FanFic - Max/Liz
"Stolen Hearts"
Part 2
by Laura
Disclaimer: I, in no way, own the Roswell, it's characters, or anything do to with the WB. They are the property of The WB and whoever else owns the show. This is just for fun. No money is being made.
Summary: After their break up, Liz and Max are friends once again, but they still care for each other. Someone new comes to town. Will he steal Liz's Heart?
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Setting: (Three days after Stolen Hearts Part 1

Liz Parker walked down the hallway to her locker when she spotted her best friend, Maria Deluca. "Maria!" Liz called out.

"Hey, Liz. How's it going? Did you do the English assignment?"asked Maria.

"Yea, I did. Took me forever to finish it," answered Liz.

"Do you think I could copy it? I had to close last night and I just didn't have time," asked Maria.

"Maarrrriiiiaaa....." sighed Liz.

"Please... I'll be forever in debt to you. I'll owe a huge favour. Anything. Just ask. I'll do anything." said Maria.

"Fine. Here you go." Liz handed the assignment to Maria.

"Thank you so much, Liz. You're the best." said Maria, clutching the assignment. The girls both laugh. Liz's laughter dies on her lips when she spots Max Evans walking down the hallway. When he makes eye contact with her, she smiles timidly and then turns to talk to Maria.

Maria sees this and asks: "What's up with you two?"

"Nothing, absolutely nothing," Liz slams her locker shut in frustration. The girls head toward their homeroom class. "I mean it's been three months since we broke up, but I still feel so awkward around him. He's so .... controlled." said Liz.

"Controlled?" asked Maria, confused.

"Yea. He's acting the way he did right after he saved me. You know, cold, distant, always keeping me at arms length. It's as if nothing ever happened between us." said Liz, frustrated.

"Well don't dwell on him, Liz. Move on with your life. Oh hey, speaking of moving on. Have you heard anything from that Josh guy?"asked Maria.

"No. I haven't seen him since that day at the Crashdown. I thought I would see him at school, but I haven't. Who was I kidding anyway? Why would a cute guy like that wanna go out with me?" said Liz as she and Maria walked into homeroom. The bell rang and class began.

Later that day, Liz was sitting at the lunch table. The six friends were so close now, that they all sat together at lunch. Liz was the first to arrive today, so she waited around for everyone else to show up.Suddenly someone slid into the spot next to Liz. She turned and said, almost automatically: "That seat is sav... Josh."

Josh gave Liz a big smile. "Hello cutie. How are you today?"

"Great and you?"

"Great, now that I've seen you. I've been looking around for you these past three days. I haven't been able to find you. I didn't want you to forget about our deal," said Josh, smiling at Liz.

"Our deal?" asked Liz.

"Yea, remember you're gonna take me out and show me the sights."

"Oh yea. We're still on that for that. So how do you like West Roswell High?"

"It's okay. My classes kind of suck."

"What grade are you in?"

"I'm a senior." answers Josh.

"Oh cool." said Liz, smiling at him.

Just then, Maria, Alex, Michael and Isabelle walk up to the table and take their usual seats. Isabelle eyes Josh.

"Hi guys. This is Josh Lambert. He's new in town. Josh this is everybody," Liz points around the table. "This is Isabelle, Micheal, Alex and Maria."

"Hi Josh," said Alex. "Welcome to our messed up little town." Alex offers his hand across the table. Josh shakes it.

"So where are you from, Josh?" asked Michael, taking a carrot from Isabelle's lunch.

"New York. I came out here to live with my Mom." answered Josh.

Isabelle has been watching Liz and Josh the entire time. She catches the smiles and glances they give each other. "How did you two meet?" asked Isabelle, pointing to Liz and Josh.

"Uh, Josh came into the Crashdown the other day and we got to talking," answered Liz.

"Yea. Liz was most helpful. She even agreed to take me out and show me what Roswell has to offer." said Josh, smiling at Liz.

"Oh really? Fascinating story." said Isabelle, sarcastically. She is obviously upset over what's going on between Liz and Josh. "Liz, have you seen Max? He's late for lunch today." asked Isabelle, eyeing Liz.

Liz looks down at the table. "Um.. no." answers Liz, awkwardly.

"Oh there he is." says Alex, pointing to an approaching Max.

Max walks up to the table and stands behind Josh. Josh is obviously in his seat. Max always sits next to Isabelle and Michael. Max eyes Josh.

"Hi Max. This is Josh, Liz's friend." said Isabelle, sarcastically.

Max looks over at Liz, who is avoiding making eye contact."Uh.. Hi, Josh. Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you Max." They shake hands.

Liz, still avoiding Max's glances, leans over and whispers to Josh. "Can you move over one seat. You're in Max's usual spot."

"Oh I'm sorry." said Josh. He moves over a seat, closer to Liz. Now he and Liz are right next to each other, so close that their arms are against each other. Max is disturbed by this but only sits down quietly and eats his lunch. Liz glances over at Max and notices a pained look on his face.

The others begin asking Josh questions about his life in NewYork. Max and Liz spend the entire lunch period glancing at each other. Isabelle watches her brother with a concerned look on her face.

After school, Isabelle walks into Max's room, at the Evans' house. She sees him lying on his bed, looking up at the ceiling. "Max are you okay?" she asks concerned.

"Yea I'm fine, Is. Why wouldn't I be okay?" asks Max, sitting up.

"Maybe because of what happened today. The whole Liz and Josh thing."

"I'm fine, Is," said Max, avoiding Isabelle's concerned looks.

"Max, they were all over each other. I mean did you see the way he kept looking at her, and the smiles she was giving him? She obviously likes him," says Isabelle, trying to rile Max so he will talk to her.

"So?" says Max, still avoiding making eye contact.

"So.. aren't you upset? I mean Liz and you are so..."

"Is, there is no Liz and me. Liz is free to see whoever she wants. We broke up remember?"

"I know Max, but Liz and you belong together. I mean it's so obvious that you guys are in love with each other."

"Yea but we don't belong together. Isabelle, remember when I told you that Liz had broken it off with me because she didn't want to see me sick like Michael? That she couldn't handle it? Remember?" said Max, sitting on the bed with Isabelle.

"Yea. I was so mad." said Isabelle

"Well I lied. I ended things with Liz." said Max, looking down.

"What? Why?" said Isabelle incredulously.

"Because I couldn't handle being with her. All I could think about was her and nothing else. It threw me off balance. I wasn't thinking about being careful. All I wanted to do was be with her. It wasn't safe, Isabelle." said Max, soulfully. He gets up from the bed and walks to his dresser.He watches Isabelle's reaction in the mirror.

"How stupid are you, Max?" says Isabelle after a few momentsof silence.

Max turns around sharply and says: "What?"

"Max, you and Liz belong together. Being with her won't announce to the world that we're aliens. You're throwing away any real happiness that you could have. I mean you love her don't you?"

Max looks down at the ground and answers yes quietly.

"Then tell her, damn it. She loves you. It's so obvious." says Isabelle.

"How do you know?" asks Max.

"You can see it in every look, every touch, every word that you guys share. You guys should be together, Max."

"But we're not meant to be. I mean somewhere down the line, we're gonna get hurt." said Max, trying to convince himself more than Isabelle.

"How the hell do you know what's gonna happen in the future? No one does, Max. It's stupid of you to be so concerned with what's gonna happen. You should be concerned with what's happening now. And what's happening now is that Liz loves you and you love her and you two should be together.You have to tell her, Max, before you lose her." says Isabelle.

She gets off the bed and walks out of the room, leaving Max with his thoughts.

Max sits and thinks for a moment. He gets up suddenly and grabs his coat and keys and rushes out of his room.

A few minutes later, Max arrives outside the Crashdown. It is closed. He looks inside and sees Liz wiping down the counter. He smiles and goes to open the door. He stops when he sees Josh come from the back.

He watches them smiling and chatting together. He sees the look in Liz's eyes and watches her touch Josh's hand. He is upset. He knows that he is too late.Hes lost her.

Josh notices Max in the window. He sees the pained look on his face. Max turns and leaves. Josh watches him go and turns back and laughs at something Liz just said.

To be continued....

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