FanFic - Max/Liz
"Our Life Together"
Part 4
by Alexa Garcia-Di
Disclaimer: If I had control over these characters, I would make a series when they were all older. I would definitely make this an episode!
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"So are you going to talk about it tonight?" Max asked Michael as they left the building.

"Yeah, sheís got this romantic dinner thing going, and Iíll bring it up then. What do you think sheíll say? What if she disagrees?" Michael said.

"Michael, she probably feels the exact same way you do. I mean, she wouldnít have wanted to "fool around" for the past few nights if she didnít wants kids." Max explained.

"Yeah, youíre probably right"

They drove to the cleanerís store in silence. After the cleaners, they went to the jewelry store to buy their wives silver necklaces. Max also suggested that Michael buys Maria a special charm. He had bought Liz one when he mentioned that he wanted to try to have kids, and she loved it. He agreed and bought her a silver heart with a small diamond in the middle.

Back at the apartment, Maria had been feeling sick for about an hour. Liz had given her a cold pack to put on her head. Liz offered to finish cooking the meal while Maria went to take a shower and get ready. She took some pills to settle her stomach. Liz chatted with Claudia as she cooked. The phone rang and Liz ran to answer it. It was Michael.

"ÖÖÖÖweíll be home in about 15 minutes. Just wanted to you girls know."

"OK, thanks Michael. Maria has been waiting for you." Liz said. She hung up the phone.

Liz panicked. She rushed around the kitchen, making the last touches on the table and dinner. Maria came out of the bathroom, a little pale, but she managed.

Liz wished her luck, and left to go get ready for her date. Isabel was going to baby-sit Claudia.

When Liz got back to the apartment, she found Isabel sitting in her living room. They greeted each other and Liz went to get ready. Max arrived about 5 minutes later, and went to his bathroom to get ready. Because women take a longer time getting ready for dates, Max was finished first. He went to sit in the living room with Claudia while Isabel went to see Liz.

10 minutes later, Isabel came out of the room,

"The one and only, Liz Evans!"

Liz came out of the bedroom, dressed in her evening gown. Max stood up and walked over to her. He admired her dress, hair, and her beautiful face. He stroked her cheek and put her hair behind her ear. Liz looked so beautiful staring back at him. Her eyes gazing into his, and she leaned in to kiss him. Isabel stood against the wall, softly sobbing.

They left the apartment and went to dinner. They talked in the car about their lives, how much they loved each other, and Maria and Michael. They talked about Claudia and Isabel and Alex.

When they got to the restaurant, Liz said she was going to freshen up. Max assured her that she looked so beautiful, she didnít need to freshen up. She kissed him lightly on the cheek and he followed her to their table.

"Max, I have something we need to talk about. Something, wonderful." Liz began.

"Nothing could be as wonderful as you." Max answered, stroking her hand.

"Max, I took a test this morning, after we, ya know, and Iím pregnant again," Liz said.

"Really? Lizzy, thatís wonderful!" Max said, as her pulled her close in their cozy booth for two. She put her head against his chest and he rubbed her arm.

"Another baby, I canít believe it. Do we have the room in our apartment?" Liz said.

"Of course, we can put Claudia in the guest room and put the new baby in the nursery." Max said, "everything is going to be fine."

Max gazed down at Liz and she nestled herself against him. Suddenly, she felt a drop of water on her shoulder. Max was crying. She remembered how he cried when she told him she pregnant for the first time. She hugged him, and asked why he was crying.

"I am so proud of you. And Iím so happy. I love you Liz." Max said.

"I love you too Max. I always have. And trust me, I will never stop loving you." Liz said wiping a tear from her eye. Then, their food came, and they ate in silence.

After they ate, Max drove Liz to a place he as been meaning to take her. She noticed they were going towards the cave. When they got there, Max carried her out of the car and set her down in front of the cave.

"Follow me," Max said, as he took her hand.

Liz followed Max up some large rocks and boulders. They ended up at the top of hill, with a tree in the center. They sat underneath the tree and gazed at the stars. The sky was clear, and filled with stars.

"Look Max, a-" Liz said, but she was cut off by Max. He touched her lips, telling her to be quiet. He took a small box out of his coat pocket, and handed it to her. She took a box out of her purse, and handed it to him. He watched as she opened hers, and he could never forget the look on her face when she saw her necklace. Lizís eyes filled with tears as she looked up at Max.

"I love it! Will you put it on me?" She asked. Liz leaned in and kissed Max. She rubbed her hands in his hair and his face. She could feel his tongue in her mouth, and she leaned in more, closer to the one she loved.

Back at the apartment, Maria and Michael enjoyed a very romantic dinner. Maria worried the whole time. When should I tell him? She asked herself. Michael fidgeted in his chair too. When should I ask her? He kept asking himself. After dinner, Maria took Michaelís hand and led him over to the couch. She put her hands on Michaelís face.

" Michael, I have something we need to talk about," she began, "see, while you were at the cave today, I got this call. It was my doctor. Weíre going to have a baby."

Michael smiled and said, "A baby! Wow Maria, thatís wonderful! Why didnít you tell me sooner?"

"Well, I wanted to surprise you. Iím sorry." Maria said, sounding a little hurt.

"No, donít be. Iím glad you told me now. I was just going to mention that we should try having kids." He looked down at her stomach area, and said, "I love you. I have since the day I met you in 1st grade. You are the most beautiful wife in the whole world."

Maria smiled, and she had a tear in her eye. Michael kissed the tear away, and kissed her. He pulled her close to him, and kissed her hard. She began unbuttoning her blouse, and he took it off. They pulled away, and Maria sat there in her pink bra. He leaned in again, and so did she. They did this for 2 hours.

Max and Liz were driving home from their evening. Max would look at Liz and smile every 5 minutes.

"Max, Maria is pregnant too," Liz said.

"Really? Thatís great too." Max said.

Liz nodded, and they drove in silence.

When they got back, Isabel was asleep on the couch with Claudia in her arms. Max kissed Isabel on the forehead to wake her up. Liz took Claudia and put her in her crib. Max looked at his watch, 1:20am. It was very late. Oh well, he thought to himself, I spent this evening with the most beautiful wife Iíve ever seen. Liz emerged from the nursery, and they said good night to Isabel. Max helped Liz get undressed by unzipping her dress, hanging it up for her, and getting her pajamas out of the drawer.

"Max, why are you doing this? Iím a big girl." Liz said, chuckling to herself.

"I know, but from now on, youíre not doing anything. Donít even try to lift a finger." Max replied as he hugged her.

Liz smiled and they got into bed. She yawned and turned towards Max.

"I love you Max, with all of my heart. Iíll do anything for you." She said.

"I love you more than life itself Lizzy, and I would die for you." Max said.

They kissed good night and went to sleep.

Meanwhile, next door, Maria and Michael were sleeping on the couch. Maria still in her bra. She shivered once or twice, and Michael wrapped his arms around her. He was awake. A baby, he thought. Wow, how great! I canít believe it. He thought about his wife, and what guts it mustíve taken to tell him. He looked at Maria, her eyes closed, breathing deeply. He loved her so much.

The next morning, Maria woke up to find Michael cleaning up the kitchen. She went to get her robe, and when she returned, Michael was washing dishes.

"I never thought Iíd ever see you in the kitchen. Let alone washing dishes." Maria said.

"From now on, youíre gonna see me in here a lot. Youíre not going to do anything for the next nine months. I am going to wait on you every minute of the day." Michael said.

Maria walked towards him and gave him a hug. He held her close. They let go and Maria walked over to the window. Little raindrops fell lightly on the windowpane. Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain in her stomach. She clutched her stomach and moaned. Michael turned around, and went over to her.

"Are you ok? Whatís wrong?" Michael asked as he led her over to the couch.

"I donít know, itís my stomach. Thereís this sharp pain. It mustíve been something I ate." She moaned in pain, and lay back. Michael went over to the phone to call Liz. She would know what to do.

The phone rang. Liz got up to answer it. She looked at her watch, 9:13am. It was Michael.

"Liz, Maria is like having these sharp stomach pains, and sheís moaning and groaning, HELP!" Michael said, sounding so worried.

"OK, Iíll get Max to bring some pills and things to see what he can do. Michael, donít worry, sheís going to be fine." Liz hung up the phone and woke up Max. He sat up, and listened to the problem. He got out of bed, and got dressed in two minutes. Liz fetched Claudia, and they went next door. They got there, to find Maria on the couch, and Michael holding her hand. Maria was moaning in pain, and Max knelt beside the couch. Michael got up, and joined Liz standing by the door. Max listened to Mariaís heartbeat, and she described her pains.

"Donít worry Maria, youíre going to be ok. Itís normal with pregnant women. If they get worse, call your doctor. Liz is going to be having those soon too." Max said, handing Michael a bag of Advil.

"Take these whenever you start feeling bad. Only if you feel the pain. If you feel nauseous, take what you normally take. Only take Advil once, because it is not good for your liver." Max explained.

Maria and Michael thanked Max, and the Evanses left the Guerins alone. This was going to be long 9 months, Maria thought to herself.

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