Fanfic - Max/Liz
"My Love..."
Part 5
by Sabine
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Shortly after the bell stopped ringing, Maria and Isabel gathered in front of their lockers. Loud rings were still echoing through the hallways accompanied by the clamor of students racing back and forth. Lunch time at Roswell's only high school was always crazy. Maria had to raise her voice to be heard above the sounds of lockers slamming and friends greeting each other.

"Hey, Isabel? Did you find Liz?"

Swallowing slightly, Isabel replied in a half irritated, half uncertain voice.

"Well,-" she began, her eyes scanning the crowd for a certain tall dark head.

"-You know, somethin' funny's going on," Maria interupted. "Did Max say anything? Maybe he knows what's wrong with Liz. I've never seen her like this."

Frown lines creased her forehead as Maria adjusted her matching gloves and scarf. In addition, her outfit called for a soft green hat that just covered her ears. The various colors vibrating off of Maria may not have been quite what the fashion designers had intended, but they completed her personality perfectly. Not to mention, she was sufficiently warm, Maria DeLuca didn't like to be cold. In short...she didn't do cold.

"Um..." Isabel wasn't sure how to tell Maria her best friend had been sobbing uncontrollably in the bathroom instead of coming to class. Liz was probably still puking her guts out on the bathroom floor. Never having a close relationship with any of her so called "friends", Isabel was a little shaky in the nurturing department. For the first time, Isabel Evans looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

Maria seemed to have realized that she interrupted Isabel, so she cocked her head and waited impatiently for the answer to her question.

"As I was saying," Isabel took a deep breath. "I found Liz in the big girl's bathroom, but she didn't look so good."

"Wait!!? You found her and you didn't tell me right away?? Oh my GOD!"

"Hold on Maria, let me finish. Shut up!!"

Maria snapped her mouth shut and glared at Isabel. Her fingers had started tapping impatiently against her locker roughly thirty seconds ago.

"She'd been crying, well, she was crying. She wouldn't talk to me, but you should have seen her when I mentioned Max's name...I can't explain it. Maria, she looked dead."

"Oh my God," Maria was taking short, quick breaths. "This is bad, bad, bad. If that sonofabich did something to her..."

"Hey!! Watch who you're talkin' about. Max wouldn't do anything to Liz. LIZ is the one who's been shutting him out. He's not Max anymore and I can't stand it!!"

Immediately following her harsh comeback, Isabel felt extremely guilty.

**Liz wouldn't do anything to him. She was barely alive on the bathroom floor. You are such a bitch sometimes Isabel. She cares for him, that's still painfully obvious. Liz wouldn't hurt Max, not possible.** Maria's face turned crimson with rage as she sputtered at the taller girl.

"Ohhhh, I can not believe you just said that!!?!"

"Look, Maria I'm sorry. You're right, but you need to help Liz. Now!! When I left she was vomiting her guts out. Don't give me that look!! I tried to help her, but she started cussing at me. She was really worked up and I got the feeling she wanted to be alone."

Opening and closing her mouth several times, Maria finally managed find her voice. Her expression was one of pure shock.

"Liz? Liz Parker??! Liz-who's-never-cursed-in-her-whole-life Parker?? What did she say? Time out...she was sick?! And you just left her there? Isabel??!?"

Isabel grimaced, she was feeling really terrible by now. Maria made her sound like the bad guy. Isabel swung her silvery hair over her shoulder and looked anywhere but at Maria.

"You know, we should probably go check on her. Make sure she's ok..." Isabel's sounded genuinely concerned, and it made Maria do a double take.

"Ya think?"

Maria's voice, on the other hand, was filled with heavy sarcasm. She was already on the way to the bathroom. Isabel sighed and followed behind Maria closely.

"We can use the Jeep to take her home if you want."

She was trying to make up for her previously icy behavior.

"Yeah, thanks," Maria said in a strained tone as she strode down the hall. Most of the kids had already disappeared for lunch. Thus, they had no trouble practically running through the abandoned hallways. Some students had chosen to stay on campus and eat at school. Those who sat outside seemed fine, for the rain had stopped a while ago, and things had dried off rather quickly.

Isabel glanced to her left and realized how worried Maria was about Liz. No words of wisdom were spouting from her mouth. This was serious, it took a rare occasion for Maria DeLuca not to babble. Isabel had spent enough time with the blonde firecracker to know that.

"Hey, Isabel?!"

The tall girl looked up and saw Michael striding towards them like a man on a mission. His hair was wild, clothes thrown randomly on his body, and a scowl plastered on his face. Had Maria glanced at him, she would have noticed Michael looked especially sexy when he was royally pissed. As it happened, both girls continued their race to the bathroom. Upon reaching their destination, they plowed through the door in search of Liz. Michael was outraged. He was used to being blown off by either Maria or Isabel...but by both at the same time!! Michael Guerin was not one to be ignored. When he decided to be social, those involved had better pay attention.

"CHRIST!?? What's your problem? Isabel, I have to talk to you..." Michael's voice held a warning tone. He raised his fist and began banging on the bathroom door.

"You know, it's probably important...whatever it is. She doesn't usually ignore you. Then again, if you keep banging on that door..."

Alex had followed Michael from their table on the quad. He wanted to find out what was up with Liz. He also had a feeling something was going on between Isabel, Max and Michael. Alex Whitman was not going to be left in the dark this time.

"Shut it, Whitman. You're not involved here."

"Hey man, if something involves Isabel, Maria, or Liz, then it involves ME."

Michael simply growled in response.

**I'll give 'em five minutes before I fucking bust the door down.**

Michael Guerin was not in a good mood. Alex was watching wearily from the sidelines as Michael paced in front of the door. Some cute brunette in a green dress tried to enter the bathroom, only to be thrown aside.

"Hey, what are you doing? Get your hands off of me!!"

Her shrill voice rose to a screech.

"Sorry, girl's bathroom's closed right now. Find another one," Michael barked at her retreating form.

"Take it easy man, no need to scare the natives. They'll be out in a minute."

Alex was getting seriously worried. Where was their calm, controlling leader when you needed him? Max was probably the only person who could get Michael away from the bathroom. But, considering the two of them weren't on speaking might be a bit more difficult than Alex had thought.

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