FanFic - Max/Liz
"Never Leave You Lonely"
Part 1
by Nicole
Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me.
Summary: Not really written in a specific time. Before Destiny though. Max has to decide between Liz and Tess.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
Authors Note: I know it's a bit vague in some parts, but try to remember that I'm not a professional. Oh, and // mean a flashback.
Max Evans woke up totally at calm and relaxed, but a bit disoriented, then he realized why. Another body was pressed against his. Liz, he thought as he rolled over. He froze. NO! He quickly got out of bed. Tess was lying there, blonde hair strewn over his pillow, a serene smile on her face. Max shook his head, trying to remember last night, and then he did. It had been past midnight, Tess had come over. He hadnít thought to ask why. And then the kissing, a lot of kissing as he reviewed the events. All of a sudden he stopped. What was the matter with him? In his vision Tess had been replaced by Liz, but thatís not how it went. Tess replaced Liz. He and Liz had broken up nearly two months ago.

//Tess had leaned over and kissed him, and, surprisingly, he had found himself kissing back. But when he raised his head, he had seen Liz just behind Tess, an expression of betrayal on her face. Then the tears came. "Liz," he breathed. Tess turned around. Liz shook her head, the word "No" forming on her lips. Then she turned and ran. "Liz, wait!" he called, starting to run after her. He caught up to her in the bio lab. "Liz, let me explain."

"Thereís nothing to explain," her voice was cold, unfamiliar. She turned, a set expression on her face. "I understand."

"No, you donít."

"Yes I do." The faÁade broke and tears started forming. "I do," her voice was breaking, "Sheís smart, pretty, practically the perfect human being, except for the fact that sheís not human, well, perfect match. Iíll back off."

"What? No, Liz, I love you! She looked at him.

"Maybe you do, or maybe you were right the first time. Maybe we donít belong together. But, itís up to you Max. Take time off, from me. Spend it with Tess. See where your heart leads you. Iíll wait, for forever if I have to, but Iíll always be here for you if you need me."

"Wait," he said, confused, "Whatís going on?" She looked at him sadly and kissed his cheek.

"Good-bye Max."//

He got up to take a shower, and when he came back, Tess was gone. Max sat to think, repeating the question to himself. Whatís going on?

Liz Parker was still sad, even after two months. She ignored Max and Tess, and had totally separated herself from the group. So she was incredibly surprised when Max caught her by the arm and dragged her to his Jeep. They pulled out onto the old highway. "You know weíre missing Biology, right?"

"I realize that."

"Okay, just so you know." They drove in silence, Liz wondering what was going on. Max looked confused and determined at the same time. Something must have happened. A little later Max pulled over, by the groupís meeting place. He got out quickly, going to the edge of one of the small lakes. Liz followed more slowly. "Whatís the matter?" He didnít answer immediately. He picked up some stones and started skipping them over the waterís smooth surface. This was hard for him, she could tell. "Max?"

"Tess and I had sex last night."

"WHAT?!" He wouldnít look at her.

"We slept together." Liz felt as if her heart had been torn out of her body. He mind was screaming. NONONononononono! Why had he told her this? They only thing that had kept her sane was the knowledge that Max would come back to her. Realize that he loved her, but nowÖ It was impossible. She felt empty, alone. For the first time since the shooting she wished she were dead.

"And you felt I had to know this why?" she asked, all emotion had been leached from her voice. She sounded dead, hollow. Max turned to her then, he hadnít been able to face her when he told he, but nowÖ He couldnít bear the expression on her face now. Her dark eyes had lost all their light, her face was frozen, the mouth hardened. Oh God Liz, what have I done to you? But Max couldnít stop now. He had to tell the rest, had to tell her everything.

"Wait. Iím not done."

"Thereís more?" She sounded angry. At least that was something, some emotion.

"When I woke up and felt another body, my first thought was of you. And when I went over what had happened, I wasnít thinking of Tess. I needed to figure out what was going on. I needed someone to talk to, and youíre the only one Iíve ever been able to open up to." Now her eyes were snapping, practically on fire.

"Iím sure you could have talked to Tess. She is your girlfriend after all."

"No. I canít talk to her the way I talk to you."

"Oh, gee, thanks," she said sarcastically.

"Liz donít!" he cried.

"Donít what?" Fury was whipping through her body as she rounded on him, but her next words were stilled as she got a good look into his eyes. They were haunted and confused and terrified.

"Donít be mad," he said in a small voice. "Please."

"What do you want from me Max?"

"I want your help, to figure this out."

"Figure what out?"

"Figure out who I should be with." This stopped Liz cold. The only emotion filling her now was a blinding hope.

"What?" she whispered. Max turned to her, his face showing confusion, his inner turmoil.

"I donít know," his voice broke, as if the words had been ripped out of him. "I donít know. It didnít feel completely right, having sex with Tess. I felt like something was missing, something that should have been there and it wasnít. And thenÖ I was thinking about you, and I just didnít know. Should I be having sex with Tess or should I be making love to you? I just, I donít know." He turned back to her, eyes pleading.

"Take me back to school."


"School. Take me back." She headed to the Jeep, Max trailing along behind.

What was up? Max looked over at Liz again, he was confused. She hadnít said anything since sheíd asked him to drive her back to school. But she didnít look angry. If anything she looked thoughtful. He pulled into the parking lot at school. She looked at him. "I think what I thought before. Take time off, but from Tess this time too. Take days, weeks, whatever, just have some time to yourself. Somewhere quiet, away from everything, and think. Listen to yourself. Follow your heart wherever it leads you, because it knows whatís right." She climbed out of the Jeep, then turned towards him. "Having sex is a lot different than making love," she said as she left. Max watched her go. She was right, as usual. He went home and packed a duffel, then he wrote a note to his parents and left.

Where was Max? Isabel stared out across the parking lot. The Jeep was gone. God, her brother was such an idiot. He wasnít with Tess either because here she came. "Hey Isabel."


"Have you seen Max? He wasnít in any of his classes."

"What?! No. The Jeep isnít here. Do you think something might have happened?" Isabel was worried, she glanced around again. Michael was getting a ride with Maria and Liz, no room for her and Tess. Plus there wouldnít be a warm welcome. Isabel was going to kill Max. Then Alex pulled up.

"Need a ride?"

"Sure." Izzy got in the passenger side and Tess hopped in the back. Alex frowned. He didnít like Tess, but she was Isabelís friend, so he wouldnít be mad or rude.

Isabel went into the house, the Jeep wasnít here either. Now she was really worried. Was Max in trouble? She dropped her stuff on the kitchen table. Noticing a note, she picked it up. MOM and DAD was written in Maxís neat script.

Dear Mom and Dad,

Donít worry, Iím fine. I wonít be home for a couple of days, maybe longer, Iím not really sure. A lot of stuff has been happening and Iím just confused. I need some time to think, so I took off. Please donít worry. I have food, clothes, everything I need. Iíll be home as soon as I figure everything out. I love you all.


God, what was Max thinking?

Max had gotten his camp set up. He hoped his parents wouldnít be too angry. Max sighed, it was night, the stars were shining down. He looked up, "What am I going to do?" He thought about Tess. The way her curly blonde hair bounced when she giggled, the way he felt when she kissed him, and the way her eyes lit up when she was excited. He thought about the way her eyes flashed with some deep-seated emotion when Liz walked into a room.

Liz, Maxís breath caught in his throat. She had been conjured up before him. Confidant pose, her straight dark hair shining, and brown eyes sparkling. She stared at him with so much love in those bright eyesÖ And then the vision disappeared. Max sighed again and lay down. He needed to sleep on it. And when he dreamed, his dreams were not of Tess.

Max took a deep breath, hiking took his mind off all the problems. Problems were for the night, thatís when he dealt with them. The majority of his time was spent hiking or doing homework he knew would be due when he returned, otherwise his mind drifted back to the Liz/Tess issue and he couldnít make up his mind. Max sighed as he headed back to camp, he had been gone nearly two weeks and he knew his parents would be worrying frantically. He hoped Michael hadnít gotten into any trouble. Max shook his head, he had to go back soon, before something happened. He raised his head, drinking in the night sky. He had to make a decision now. Tonight.

He sat now, thinking about the only two girls he had ever seriously dated. Tess was smart, pretty, and one of them besides, but something was off when he was with her. Like I was never supposed to be with her, he realized. Max straightened, why hadnít he thought about this before? He had never been able to talk to Tess, really talk to her, and he should have been able to. He should have been able to tell her anything. He should have been able to talk to her like he talked to Liz.

LizÖ Max could tell Liz anything. She listened with an intense concentration to whatever he had to say. Max laughed at himself, he should have known. He should have realized it that day at the movies when Liz had walked in with Kyle Valenti. Then he had attributed the sickening feeling to the elbow Tess had jammed into his ribs to get him to pay attention, but nowÖ Now he knew that feeling had been his heart breaking, acknowledging the fact that he should have been the one to walk in smiling with a goddess on his arm. But no, he being the idiot he was had turned away, pretending he hadnít noticed them at all.

He sighed, imagining Lizís smile, he dimple appearing as she laughed. He imagined the way her eyes looked at him adoringly when he walked into a room. Then he remembered. Remembered every conversation and every kiss they ever shared. Remembered the taste of her lips, the scent of jasmine from her hair, the soft, silky texture of her skin as he held her. He was such an idiot. How could he possibly have thought he was in love with Tess? What had possessed him to even consider the thought? He loved Liz, and she loved him. He could see it in her eyes, whether she angry or not. She belonged with him. They belonged together. Max smiled and began packing, with any luck heíd be back in time for school.

Max woke up the next morning in his own bed. Smiling as he got dressed he wondered what Liz would say when he told her. Max froze, smile fading. What if she didnít want to be with him anymore? He banished the thought immediately. Liz still loved him, she had as much as told him the last he had seen her. She probably all ready knew who he would pick when she had left the Jeep that day. Max shook his head, that girl knew him too well.

Downstairs, Max put a plate of apple-cinnamon muffins on the table. His parents and Isabel came in. He registered the shock on their faces. "Good morning."

"Morning," his dad said gruffly. Izzy took the keys.

"Iím driving." He grinned, they were going to pretend nothing had happened. His mom wrapped her arms around him and kissed him on the cheek.

"I love you honey."

"I love you too, Mom," he whispered, gently returning her hug. She smiled at him, turned, and sat down at the table. Buttering a muffin she looked at him curiously.

"Did you find what you were looking for?"

"Yeah," Max said, thinking of Liz. "Yeah I did."

Liz had been in turmoil for the last week and five days. When was Max coming back? The only thing that kept her from leaving to look for him was the sick pleasure she derived from watching Tess suffer. Obviously no one had seen fit to tell her what was going on. Liz smiled, when Max got back everything would be all right.

She stopped, standing in front of the open Eraser Room door. Her eyes scanned the hallway. He was here, she could sense him. However that fact did not prevent her tiny cry of surprise as strong hands grabbed her and pulled her into the Eraser Room. The door closed behind her, she could hear it lock. He was holding her hard against him, her whole body was tingling. "Miss me?" he asked, voice husky. Shivers of happiness went down her spine.

"I didnít even notice you were gone," she said tartly, breaking away. "Welcome back." She turned to face him and felt her insides melt. He was wearing that tiny half smile. That shy, hesitant, private smile he reserved only for her. Only for her.

"You knew," he accused gently.

"Knew what?" she inquired innocently. His grin broadened.

"That my heart would lead me to you." A simple statement, but one that took all the breath out of her lungs, sent her stomach to her knees, and liquidated all her internal organs. "Oh Lizzy, I missed you." He slowly gathered her into his arms.

"Max," she whimpered. He was trembling. They both were.

Max tilted Lizís chin up, making her face him. He could feel her heart beating crazily, he could feel the warmth of her skin. Max leaned in, but Liz pulled away. "No." She looked at him pleadingly. "I donít want Tess to find out the same way I did." He nodded. He understood.

He reached out, gently touching her cheek. Liz breathed deeply, trying to calm the butterflies in her stomach. She wanted nothing more than to fling herself into his arms and stay there for all eternity. A rush of giddy excitement filled her. Max still loved her. He had come back to her, he had chosen her. "We should get to Biology."

Tess was in a big group talking excitedly. She was incredibly annoyed at the tap on her shoulder. Death was guaranteed the tapper as she turned around. Then her expression softened, a smiling forming on her lips. Max.

Max saw the annoyed expression on her face dissolve into sweetness and light. Tess hadnít known it was him. Max sighed, Liz was able to sense him the moment he stepped into a room, could pick his voice out in a crowd. "Max!" Tess threw her arms around him, hugging him tightly. He gently disengaged himself from her embrace, expression serious. "Max?" He glanced at the group, took her hand and led her away. "Max whatís wrong? Where have you been?" Tess asked again. Why wasnít he answering?

"I needed time to think. Alone. And I figured something out."

"What?" she asked. He took a deep breath, a looked her straight in the eye.

"I donít think we should see each other anymore." Tess felt all the blood run out of her face. "Iím sorry, itís justÖ I still love Liz." Tess blinked and looked up at him. He wasnít joking, he still cared about that worthless little human, that insect.

Isabel looked over at Tess. Something was up, she seemed way too self-controlled. And where was Max? With him just back she figured he would want time alone with Tess, but he had said that he was going to walk home. "Hereís good," Tess spoke up.

"Okay," Isabel said as she pulled off road and onto the desert. Tess was going to teach her some new ways to use her powers.

They had been working awhile with telekinesis, and now they were trying to burn a rock. Isabel focussed hard, imagining the rock smoking. And then it was. She smiled, Yes! Izzy glanced at Tess, she was smiling too. Iz heard a little shriek, she glanced away. Oh! A little bunny-rabbit. It was smoking. Iz looked back at Tess, horrified. "Tess, stop." Nothing happened. "Tess, stop! STOP!" she yelled. The bunny exploded.

"Oh, God!" Tess cried, looking at the bunny guts in shock. "Oh, oh, oh. Iím sorryÖI didnít mean." She looked at Isabel, blue eyes wide.

"Itís okay. We should probably go home now." Tess nodded. She seemed genuinely sorry, but Isabel thought she saw an inkling of a smile as Tess turned and headed to the Jeep.

Max sat on his bed, smiling, thinking of the extreme make-up make-out session with Liz. How could he have forgotten how much he needed her? Isabel came into the room, interrupting his flashback. He was going to give her a dressing down until he saw her face, something had happened. "Whatís up?" Isabel asked.

"Liz and I got back together."

"Oh." She sat down.

"Izzy, whatís wrong?"

"Um, Tess and I went out into the desert to try out our powers."

"Howíd it go?"

"Um, yeah, good. Up until the point when Tess blew up a bunny."

"What!" Max straightened.

"She blew up a rabbit." Max frowned.

"Weíll figure something out."

"Yeah," she paused, her eyes widened, "Max?"


"If Tess could do this to a poor, defenseless little bunny, what do you think sheís going to do to Liz?" Max felt all the blood drain out of his face. He picked up the phone and dialed the Crashdown. Come on, come on, he thought. The line went dead.

"Iím sorry, this line has been disconnected," the operatorís voice said. Max hung up, totally numb. Then a blinding pain seared through his heart, Liz. Someone was hurting Liz. No, not someone, Tess. Oh, God.

Liz wiped the counter slowly, she was daydreaming. Her mind kept drifting back to the extreme apology kisses Max had been giving her. The "Close Encounters" theme rang throughout the cafť. "Iím sorry," she said, turning. "Weíre closed for theÖ Tess."

"Hi Liz." Tess came forward slowly, locking up the door behind her.

"Hi Tess." Tess smiled, a slightly malicious smile. Liz began to feel frightened.

"Parents home?"

"No, itís just me."

"Good." The phone rang. Liz reached for it, but suddenly it flew across the room. Liz looked at Tess, now seriously afraid.

"Good?" she squeaked. Tessí smile widened.

"No one around to her you scream." Liz ran for the door, but it was sealed shut. She turned, trapped. "You see, Iíve decided something Lizzy."

"Really?" she asked, trying to be brave, but she could feel her bottom lip trembling.

"Oh yes." She lost her smile. "See, I love Max. I belong with Max. I want Max. Unfortunately, he thinks he still loves you, and we canít have that now can we?" Her eyes narrowed. "You know what you are Lizzy?" Liz shook her head. "A pest, Lizzy, an insect. Well, someone finally called the exterminators." Liz felt tears burning her eyes.


"Oh yes. Yes, yes, yes. And, when youíre gone, Max will be mine." She advanced on Liz. "Like it should be." Liz closed her eyes. Max, she thought.

"Max, where are we going?" Isabel asked again. And yet again, Max didnít answer. "Max!"

"Valentiís," he said.

"What? Max, no, we canít." He looked at her, she could see the pain in his face.

"Liz is dying Izzy, we need Valenti." Isabel groaned and sat back in the Jeep, he was right. They couldnít let Liz die. She looked at her brother, spasms racked his body at irregular intervals, and he was speeding. Mr. Responsibility was speeding through the streets of Roswell like a madman.

Max pulled up into Sheriff Valentiís driveway, jumping out as soon as the engine turned off, and ran up to the door. He rang continuously. "Iím coming," Kyle said. He opened the door. "Evans."

"I need to talk to your dad."

"Why?" Max sighed, exasperated, and started forward. Kyleís hand shot out and blocked the door. "Watch it Evans." Max glared at him. He was going to lose it and Kyle was going to end up through a wall. Kyle stepped back a bit, nervousness appeared in his face. Max started forward again, but Kyle wouldnít give anymore ground.

"Mr. Evans," Valentiís calm voice said. "Can I ask what the matter is?"

"You have to come to the Crashdown. NOW!"

"The Crashdown," Kyle asked.

"Why?" Valenti said.

"Itís Liz."

"Liz?" Now Kyleís voice held a touch of worry in it.

"And whatís wrong with Miss Parker, Mr. Evans?" Max could feel her pain and fear. He looked Valenti in the eye.

"Sheís dying."

What!! Kyle thought, heís got to be kidding. But, as Kyle looked at Max, he could see the pain whipping through his body.

"Why do you think Miss Parker is dying?" his dad asked. Kyle looked at his father, he was talking calmly, as if to a wild animal that might run away at any sudden movement. But his face showed concern. Max gave a cry and collapsed against the wall. He looked at Kyleís father, eyes haunted.

"I can feel it. Sheís terrified and hurt. I can feel the life slipping out of her." Now Kyle was beginning to think Max was seriously insane, but his eyes said otherwise. Dad obviously believed him.

"Kyle, stay here," Dad said. He walked out the door to the cruiser. Max pushed himself away from the wall.

"Like hell," Kyle said as he followed Max.

The Crashdown was dark. Max pounded on the door, it was welded shut. "Liz!" he cried.

"Max," Izzy said. He looked at her.

"I canít feel her Iz, I canít feel her!" Max felt like dying. If they couldnít save her heíd probably kill himself. All of a sudden he was angry. Deathly angry, Tess was going to pay. A bright blue light formed around his hand. He didnít care if Kyle or Valenti was there. He had to save Liz.

The door flew off its hinges on to the floor. Max immediately sent an electric shock into the air. The lights came on, illuminating the restaurant. Or, what was left of the restaurant. It was a mess. Table and chairs were overturned, glass broken, blood. Oh no, Max thought, glancing around frantically. He ran forward, heedless of the broken glass littering the floor.

Liz was lying behind the counter. Bloodied, bruised, mangled, and not looking like Liz. Max felt his heart break as he knelt beside her. Sheriff Valenti, Isabel, and Kyle all gathered round. "WhatÖ?" Kyle began.

"Ssh!" Isabel hissed. Max reached for Liz, cradling her broken body against his chest. She was breathing, barely, but she was unconscious. She would die if he couldnít do anything. A tear ran down his cheek, he brushed it away. No time for that now, he had to concentrate. Max pushed the blood-matted hair away from Lizís face. Lizís face, it was bruised and cut, with blood trickling down. No, he though. How could anyone do this to her?

Max reached within himself for the power. Then he focused it on Liz, on healing her. The connection was made and a flash of images came. Max and Liz. Always Max and Liz. Every kiss, every touch, every conversation. Liz was breathing evenly now, he could feel it. Now he put new images into her mind. Images of them at the dances, at graduation, at college, at home. A family. Thatís what he wanted her to see, to know. He and she would be together forever. He would always be there. And then Liz was whole. Perfectly, wonderfully whole. Max disconnected reluctantly, he didnít want to be alone again. He opened his eyes, staring down at the girl he loved, and he smiled. Heíd never be alone.

Liz felt herself swimming in a pool of darkness. She was lost, drowning, but thenÖ A light appeared, bright white and warm. It enveloped her, healing her, making her safe. Max, she though calmly.

She opened her eyes, staring straight into Maxís soulful, goldenlit, brown ones, and smiled. Max caught his breath. "Liz," he said. He kissed her gently, as if afraid to break her. Liz snuggled closer, she felt warm and safe now, and she just wanted to fall asleep in Maxís arms. "Liz," he whispered again. She looked up, he was crying. "Iím sorry. Iím so sorry."

"Donít," she cried, putting her fingers to his lips. She smoothed away his tears. "Donít." Liz realized something and oh no! "Max!" she said urgently. He looked at her questioningly. "The man, when we found the orb, the man. He was here, he knew Tess. He told her to hurry, they had two more to get rid of. I donít remember anything else, but MaxÖ Maria and Alex."

Isabel paled. Alex! Sheriff Valenti took off. "Wait!" He turned around. "Alex first, Maria will be with Michael." He nodded and left. "Max?"

"Yeah." He helped Liz up, obviously afraid to leave her.

"Iíll stay," Kyle offered. Liz looked surprised, then frowned, puzzled.

"Okay," Max said, looking at Liz. He released her and then kissed her. "Iíll be back, promise, as soon as we deal with Tess." Liz nodded and Max kissed her again.

"Come on!" He followed her, taking one look back, then climbed into the Jeep.

Kyle was trying to wrap his mind around what was happening. Max Evans had slammed open a door, lit up a room, and healed a half-dead girl. And he was the only one surprised. He looked at Liz, sitting quietly in a booth. Her mangled body had been healed, she was sitting there, perfect as ever, glancing occasionally at him or the clock. "Whatís going on?" Liz looked at him, took a deep breath, and exhaled loudly.

"It all started the day I got shotÖ"

Liz watched Kyle as he shredded a napkin. He was having trouble with this new idea she had given him, the one in which aliens really existed and that heíd known three of them for half his life. Theyíd been waiting for awhile, Liz was worried about her friends. Tess was dangerous, she knew that first hand. Liz shivered, MaxÖ

An hour passed and the door opened. Liz spun and Kyle jumped in front of her, ready to defend against an attack. Then they both relaxed. Valenti was there. "Dad?" Kyle asked. He smiled, nodding, and walked forward. Behind him came Alex and Isabel, holding hands! Then Michael and Maria, and finally Max. Her heart leapt with joy and she raced to him. His tired face filled with love as he gazed down upon her. He hugged her tight.

"Itís okay," he whispered in her ear. She smiled.

"I know." Liz twisted in Maxís arms so that she was facing the Sheriff. "Tess?"

"Miss Harding is dead."

"So is Nasedo," Michael said. Liz looked surprised. "He attacked Maria," Michael clarified, "I got mad."

"Oh." It was quiet.

"We should talk in the morning," Valenti said. Everyone agreed. Kyle and his dad left. Then Maria and Michael, who took Alex with them. Isabel looked at her brother. Liz tightened her grip on his arms.

"Stay with me." He nodded and looked at Izzy. She nodded and left after Max tossed her the keys to the Jeep.

Max looked at the girl who had stolen his heart. She was wearing a white satin nightgown, he was wearing his black boxers. She lay wrapped in his arms, digesting all the information he had given her. "So, what do you think?" he asked. She sat up and faced him. He had to struggle to breathe, she was so beautiful. The movement had caused the satin to brush against his bare skin, the white made her skin glow. He was sure her skin felt like satin too.

"I think I love you." Max smiled and pulled her against him.

"Good." He kissed her then, long and full, and pulled away. He looked down upon her, taking in the whole scene, just staring down at the petite figure cuddled trustingly in his lap. Max met her eyes and waited. Lizís expressive dark eyes were a turmoil of emotion. Want and need and longing and uncertainty all flickered, but then the doubt was gone. The only thing in those eyes now was love. For him. He drew in a breath sharply. Liz was so amazing.

Max woke up slowly, feeling like he never had before in his life. He opened his eyes reluctantly. He wanted the night to go on, and on and on, until past forever. The sound of sheets rustling brought him fully awake. He leaned over Liz, waiting for her to open her eyes. She did, and Max smiled, savoring the look of delight on her face when she realized he was still there. "Morning," he whispered.

"Morning," she said back, her tone as low as his. She smiled shyly as she reached up and brushed the hair off his forehead. Max felt his heart speed up when she touched him. He needed to touch her back. He caught her hand and kissed it in a courtly fashion. Liz smiled, the dimple formed in her left cheek. He kissed his way up her arm until he came to her shoulder, by then he was fully stretched out beside her. She turned over, so that she was facing him. They lay nose to nose, staring into each otherís eyes, seeing each otherís souls. Liz giggled and leaned closer, using her long lashes to give him a butterfly kiss. He grinned and tickled her lightly. The giggling increased.

Liz stopped laughing and just lay there, looking up at him. She could feel him now, inside her, it was like they were one person. Now she knew what Max meant when he talked about his connection to her. She sighed, content, and wondered if she should tell him. "Hey! Babe, we have a restaurant to run!" Maria called from outside the door.

"Coming! Gimme a minute. Geesh, you think being half-killed would give me a time off excuse, but no," she yelled back.

"Youíve got ten minutes! Hear that loverboy, youíre on the clock!" The last comment was directed at Max, who blushed. Liz groaned and slid out of bed. She gasped as the cold morning air hit her naked body. Max was there suddenly, she was in his arms, and she wasnít cold anymore.

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