love is your guide, together you will overcome." A few moments later it hits her. They had to do this together. She reached for Isabel and Maria's hands and yelled, "Together, we have to do this together."

Isabel raised her free hand, with only one thought in her mind, and she said it with all the furry and frustration she had built inside of her for the last five days. "Stop!"

Teomner stopped and stumbled back. He quickly regained his balance and turned his attention to Isabel.

The guys were shocked to see what Isabel had done. They quickly joined hands with the girls, adding their strength to hers. They all felt the energy pulsing through their veins. Michael and Max began to push against Teomner as well.

He kept trying to fight back until he no longer had the strength to continue. The Max, Michael and Isabel stopped, they didn't want to kill him they had planned to put him to sleep for a very long time in the incubation chambers as they had done to Sheros. Teomner reached out for Kyle's rifle and fired it at Max.

Everything went into slow motion. Max raised his hand and with his mind pushes the bullet that was shot, back at Teomner, penetrating his heart.


At the cave we see Michael and Alex, Kyle and Max unloading two incubation chambers from the back of the truck. As well as two fresh graves.

The whole time dealing with cleaning up from the events of the night no one spoke. They didn't need to. They each knew what the other was thinking and feeling without words.

After all that had to be was done they gathered around a fire cuddling with their respective companion. The location is the same place that Liz and Max had put on their show earlier that night. They were all glad that it was over, but saddened by the lose of Nasado and the death of Teomner. His death was not something that they had planned on. But it had happened, and they would deal with it together.

Even though Kyle was feeling that he now belonged to this group. He was also feeling left out. He was the only one without someone to cling too. He needed to talk, he needed to include himself in what was going on around him. "Guys, what happened to night, I mean how did we do that? And don't tell me it was because you're aliens. I felt the power, heck we all felt it. How did I feel that power?"

"Yeah, I felt it too. It was great wasn't it. It's like nothing I've ever felt before." says Alex who had been thinking that same thing.

Still staring into Liz's eyes Max answers, "I don't know. How did you girls figure it out?"

Isabel looks at Liz, when she realizes that Liz isn't going to take the credit she volunteered it for her. "It was Liz who figured it out. She's the one that told us to hold hands."

"How did you figure that out Lizzy?"

Now everyone was looking at Liz for the answer. "I saw that guy..the one that me, Maria, and Isabel took out just lying there. We did that, the three of us. Not one of us but the three of us working together. Then I swear I hear Nasado say, ‘Love is your strength, love is your guide. Together you will overcome.' And I knew...I just knew what to do."

"This is so out there. I was sure that we were all toast, and then it just came to her. Liz I could just kiss you." Kyle looks at Max, smiles brightly. "But I won't. Don't worry big guy I know she's taken."

It was time for a little fun Michael figured, and what better way to do it than to put Max and Liz under the spot light. "Speaking of kissing, what did you two think you were doing down here. I swear I thought you guys were going to go for it with all of us watching."

Max and Liz both blushed, they had wondered what their friends had thought about what they were seeing, but they never expected for them to ask the question straight out like Michael just did. Max looked at Liz, smiled mischievously and answered. "Well what can I say, we knew that we had to fool Teomner, and the only way to do that was to make it look real, and what better way to do that than for us to get into the part. And oh boy did we get into the part." Liz slaps him on the shoulder.

Liz was going to get even for that. "Well not as much as one of us wanted to. I had to keep reminding him that it was for show. You should have seen Max's face when I told him to take his jeans off. I was sure he was going to lose that control of his. And boy was I right." Everyone was rolling on the ground when they saw Max's face turn bright red.

Max lowered his mouth to her ear and whispered, "I'll get you for that one Ms Parker."

Liz turned her head slightly and replied, "Your the one that started this. I couldn't let them think that you were having your way with me, now could I?"

Have you forgotten that they already know I've had my way with you?

"Only in your dreams Maxwell Evans. Only in your dreams."

"Well after tonight, I think I'm going to have to change all that now won't I?"

"Okay love birds, what are you two whispering about over there?"

"Now if we wanted you to know that Maria DeLuca we wouldn't have been whispering now would we." Liz answered teasingly with a satisfied smile on her face.

"So what do we do next. I mean when Topolski realizes Teomner and his friends are missing she's going to figure two and two make four."

Kyle can't believe what Alex just said. He has to make sure that he heard him right. Topolski? Topolski the school guidance councilor? That Topolski, what has she got to do with all of this? As Maria answers Kyle's inquiry, he can hear the distaste for Topolski in her voice. "The one and only, but Kyle, she was no guidance councilor. She's FBI, and get this she was raised by Teomner."

This is great! Is there anything else I need to know. Anything else you've failed to mention?

"Other than your dad suspects that we're not who we seem to be, and tries to prove it every chance he gets. That no one outside this circle knows about our secret. That some how we're supposed to bring our two worlds together even though we don't know anything more about our planet than you do. And that there is still the unanswered question about the fourth incubation pod. No I can't think of anything." Michael answers with a ‘matter of fact' tone.

Kyle's eyebrows raise and he pushes his lips together in a sideways smirk, "Oh! Is that all"


As the sun began to rise in the morning sky the seven friends packed up the gear to head home. Michael and Maria in her car. Kyle driving the truck. Max, Liz, Isabel, and Alex in the jeep. Before they pulled out they all agreed to meet at the Crashdown at 4:00. They want to tell Riverdog about Nasado. Then head back to Teomner's place. They wanted to search it for any clues that would give them answers to their remaining questions. Maria and Liz won't be able to go with them. They have to work the evening shift. But agreed to drive out to meet them when their shift was over.

Max pulls into the school parking lot to drop Alex off to get his car. Isabel climbs out of the jeep with Alex. "Max I'm going to catch a ride with Alex. See you later. Bye Liz."

"Later Liz, Max." Alex says with a big, big smile across his face.

"Be good you two." Yells Liz as Max pulls away.

Isabel cuddles close to Alex, "We're going to be better than good, we're going to be great. Shall we sleep at your place or mine?"

Max parks at the Crashdown and walks her up the stairs to her front door. "What time do you get off tonight?

"We should be done by 9:30, we'll meet the rest of you about 10:00, 10:30."

"Don't be late!"

"We'll be there. Please be careful. You don't know what to expect. Topolski could show up or there could be traps you just don't know what you'll find.

"Don't worry, nothing can keep me from being with you."

"Can't you stay." Liz pleaded, she didn't want to be away from him for one moment more than she had to be.

"You know I would love to. I have to check in and I have a feeling I'm going to need to cover for Is. I'll call you as soon as I get home, and we can get some personal time. Although now that I know how the real thing compares to the dream, it just won't be the same."

"Don't get me started, Mr. Evans. I don't think my parents would appreciate seeing me jumping you right here, right now. So get!

Max starts down the stairs and turns back, "Liz"

Liz was half way through the door. She step back out. "Yeah?"

"If Teomner hadn't showed up when he did? Would you have taken off anything else?

Liz turns a deep shade of red and looks away. " I thought so." Max continues down the stairs, and gets into the jeep. He was anxious to get home so that they could share yet another passionate dream.

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