FanFic - Max/Liz
"Take My Hand"
Part 6
by Anna
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The cry was guteral, echoing through the quiet church like a gunshot. Everyone stood stock still, then as one motion, the entire congregation of the St. Anne's Lutheran church turned to see who dared to interupt the wedding of two people who had obiviously waited long enough to see this day.

Max turned robotically to look at the face of the interrupter in question, and found himself staring straight in to the eyes of Kyle Valenti. "Kyle" he said in a quiet in an otherwise quiet voice, barely restraining the urge to punch him into the depths of Hell and beyond.

Kyle drew his eyes away from Max's, knowing if he kept looking at him, Max would probably make him spontaneously combust. Instead he looked at Liz, Liz was the one he would have to convince. He looked at her deeply, ignoring the fury he saw in their beautiful depths. "Liz, you can't marry Max. You just can't. It's gotta be against some sort of natural law or something. I guess you don't understand what I'm exactly talking about, but..."

At this Liz cut in with more rage in her voice than Kyle had ever heard. Directed at HIM. "No Kyle, what I really don't understand is why you have to come up here, in front of all these people, blather on about something that probably no one else in here cares about except you, and generally raise hell on what is supposed to be THE HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE??!?!?!? THAT'S WHAT I DON'T 'UNDERSTAND' RIGHT NOW, OKAY KYLE?!?!" Her voice took a sharp upward turn towards the end of her statement. Kyle winced visibly at her tyrade. He thought desperately of howto bring his trump card out the right way. He turned to Liz again trying to ignore the seething ire he knew he would see. This was all Max's fault. it was supposed to be HIM up here at the altar with Liz, not Max. BUt he would get him back. In a big way.

"Liz," he said "I know, I know Max's secret. I know how he got you and everyone else brainwashed." Liz began to look away, and Kyle knew he was losing her. "Wait, I really do know. He turned to see about 100 pairs of inraged eyes looking at him. "You have to listen to me, all of you." He said speaking loudly now. "Max Evans has a secret. I've known it all along, I just couldn't figure out what it was. But now I know EVERYTHING." he said putting emphasis on the last word and searching the croud. He couldn't hold it in any longer, so he raised his tone as high as he could and screamed into the masses,


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