FanFic - Max/Liz
"Take my Hand"
Part 5
by Anna
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If it seemed agonizingly slow for Liz to get to the alter, then for Max it felt that the moment was over before it even began. Of course, he had to take into consideration the fact that he could just look at Liz for the rest of his life. Just enjoying the look of her hair, the different emotions playing across her face, just everything that was Liz.

She was at his side in what seemed like an instant, looking at him with love he had never even dreamed about shining in her doe eyes. In unison, they turned to the minister, ready to begin their new life together.


Maria looked at Max and Liz together, and thought back to her favorite book in the fifth grade, "Sister of the Bride" by Beverly Cleary. What was that line?

"Words worn smooth with age, like an old lace veil, and yet beautiful and new for her sister and future husband," or something like that.

"Truer words were never spoken" thought Maria, and it was true, the words did seem brand new and yet timeless for Max and Liz. She found herself glancing over at Michael, hoping he would take Max's lead and pop the question to her. "Lord knows I'd say yes" she thought, then turning back to focus on the words being spoken.


Liz listened intently to all the vows she was to make to have a happy life with Max. Honor him forever, stay by his side no matter what, they all seemed simple enough. "Maybe that's because I've already done those ever since I met Max."

Now it was time for the part where the minister asked if anyone could think of a good reason that Liz and Max couldn't be together. "Well" thought Liz, "no one better have anything to say." And it was true. Because if anyone happened to speak up, Liz would kill them. Or Max would. Or both. Never the less, Liz turned just slightly to scan the audience. No hands. Thank God.

"Well" the minister said "that's that." And just when he was getting ready to go on to the "repeat after me " bit, a shout came from the back of the room.


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