FanFic - Max/Liz
"Stolen Hearts"
Part 3
by Laura
Disclaimer: I, in no way, own the Roswell, it's characters, or anything do to with the WB. They are the property of The WB and whoever else owns the show. This is just for fun. No money is being made.
Summary: : After their break up, Liz and Max are friends once again, but they still care for each other. Someone new comes to town. Will he steal Liz's Heart?
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Setting: The day after Stolen Hearts Part 2

Max Evans walked down the halls of West Roswell High with his head down and bags under his eyes. He was really upset over what he'd seen at the Crashdown cafe the previous night. He'd gone to pour his heart out to the woman he loved, only to see her flirting with another guy.

He didn't blame Liz for what had happened. It's not like she knew that he wanted her back. It was his own fault really. He shouldn't have waited so long. He loved her all this time, it's just that he was scared. He wasn't as scared of hurting Liz as much as he was scared of what he would feel for her. He already was in love with her, but he knew that if they got together, that love would grow into something deeper and deeper. He wanted to be with her now. He had overcome that fear. He welcomed the new emotions that he knew he would feel for her. But he was too late.

Max spotted Liz coming down the hallway, alone. She hadn't seen him yet, so he tried to duck into an empty classroom.

Liz Parker walked down the hallways of West Roswell High, thinking of what had happened last night. Josh had come by the cafe right before closing. He had hung and talked with her while she cleaned up. He seemed to be really interested in her and she found herself liking him. After she had finished cleaning up, he walked her upstairs. Before he left, he kissed her gently on the lips.

Liz blushed when she remembered the kiss. It was a nice, sweet kiss. But Liz couldn't help comparing it to the kisses she and Max had shared. Josh's kiss just didn't have the electricity and the passion that Max's had. But then again, she wasn't in love with Josh.

Liz knew that no one would kiss her like Max Evans could kiss her. Liz really didn't want to kiss anyone else. But Max Evans didn't want to kiss her. She sighed. She knew she should move on with her life, and maybe Josh was a good start. But she couldn't help the way she felt.... She looked down the hallway and spotted Max entering a classroom. She wanted to talk to him, wanted to look into those deep soulful eyes, to feel his warm touch. She followed him into the classroom.

Max thought Liz hadn't spotted him but then she came into the classroom. Damn, thought Max, this is just what I need.

"Hey Max," said Liz, timidly.

"Hey Liz. How are you?" said Max.

"I'm good and you?"

"Okay I guess." answered Max.

"Well that's good." said Liz, plainly trying to make conversation.

"Uh... so what's up?" asked Max.

"Nothing much. Just working and school. You know, the usual," answered Liz.

"How's that Josh guy?" asked Max, avoiding eye contact.

"Josh? Uh... he's good," answered Liz, slightly blushing.

"Are you two...." asked Max, looking directly at Liz now. It was driving him crazy. He had to know if he still had a chance with her.

"Um... I'm not really sure," said Liz, avoiding Max's stare.

"Oh... well I have to get going, Liz. I've got a trig test. Um..I hope things work out for you and Josh." It pained Max to say that, but he lost his nerve to say anything about his feelings for her. "Bye Liz," he said as he rushed out of the classroom.

"Bye Max." said Liz, standing alone in the classroom. A tearslid down her cheek. Max didn't want to be with her. That was clear enough. He said that he hoped that things would work out between her and Josh. She had lost him. She wiped the tear from her cheek and plastered a fake smile on her face before joining the bustle of students in the hallway.

To Be Continued....

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