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"Taking a Step Back "
Part 12
by Mary N.
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Max couldn't believe his eyes, What were they going to do now? They didn't have time to deal with Kyle Valenti, Liz needed their help and there was no time to waste. "What's he doing........" Max stopped in mid sentence when he sees the stranger walk into the cave. He recognized him from the vision he saw when he touched Liz earlier. "You! You're the one that was in her room! What did you do to her!?" Max would have been all over the guy if he hadn't been supporting Liz's head. He didn't dare move to quickly for fear of hurting her.

When Michael and Alex heard Max's words they wasted no time grabbing the guy. They were flabbergasted when Riverdog; in a very strong voice told them, "Let go of him! He's not responsible for what is happening to your friend! He's here to help her!"

The guys both hesitated, not sure wether to believe Max or Riverdog, then they both saw flashes of what had occurred in Liz's room earlier that day. How this man had climbed up her fire escape and watched her. What they saw they would have thought that this man was a peeping Tom, but the emotions coming from him were ones of concern, admiration, and a parent type love. Michael and Alex let go without any questions. They both knew that they could trust this man.

Michael's expression showed signs of hope while these thoughts ran through his mind. [Could it be? Could this really be?]

Riverdog confirmed Michael's suspicions. "Michael, Isabel, and Max this is my friend, Nasado."

Kyle noticed that his five classmates all had a look of surprise on their faces. "Do you know something I don't? Of course you do, but what's the big deal. You all look like you've seen a dead man walk."

Nasado moved over to Liz, and touched her face gently. Looking directly Max's face, "You know they are after you, they want you to use your powers, your strengths for their evil purposes. They will try to convince you that the only way to save Liz is to help them. The truth is the only way to save her is through your connection with her. With the help of your friends you can save Liz. But only if you trust me, and your love for each other.

"Who are they? Why me, and why are they using Liz?"

"My brother and his followers. They know that you are the strongest, the born leader of the three. Max without you the six would never be. It is through you and Liz that these two groups of friends have become one. If our people ever learned of the great power earthlings have, our enemies would lose their power. They have convinced our people that earthlings are weak, and that we should destroy the people of this world, and take it back is our own."

"This great power that they have, what is it?"

"Max, you already know the answer to that."

"Please tell me, I need to hear it."

"I understand. The ability to love others more than ones self. To risk everything for someone else. Max you learned to love like that. You showed that kind of love for Liz even before she returned your love. That was the first step, now that she returns your love it has become even stronger. Max, I know you still have questions, you all do. If we don't hurry, I'm afraid that they will find us, and we won't have time to do what we need to do. You see as long as they have a link to Liz they can find her. We must brake their link to her."

Riverdog now turns his attentions to the rest of the group. "We don't have much time."

Kyle is really trying to make since of everything that he has head so far. However, he is still very much in the dark. "Excuse me, your people, Earthlings, a greater power, the six. I'm a little lost here. From what I think I understand, your saying that Max and you aren't human."

Isabel tries to help Kyle understand. "Kyle, Max, Michael, and I aren't from Earth. We don't know were we are from. We hope that Nasado can enlighten us on that, but later. We have no memories from before we were six, when we escaped our incubation pods. We have always been the same kids that you grew up with, except we have kept the secret of our powers. Which I will be glad to tell you about later. The main thing now is that we need to use these powers to try to save Liz."

Nasado turns attention back to Max. "You are the only one that can get into Liz's mind. You have bonded with her, and it is your connection that will allow all of us to enter. We can give you strength, the rest is up to you. You are one, Let love be your strength, and it will guide you. You must trust yourself to know what to do."

Hearing those words, Max looks up startled. "It was you. You are the one who we heard after we." Remembering that Kyle was in the room, he didn't want to revile the fact that he and Liz and been intimate. Even if it was just in their dreams. "bonded."

"Yes. I guided you through the final steps of the bonding."

"Why didn't you warn us? I would have protected her."

"No you couldn't have. Once the connection was made, it had to be completed. Deep down you know that. The madness would have come otherwise. Now we must free her from his power. Max place your palms to her palms and make the connection."

Max did as he was instructed, and began to breath slow and calm.

Kyle gave up trying to understand anything else for now. He knew that they were trying to save Liz, and that was all that mattered. He would do whatever they need him to do to help. He watched in awe with his mouth gapping open as Max made a connection with Liz.

Maria remembering how she felt when she found out the truth about Max and the others, reached out a took Kyle's hand. "Kyle there is nothing to be afraid of, as long as we stand together, everything is going to be fine. Trust me, for Liz's sake, trust me."

Kyle looked into Maria's face. He could see her confidence in those that were around them. He was grateful that she was trying to make him feel more at ease. He just shook his head and gave a hopeful smile.

Nasado walks over to Riverdog. "Old friend, I need you and Eddie to warn us if anyone should come. Until we free her there is a risk that they will find us." Riverdog and Eddie acknowledge Nasado's concern and walk to the entrance of the cave.

Nasado then turns his attention to the rest of the group. "We need to make a circle around Liz and Max." They form a circle in the following order from left to right. Nasado, Michael, Maria, Kyle, Alex, and Isabel. "We must hold hands and relax to make the connection. Now clear your minds and let me do the rest. One last thing, once inside we must share the love you have for Liz with her through your thoughts. Love is our greatest strength. Now concentrate on Max and Liz."


Max made the connection. He was surprised that it was so easy. He looks around, Liz is still sleeping on the beach just as he had left her.

He hears that some voice as before. "I see you have returned at last. I knew that you would."

"Let her go!" he replied with fury in his voice.

"Only if you give me what I want."

"And what is that you want from me?"

(One by one the group of friends appear in a circle around Liz and Max.)

"What do I want? That's easy, your allegiance. Together we can save Liz, if you join your powers with mine we can wake her. Without my help she will die, and because of your connection, so will you."

Nasado touches Max on the should. In Max's mind he hears (Tend to Liz, I will distract him.)

Nasado steps away from the group. "Teomner, I was hoping that it wasn't you, but somehow I knew it would be. These children will never join you. They know a better way. They recognize that you are a deceiver. They will never trust you, or those who serve your will. You have picked the wrong children to mess with."

"Lies all lies, I work for the good of my people. Who are you, that spreads such lies about me?"

"Over the years, have you actually begun to believe your own lies brother?"

"Why do you call me brother? I have no brother."

Stalling for time Nasado takes advantage of the fact that his brother thought that he died in the crash. "Teomner, have you forgotten me already. You don't recognize your own brother?" "Impossible, my brother died centuries ago."

"Granted, it has been 50 years since you've hear from me, but dead.....not quite. Your henchmen weren't as good as you thought they were. They never bothered to check for survivors. Haven't you ever questioned where the surviving children came from? Even if you did, I suppose you never imagined that I too survived. If you had, then you would have sent more of your henchmen to finish me off."

Behind Nasado Max is kneeled beside Liz. He starts to run through a chain of thoughts. Saying everything out loud, hoping that it would help him to think clearly. "Liz was worried about the noises we heard in the kitchen, and then the noises she heard on her balcony. She said that was tired and wanted to sleep, but we were already asleep. That doesn't make since. Can we sleep when we're already asleep? Can the subconscious sleep? If we connect to access dreams, why not connect to access dream sleeping." Placing Liz's palms to his, he says. "I hope this works." Max connects.

As soon as Max makes the connection; Teomner realizes what he is trying to do. In a menacing voice Teomner says his farewells "Thank you Pahoran (For purposes of my story Pahoran is Nasado's real or given name), whether of not you realized it, you just delivered Max to me. Now I have them both, and soon I will have them all." "Teomner, your time will soon end. Did you really think you can change prophecy? If you payed more attention to what our father taught us you would know better. You could have become a great leader of our people. Instead you became greedy, unfortunately many of our people have paid the cost. It is only through the few children that survive that there is still hope."


Max recognizes the room he is in; it is Teomner's study. He looks around for Liz. She was sitting on the couch, but was now moving quickly to his side. "Your finally here. I was beginning to worry that something happened to you."

Max couldn't understand why Liz seemed so calm. Didn't she realize what danger they were in. "Liz we have to get out of here."

Liz doesn't realize that anything is wrong. Teomner controlled her dream. He convinced her that she had awaken, and that he brought her to his home to protect her. He also told her that his people would bring Max shortly. She had been worried that whoever was watching them, was after them. That whoever it was would get Max before Teomner's people could get to him. Seeing that Max is okay, Liz wanted to feel his arms around her. She knew that if she could feel his arms around her that she would feel better. "Max, I was so scared that they would get you. I was so scared that Teomner wouldn't be able to get to you first."

Max knows that they don't have time to discuss this. He worries that if they don't get out of there quickly Teomner's people will find the cave, and that they will both be trapped for good. "Listen to me Liz, you are dreaming, and it's time to wake up."

"Max, I woke up hours ago. Teomner came into my room and woke me up from our dream. He brought me here to keep me safe."

Teomner appears in the doorway. "Hello Max, I am glad to see that you have finally arrived. Liz was beginning to worry about you."

Max realizing that Liz had been fooled by Teomner and that now both of their lives are in real danger. He has to convince her she is still sleeping that is the only way. Looking deeply into Liz's eye he frantically asked, "Liz do you believe that I would never lie to you. No secrets, remember."

Liz hearing the urgency in his tone. "I remember Max, I trust you."

"Trust me now, Liz! Teomner tricked us. He isn't who we thought he was. He tricked you into believing that you woke up, but you didn't. You are still sleeping, and you have to try to wake up now."

"Now Max, why would you want to scare her like that. She is safe here. Your enemies won't hurt her here. Don't you what to see her safe. You do what I say and she will be safe."

Liz saw the fear in Max's eyes. Her own expression changes from one of calm to one of fear and confusion. "What's this about, Max? What does he want you to do?"

Realizing that Liz believed Max, Teomner showed his true colors. "Do you think this has helped you. Well it hasn't. You are still trapped her. There is no way out. All you have done is caused Liz here to be afraid. She didn't have to know the truth. She would have been happy here. Now she can never be. But you will still do as I want, or you both will feel pain like you can't imagine."

Max anxieties have increased. He knows that they are both in great danger. "Know matter what happens, remember I love you, and that it is our love that gives us our strength."

"Ha, You can't honestly believe that love gives you strength. Love is your weakness. How do you think I was able to bring her here. Your love is how I found you. I could since you. It was so easy to fool you. Once I brought you here I was able to tap into those emotions, and link myself to your Liz. Then when you dreamed all I had to do was enter your dreams and take her. *********Same time***********

Nasado now longer feels Teomner's presence. He rejoins the group. "Listen closely we don't have much time now. It's time for us to do our part. If Max and Liz are going to get out of where never they are, they need your united strength. I'll make the connection, Michael, and you." Teomner pointed to Kyle.

"Kyle" telling Nasado his name moves next to Michael.

"Grab Max. Maria, Alex, and Isabel you grab Liz. I will hold your way out, but you must move quickly or Teomner will block your way out."

They all hold hands and Nasado makes the connection.

They grab hold of Max and Liz and they all see a bright flash of light. The connection is broken. They are all back in the cave. Max and Liz cling to each other in a long embrace followed by Max checking Liz from head to toe for any signs of injury. Maria moves up behind Liz. Max and Liz release their hold and acknowledge the presence of their friends, embracing each one in turn. As Maria and Liz cling to each other Maria whispers, "I was so scared. Are you sure that you okay?"

Nasado took this opportunity to check with Riverdog and Eddie. He needed to know if there was any sign of Teomner or those who worked for him. He had hoped that the cafe would help block them from finding them, but he had to be sure.

As Nasado, Riverdog, and Eddie return to the cave. "It is time to talk, I know you have questions, and we don't have much time."

Michael wants one answer question answered the most, "Are you our father?

"No Michael, I'm not your father, your mother and father died in the crash. I am what you would call your godfather or guardian." Michael looks sad, he had hoped that Nasado would be his father. "I am however Isabel and Max's father." They all are taken back by this revelation. This was truly their father.

Max isn't to sure what to think of this revelation. He always thought that he would be over joyed, but now he thought of the Evans'. Those that raised him, and that were there for them all of these years. "Where have you been? Why did you leave us?"

"Come lets sit and I will try to explain. Remember time is still short. We have to decide what to do to stop Teomner. If we don't he will keep coming after you." They all sit as Nasado tries to explain. "First of all, Kyle I am sure that you are more lost than the others. As I've told you, some of us here are not of your world. Our people once lived here on earth long ago. But our city was a city of people who did everything they could to make life better for each other. Visitors from another world recognized the love our ancestors shared for each other. And they knew that our planet would under go a great flood. They took us to a planet far from here. They told them that as long as there descendants continued to treat each other with the same kind of love that they would prosper. They gave us what they called gifts, you call them powers. They were to help us in our new world. But, they warned our ancestors that if the day ever came that we put our selfish desires before our brothers and sisters that our gifts would become a curse. Unfortunately, that day came. Our people began to lust after riches and believing that love was a waste of energy. They could satisfy any desire that they had in their dreams, they didn't have to worry about how someone else might be effected. Not that there is anything wrong with dreaming, or bonding in your dreams. The problem is when they stopped connecting with a mate. When they stopped connecting they stopped bonding. My people put their own desires before families, the birth rate of our people became fewer and fewer. Most people didn't see that this was a problem at first. They figured that we were multiplying to fast, you see we tend to have twins. A reduction in the population was seen as a good thing.

People in our government decided that it was in the best interest of the future to raise these children away from their families. That they could do a better job training them to lead our people into the future. So the children that were born were taken from their parents, and twins were separated as well. Such as Teomner and I. I was fortunate, I was placed with my soulmate, we connected immediately as did our two other couples in our group. Unfortunately most of the children never made connections to anyone. What they taught us was good, but they failed to teach compassion, understand, selflessness, and Love. For those who didn't find their soul mate and connect, they never learned them. As we reached adulthood, they treated others as they had been treated. Teomner was one of those children.

Me, my mate and two other couples were fortunate growing up until one of the couples bonded and had children. The government took their children away. The couple died trying to get them back. At that time we knew that we had to find away to escape. The four of us managed to meet in some caves so that no one would discover our secret. We wanted families, but we didn't want our children to be raised as we had been. We new that the government would take them, and raise them as we had been. We knew that we were lucky, but we feared that our children would turn our like the others, like Teomner. We volunteered for the trip that was planned to come back here. Teomner and his group also wanted to make the trip. They were angry that we were selected over them.

The best we could figure was that they sabotaged our craft. We made enough repairs to get us here, but we knew that a safe landing was not possible. We had to choose between putting you in the hibernation chambers for a long duration sleep or risk that you would survive the crash. We chose to have you sleep. It was a good choice, you wouldn't have survived the crash. I was the only adult to survive the crash.

After the crash I was only able to locate three of the chambers, and I hid them. I continued to search for the last one until I had to leave the area. I suspected that the military took it away with the what was left of our ship. I checked on your chambers regularly, but I didn't dare open them, the risks were to high without the technology from the ship. I had to wait until they opened on their own.

One day I went to visit my friend Atherton. I was using his resources to try to locate the last chamber. He didn't even know what I was. He thought I was someone trying to find the truth like he was. When I arrived at his place I saw two men questioning him. He couldn't answer their questions so they killed him. They must have thought that he was hiding something or else they wanted to leave me a message. I'm not sure which. But I decided that I had to leave. I couldn't risk them finding out about you. So in 1959' I left. I knew I had no other choice.

I know you still have further questions for me. But, we really need to decide how to put an end to Teomner's threat.

"Two more quick question. If there were four adults who bore two sets of twins. Who's parent are you? And who's twin is still missing?"

"Michael, I know you want me to be your father, but I am not. I am more like your uncle or godfather, and as I am sure that you suspect it is your twin that is missing. I want you to know that I loved your parents, and they would be as proud of you as I am. You have had challenges much like our own, and you have survived through it all. You have been able to move beyond the hardships that came your way. All of you have." After a moment of silence, Nasado brings up the discussion of their pressing problem. "You must refrain from dream connections until we get rid of Teomner."

What is this dream connection? Curiously asks Kyle, as he looks to into the faces of the others he becomes acutely aware that Max, Liz, Michael, Maria, Isabel, and Alex's faces all turned several shades of red, they smile shyly at each other and not one of them can look him in the eye. He turns to Nasado, "Well is anyone going to tell me." Kyle waits impatiently for someone to answer his question. "Well?"

The tension in the air was broken by Michael when he bursts into laughter at his and the others reaction to Kyle's pending question. Kyle folds his arms over his chest, his left eyebrow raises slightly as a smile spreads over his face while he shakes his head from side to side. "Do you mind letting me in on the joke?"

Michael final gives in. He figures Max and Liz are to uncomfortable to talk about it with Kyle. After all Liz did date the guy. From what he knew Isabel and Alex hadn't done the deed as of yet, and Maria wasn't going to tell. That left him or Teomner. When Michael looked at Teomner, it was obvious that he was enjoying watching the reaction this conversation was causing amongst these teens. "Kyle, it's like this man. I can have sex with my girl here while in a connected dreams state."

"Sex in your dreams, together!? Woooh! Is it as good as the real thing?" The idea was enticing, but he didn't mean to ask the question out loud. At least not in front of the girls. The conversation of sex was one that his buddies often discussed in his presence. It wasn't one that he usually participated in. He felt that some things were meant to be private, and this was definitely one of those things. But this was something that if he didn't ask about it, he would never know. It wasn't like he was going to ever get to experiences it himself, and it wasn't something he could learn about any other way. But not in front of the girls, at least not in the company of Liz Parker. It was Kyle turn to be embarrassed. Then the thought hit him. Max and Liz were a couple. That meant that they had. He shock his head at the thought, he didn't want think about Liz; the girl he still had strong feelings for; and Max together. At least not in that way.

Max couldn't explain why he felt the need to protect Liz's image with Kyle. He knew that they had dated over the summer and that Kyle never got past an attempt at second base. But he had to do it, he didn't want Kyle or anyone else for the matter to think that she was easy or in anyway loose. "Kyle, since we want to keep the facts straight; we've never experienced the real thing, we don't have anything to compare to." He felt that covered it without saying anything that would embarrass himself or Liz.

"But I don't mind telling you that the dreams can get really hot and wild." Michael says with a smirk on his face.

Maria gives Michael the evil eye. "What, what did I say?" ask Michael acting all innocent.

"Michael I think that you better quit while your still able to ask that question." Liz tells him. "Can we please change the subject, I think this one has been covered long enough considering that it's off limits for a while."

"I agree, if you remember right Max. Not all of us have been able to complete our bonding. And as I recall you and Liz should understand what that can be like. So please don't make this harder than it already is. Pleads Isabel as she snuggles into Alex's chest.

Alex wraps his arms around Isabel. "What are we going to do about Teomner? It's not like we can just look his address up in the phone book and just stop by for a visit. We don't have an address on this guy, let alone a surname."

"No? We have something better. Bait." Strongly suggests Kyle while he folds his arms over his chest. "Teomner wants Liz and Max and he isn't going to stop till he gets them. That's our advantage, now we need to make the trap."

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