FanFic - Max/Liz
"Princess Roswell"
Part 4
by Rach
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Summary: AU. Liz moves to Roswell from New York.
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Yes, I know, being that this is an AU, why would I choose such a title? Well, I'll explain in the story, if you still don't understand how I got it, I'll tell ya. Anyway, like one of my first stories, A New Beginning, Liz also moved to Roswell from NY, then too. And if you haven't noticed by now, hehe, I like punk-ass Liz the best. She's spunky and won't take any crap from anyone. I'm still working on "The Truth Lies Within" so don't fret, I have no intention on ditching it any time soon. And as for the fb on that one, I still have stuff I can hold over your heads to get more...
Okay, so maybe she was wrong. Maybe it wouldn't all blow over. Liz walked down the halls of West Roswell High trying to appear oblivious to all the stares she was being given. She walked up to her locker and put in the combonation.

"I say again." Maria said as she approached her. "It'll all blow over?"

Liz threw her arms up in defeat. "Okay, so I was wrong. Big deal. It really doesn't bother me." she said as she pulled out her books. "It just proves that these people have no lives. They'd rather dwell on something that happened yesterday, that wasn't that big of a deal, mind you, than get on with their lives and focus on other things. More important things."

"Hun." Maria said as they started to head towards the gym. "You're in the smallest of small town towns. We have no lives."

"So I've noticed."

They walked into the gym to see something in the middle of the floor. It looked like an arcade game, the one wihere you play basketball. There were two hoops, and four minuture balls.

"Okay everyone." Coach Harris said as he blew his whistle. "Today is Double Shot Thursday. Round one, will consist of boys against boys, and girls against girls. Round two will be boys against girls. So far, the highest male score is 69, while the highest female score is 58. I want everyone to participate. It's not that big of a deal, you get the ball in the hoop, you make points, you win. Remember, if you get 30 or more points before the 30 second buzzer goes off, you get an extra 15 seconds to score more."

Coach Harris blew is whistle again. "Boys! Let's go. Who's challenging who?"

Max and Michael walked up the game and grabbed a ball in their hands, while they waited for Harris to tell them when to go.

"GO!" he yelled.

Max and Michael started to toss the balls towards the basket, as soon as Max's went in, the timer started to count down from 30. It was 15 seconds left and the score was 35 to 25, in Max's favor. Max kept launching balls, making them eachtime. He only missed a couple before the buzzer rang. Michael cursed and went back to the bleachers as Max stayed and waited for the 15 second timer to start. When it began he quickly grabbed the balls two at a time and started tossing them towards the hoop. After the 15 seconds was up he had a score of 72.

"Alright. The highest score is 72." Harris called. "Girls are next."

Tess got up and walked towards Liz. "Okay, Princess. Lets see what you got." she said, her arms crossed.

Maria leaned over towards LIz. "She is really good at basketball. Good luck."

"I won't need it." she said out loud, making sure Tess heard her.

Liz walked towards the other side and grabbed a ball of her own and waited until Harris called go. Once he did, she started banking shots left and right. She grabbed ball after ball swishing each one. With only 10 seconds used up she had a score of 20, while Tess still had 12. Liz heard Tess curse when she missed the 5th shot. She smirked as she continued to make baskets. After the 30 seconds was up Liz had 39, while Tess had 25. Liz stayed and waited for the 15 second timer to start, and once it did, she continued to swish the basket.

Max stared at Liz in disbelief. She was doing better than he was! He couldn't help the grin that spread across his face when he saw the look of shock on Tess' face. Tess was supposed to be the best female basketball player in West Roswell, but with Liz Parker here now....He didn't think so. After her extra 15 seconds were up, she had the highest score of 75. He watched as she turned around and met his eyes. She gave him a wink before returning to the bleachers next to Maria.

"Damn." Maria said in shock. "Where'd you learn to play like that."

"Older brother." Liz answered.

Alex sat on the other side of Liz. "Is he like in the NBA or something?" he asked.

"Not quite." she said as she pulled out the scrunchie from her hair, only the pull her hair back again and tie the scrunchie around it. She then turned to Alex. "You wanna come to the Crashdown tonight?" she asked him. "Karoke night. Maria tells me you like to make a fool of yourself."

Alex would have been offended if he weren't dwelling on the thought of him actually setting foot in the Crashdown. "Me, in the Crashdown?"

Liz's eyes widened as she laughed. "What is it with the Crashdown?" she asked. "I mean, c'mon. It's just a diner."

"Just a diner?" Alex asked. "It's where EVERYONE goes. Isabel Evans goes there! I can't be seen there. It's bad enough she has to see me at school, I don't think she wants to see me out of school."

Liz rolled her eyes. "Man, what is it with you two? You guys are so caught up in the social ranks that you're not even considering the possiblity that they might actually like you! I mean, get over yourselves already! Grab a spoon!"

"Grab a spoon?" Maria asked confused.

"Oh. Sorry, I watched FRIENDS last night, something about Ross grabbing a spoon and icecream or something. A metaphor trying to get back into a relationship. Don't worry about it." she said quickly.


"What are you talking about, I can't go over there!" Michael said as he stared at his friend in shock. "And neither can you."

"Why not?" Max asked as he continued to stare at Liz Parker.

"Because, I don't want to make a fool of myself in front of Maria, and YOU can't go over there because I don't think you want to face the Wrath of the Blonde Bitch." Michael said.

"Well, let the Blonde Bitch get mad. I want Liz Parker, and damnit I'm going to get her." Max said as he stood up.

"I thought you weren't looking for a relationship." Michael said as he followed him.

Max shrugged. "I never said I was."

"Oh so you're just looking for a rumble in the sack?" he asked. "I'm sorry man, but I just picture Liz Parker the one giving in so easy. She's a rebel."

"You should talk." Max said. "Hey Liz. Maria, Alex."

Liz rolled her eyes as Maria and Alex stared at the two people before them in disbelief. "Hey Max. Spike." she said nodding to Michael.

"It's Michael." he said angrily. Liz merely shrugged.

"That was a good game you played against Tess." Max commented as he sat on the bleacher below her.

Liz shrugged. "No contest." she said. Liz glanced at Maria and Alex who were still staring at Max and Michael, she quickly elbowed both of them in their sides.

Maria snapped out of her trance. "Oh, uh. Liz has an older brother." she said.

"Yeah, he's in the NBA." Alex said.

"Is not." Liz correct quickly.

"Oh, right." Alex said with a blush. "My bad."

"You'll have to excuse my friends. When people of high social ranks even so much as look at them, they get sucked into a trance. Unfortunately, scientists haven't found a cure for such a disease. But we're praying." she said as she grabbed Maria's and Alex's hands dramatically.

Maria and Alex both blushed.


Liz found Maria and Alex sitting at the same table as they were yesterday. "Do you guys sit here everyday?" she asked as she placed her lunch onto the table.

"Everyday." Maria and Alex said together.

Liz groaned. "Hanging out with me is SO going to change you guys for the better."

"Change is bad." Alex said as he shook his head.

"No, change is good." Liz corrected. "You guys need a major attitude adjustment. You guys are always putting yourself down. You're not doing anything to the best of your ability because you're afraid of what other people may think, and you're afraid that others may be able to do it better. Just get over it and don't care what others think."

"Easy for you, you're from New York." Maria mumbled.

"Maria." Liz said as she put down her fork. "It has nothing to do with me being from New York. It has everything to do with that I just don't CARE. If Tess thinks I'm a bitch. Let her. I could care less, cause all that matters is what I think of myself. I mean, c'mon. Wouldn't it feel so good, to prove those guys up?" she asked pointing to the table the 'populars' were occupying.

Maria and Alex looked over their shoulders. "I've always wanted to get Michael to notice me." Maria said.

"What about me?" Alex asked. "I learn French just to be her tutor, but she asks Mark Welsch for help."

"So how about it?" Liz asked. "You guys going to quit acting like the world revolves around them? Of ALL people?"

Maria and Alex looked at eachother and nodded. "We're in."

Liz smiled. "Excellent." she said as she popped a cheeto into her mouth.

Let the games begin...

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