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"Our Life Together"
Part 5
by Alexa Garcia-Di
Disclaimer: If I had control over these characters, I would make a series when they were all older. I would definitely make this an episode!
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(9 months later)

November 20-

"Iím as big as a house," Liz complained as she looked at herself in the mirror. They were going shopping for maternity clothes that day. Liz had dragged Max out of bed very early so they would get a good parking space at the mall.

"I think you look wonderful. Youíre pregnant, thatís what usually happens to you," Max said massaging Lizís neck and shoulders.

He rubbed his hand on her stomach, and felt their baby kick. He smiled at Liz, and she smiled back. He kissed Liz on the forehead, and hugged her tight. Claudia, who could now walk, came into their room.

"Mommy, I want to go to the mall now," she said.

Max picked her up and out her on his shoulders. Claudia giggled with delight, and hugged Maxís neck. Liz grabbed her purse, and her coat, and they left.

When they arrived at the mall, Liz began complaining about slight stomach pains and little waves of nausea. Max insisted that go back home, but Liz assured him she was fine. They spent the first two hours at the mall looking at maternity clothes. Max hated shopping for maternity clothes, he said he felt embarrassed being there.

"Donít you make a pregnant woman angry," Michael told him once, "theyíll jump all over you." Michael and Maria now had a baby girl, Nicole. The doctors said Nicole was a miracle, because Maria had had such a difficult pregnancy.

Tonight was Alex and Isabelís wedding. Maxís sister and Lizís other best friend were finally getting married.

"I have to have something to wear tonight. Unless you want me to wear the dress I wore for Valentines Day." Liz said giggling. She rubbed her stomach and looked at herself in mirror. Max came over to the mirror and rubbed her shoulders. Liz loved the way he rubbed her shoulders. She felt all tingly afterward.

By 4 in the afternoon, Liz had finally picked something to buy. Max paid for the dress, and they went home. Liz got home and began straightening up the living room. Max saw her and immediately told her to stop. It was to close to her due-date for her to be bending over and putting things away. Mrs. Parker was going to baby-sit Claudia and Nicole while the four friends went to the wedding. Maria and Liz had made their husbands buy tuxedos. Max had agreed, because he didnít want to make Liz angry. Michael agreed because Max was doing it too.

When Max, Liz, Michael and Maria were ready, they took Michaelís expedition to the wedding. Maria and Liz sat in the back, while Michael and Max talked in the front. When they arrived at the wedding, they were 5 minutes late. The four friends stole a seat in the back of the chapel. Liz and Maria cried through the first 15 minutes, when they hadnít even said their vows.

Max looked over at Liz and handed her a Kleenex. Michael shook his head and whispered, "Women." Max nodded and turned his attention back to the wedding.

All of a sudden Liz felt a jolt inside of her. She turned towards Max and whispered, "I think we better get to the hospital." Maxís eyes widened and he whispered to Michael. Liz told Maria and all four of them got up and went to the back of the chapel. Liz was in pain, horrible pain. She wouldnít let go of Maxís hand. Michael and Max helped Liz outside, and Michael ran to get the car. Maria stood next to Liz, giving her moral support.

Maria jumped in the front seat, while Max helped Liz in the back where she could lye down. Max sat next to her, stroking her head. Liz breathed deeply and moaned. She clutched her stomach and screamed. Michael sped up. Maria was yelling at him to go faster. Max rubbed Lizís stomach and assured her everything was going to be fine.

When they got to the hospital, Maria signed Liz in, and Max helped Liz up to her room. Michael went to park the car. The nurses took Liz to her room, and Max was left in the waiting room. Maria and Michael joined him after 10 minutes. They found Max pacing up and down the waiting room.

"We called Mrs. Parker, sheís going to stay at your apartment with Nicole and Claudia." Maria said, patting Max on the shoulder.

Michael sat next to Maria, and started flipping through a magazine. Max couldnít sit still. He bit his nails, twiddled his thumbs and tapped his fingers on a table.

"Max, you have to calm down. Go get some coffee or something." Maria suggested. Max nodded and went to get some coffee. Michael got up to go with him. Maria looked at her watch, 6:30pm. Alex and Isabel should be at the reception right now. Maria took out her cell phone and called Isabel, apologizing that they had to leave.

Michael and Max returned from the coffee place. Michael handed Maria a cup, and just as Max took a swig of his, Michael stopped him.

"Sorry Max, but I canít let you drink a cup of coffee with 16 spoons of sugar in it." Michael said, taking the glass from him. Max smiled and set the cup down on the table. Michael and Maria smiled at each other. Then, a nurse came to get Max.

"Mr. Evans, will you follow me please?" Max looked at Michael, and followed the nurse.

When Max got to Lizís room, she hadnít had the baby yet. She had her hair loose, and it was wet. She had beads of sweat on her forehead. Max took a tissue from the side if her bed and wiped her forehead. She took his hand, and he stroked her cheek.

"I missed you Max. I canít do this without you," she said. Max noticed a tear trickling down her cheek. Max kissed it away, and her grip tightened. Max stared down at Liz. He loved her so much. He knew it the first time they kissed on her porch, when she denied what he said that they shouldnít be together. He knew when she kissed him on the altar, when their first child was conceived, and on Valentines Day.

Max leaned in and kissed Liz. He could tell she was in pain, because she didnít fall into their kiss like she normally did. Then, the nurse came in, saying that Max had to leave. Max kissed Liz and wished her luck. When he closed the door, he heard her scream. It was time. He watched everything through the window of her room. All the doctorís surrounded her, and she was crying and sweating. He wanted to go in and help her, comfort her. He wanted to assure her everything was ok. But, Max knew he couldnít. Max walked down the hallway back to the waiting room.

"Sheís in labor right now," Max told Michael. He patted Max on the shoulder, and noticed he was shaking.

"Donít be nervous Max. Liz has done this before, sheíll be fine." Michael assured him.

After twenty minutes of waiting, a nurse came to get Max again. Michael gave him thumbs up as he followed the nurse. When Max got to Lizís room, the doctor handed her a tiny, baby girl. Liz looked at her baby, and started crying softly. She noticed Max come in, and wiped her tears away. She smiled at Max, and he sat next to her.

"She is so beautiful," Max said, wiping Lizís tears and forehead. Liz handed their baby to Max.

"I think we should name her Natalie." Liz suggested.

"Thatís wonderful. Natalie Ann Evans." Max said. Liz nodded and more tears started streaming down her cheeks. Maxís eyes welled with tears, and a tear trickled down his cheek. Liz wiped his tear away, and kissed his hand. The doctorís then came in to take Natalie back to the baby room. Max hugged Liz and held her in his arms. She kissed him back, and took his hand. Liz and Max fell asleep in this position.

Maria came into the room, to find Max and Liz sleeping in the bed. Maria woke up Max and said that the doctorís needed to examine Liz. Max woke up his wife, and he and Maria left the room. They went down the hall to find Michael standing at the baby room window. Max and Maria joined him. Max showed them Natalie.

"Maria, Iíve been thinking, why donít we have another one?" Michael said shyly.

Maria looked at Michael, and smiled. She gave him a hug and took his hand. She led the way to the door.

"See ya Max! We have something to do." Michael said winking. Max smiled and turned back to the babies.

Liz and Max drove up to their apartment building. They hadnít been home in 4 days. They got to their apartment to find Maria sitting with Claudia. She rose and immediately started making over Natalie. Claudia rose with the couch, and Max lowered Natalie to her. Claudia peered over and looked at Natalie. "Claudia, meet your baby sister, Natalie," Max said.

"Baby," Claudia said, and Liz smiled.

Maria left the Evanses alone, and Max sat on the couch with Natalie. Liz sat next to him, and Claudia climbed on her lap. She handed Liz a book, and Liz began reading it.

When the book was finished, she leaned over Claudia and kissed Max. They pulled away. Max put Natalie in her crib, and they sent Claudia off to her room. Max joined Liz on the couch, and they kissed again. He pulled her close, and hugged her tight. She weaved her hands through his hair, and he put his hands on her face. One thing was for certain, Liz and Max Evans would be together forever.

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