FanFic - Max/Liz
"Our Life Together"
Part 2
by Alexa Garcia-Di
Disclaimer: If I had control over these characters, I would make a series when they were all older. I would definitely make this an episode!
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
As Michael and Max arrived at the cave, groups at tourists were touring the Indian Reservation. Among them was Maxís old boss, Milton, who was now old and had to be pushed in a wheel chair.

Michael led the way to the cave, and Max followed. When they entered, Michael found a few of his and Mariaís things at the floor. He pushed them all into a hole in the wall. Max examined the map on the cave walls and looked around for clues. This was gonna take some time, he thought.

Back at home, Maria and Liz were playing music and dancing with Claudia. Once they grew tired, the girls sat down and started to talk.

"I wander why they went to the cave?" Liz said.

"I know," Maria began, "when Michael and I were there, the symbols on the walls started beaming and glowing, and the cave grew very dark."

"What were you doing there in the first place?" Liz asked.

"UmÖ nothing much. Just talking and fooling around." Maria said. They had only been married for a few months, and they always seemed to be fooling around.

Liz nodded and changed the subject. She started talking about their plans were Valentines Day. Just then, the phone rang. Liz went to pick it up, but no one was there. Maria noticed it was her phone her apartment next door, so she ran it answer it. A few minutes later, she came back, with a stunned look on her face. Without saying anything, Maria went to sit on the couch next to a sleeping Claudia. Liz was beginning to get a little worried, because Maria didnít say anything. After about 2 minutes, Liz asked her what was wrong.

"Oh, nothings wrong." Maria began.

"Well, who was on the phone?" Liz asked, dying to know what was going on.

"That was my doctor. Iím gonna have baby!" Maria answered.

"Oh my god! Maria, thatís great!" Liz said. Maria got up and together they screamed for joy.

A few seconds later, Claudia started pushing herself up from her nap. Maria picked her up and swung her around.

"Youíre gonna have a little cousin soon!" Maria said, smiling with joy, "Oh my God! I have to tell Michael."

"Wait, why donít you tell him on Valentines Day. Thatís what I did for Christmas last year, remember?" Liz suggested.

"Yeah, thatíll really surprise him." Maria answered.

"Claudia and I will help you make a candle light dinner," Liz offered.

"OK, since Valentines is tomorrow, lets going food shopping." Maria said.

Liz grabbed her coat, Claudiaís baby bag and left the guys a note saying they went grocery shopping.

Max and Michael walked around the inside and outside of the cave, looking for clues from the sign last night. Nothing. Michael sat down at motioned to Max to come sit next to him.

"Max, I got to talk to you about somethingÖ. personal."

"OK, shoot." Max replied.

"Iíve, uh, Iíve been thinking about having kids. But, I donít know how to tell Maria. How did you and Liz arrive at the subject?"

"Well, actually, after about 4 months of being married, she sat me down, and said that she was pregnant. I had noticed before had been a little sick lately, and began to wonder. Then, I asked a doctor friend of mine of the first signs of, well, ya know, and he said that if they getting cranky and throwing up a lot, then sheís probably pregnant." Max explained.

"Well, Maria hasnít done any of that," Michael said.

"Why donít you guys talk about tomorrow. After all, it is Valentines Day. Iím taking Liz out for a romantic dinner and Isabel is gonna baby-sit.

Suddenly, a soft rumbling shook the cave. Max and Michael stood up.

"I didnít know there were earthquakes in Roswell."

"There are no quakes in Roswell. This must be part of the sign. The symbols on the walls began to glow and heat up. The cave grew dark and quiet again after a few minutes. Max took his cell phone out of his pocket to call Liz and say they were gonna be a little late.

At the grocery store, Liz pushed the cart with Claudia in the front, laughing at her. Maria would grab things now and then to use to make their special dinner. She grabbed a watermelon and some chili dip.

"Why did you get those?" Liz asked disgusted.

"Well, I just feel like watermelon and chili dip for a snack thatís all." Maria answered.

"I remember 9 months ago I almost ate pickles and mustard, but luckily, Max talked me out of it real fast." Liz said laughing to herself.

Suddenly, Mariaís pager went off.

"Itís Maxís cell phone. Maybe they found something at the cave."

Maria went to return the call, while Liz and Claudia went to look for some baby food and valentines candy.

A few minutes later, Maria found Liz and Claudia waiting by the medicine counter.

"They just called to say that they were gonna be a little late. That gives us time to go shopping for our men!" Maria informed her.

"OK, but still donít know what I want to get Max. I mean, he deserves something really special.

"I got it! What about a gold chain to put his cross on. His mom gave him a gold cross one year, but he doesnít have a chain."

Once they were finished shopping, they went to the mall. It was Claudiaís 20th trip to the mall in her whole life, considering she had an aunt like Maria. Once they got there, they bought the chain and a leather jacket for Michael. This was going to be a great Valentines Day, they thought.

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