Fanfic - Max/Liz
"My Love..."
Part 4
by Sabine
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Looking out the window in their history classroom, Isabel noticed the sky was getting darker. Ominous clouds, heavy with rain, were swirling violently. They seemed to be waiting for a sign. Someone to tell them when to release their tremendous power. Isabel glanced around the classroom. Mr. Wicker, a middle aged man who wore large glasses and the same outfit everyday, was lecturing about some current crisis in the middle east. Hardly anyone was listening. Mr. Wicker felt it was important to learn about events which were presently taking place. Maria looked nervous, she kept her eyes on the door, waiting for someone to enter. Michael was trying to ignore just about everything. He appeared to be doing a fantastic job. Alex and Isabel had been shooting each other worried looks throughout the period. While Max, sat at his desk in complete silence. He had been staring at his hands for thirty-five minutes. Isabel was definitely starting to freak, she raised her hand.

"Yes Isabel," Mr. Wickler sneered down at her.

"Can I go to the bathroom?"

"If you absolutely have too...then I suppose you may go."

The teacher's face was crimson with frustration as he sputtered at Isabel. Being sure not to snag her new sweater on the desk, she rose gracefully and headed towards the door. Maria's head whipped around. She grabbed Isabel's hand urgently.

"Iz, could you check if Liz is in there for me? I'm really worried about her, she didn't come to class."

Maria sounded desperate, which caused Isabel to look around. She was right, no Liz. Even though she'd hate to admit it, Isabel liked Liz. Their shaky friendship had progressed, to the point where Isabel felt she finally had a real friend. Someone who know who she was. They had no secrets, thus Isabel was free to be herself. This newfound friendship with Liz and Maria was something Isabel definitely wanted to hold onto.

"Yeah, I'll take care of it," Isabel said coolly. Straightening up, she sauntered out of the room. Several male heads turned to watch her exit. Alex growled under his breath. How could they look at his beautiful Isabel like a hunk of meat. He hated it when guys drooled over her body. Sure, she was the image of perfection, but she possessed so much more too.

**Only MY life could be soooo pathetic. Why am I not surprised,** Alex reminded himself dryly.

Isabel sighed as the door slammed shut behind her echoing down the empty hallway. She absolutely hated school. It simply added more stress onto her previously over-stressed life. Heading towards the bathroom, she looked down at her shoes while they landed on the dirty yellow tiles.

"This place is screaming for a make-over, everything is so damn ugly," Isabel grumbled to herself. She was almost tempted to do a little re-decorating.

"Why waste the effort..." she looked around in disgust. Max's situation, and the bad weather had placed her in a horrible mood. Isabel slapped her hand against the cold metal handle, shoving her way into the largest girl's bathroom.


Liz was too wrapped up in her depressive thoughts to notice footsteps growing louder and pausing outside the bathroom. Suddenly, the door flew open and Isabel Evans stepped around the corner. Liz's head snapped up, her deep brown hair tumbling down from its configuration. Her heart stopped as she glanced at Isabel. Time froze.

**Great! This day keeps getting better and better. All I need is for her to see me like this.** Liz cringed.

Isabel, hadn't moved since she rounded the corner. Immediately she felt guilty, she had already forgotten to look for Liz. Then a chill crept down her back. She shivered. Liz definitely did not look good, she looked...dead.

**Oh, fuck. What' s going on? Liz is suppose to be in control, calm, even boring. Something awful must have happened. She is completely unhinged.**

Never much of a consoler, Isabel tried to pull herself out of her shocked state.

"Liz," Isabel whispered tentatively. "Liz what happened? Oh my God, are you hurt?"

Liz cleared her throat and glanced around the room. She had no idea what to say. She felt anger and despair start to boil within her. Isabel wouldn't understand. Not to mention, she would also tell Max.

Liz's face was white as a sheet. Isabel looked her over. She wasn't hurt physically, although Isabel noticed she was shaking slightly. Liz also drew her knees closer to her chest.

**Almost as if to protect herself...she looks like a little child, terrified and hiding in the corner.**

"Liz?" Isabel said. (louder this time) "Maria was worried about you. You didn't show up for class."

Liz drew a shuddering breath.

"Tell her, tell her that I'm fine." Liz's voice cracked as she spoke.

"Liz, you are NOT fine" Isabel stated firmly. She was seriously concerned for her friend.

**She looks sooo sad...and so empty.**

Liz was not about to tell anyone what really happened, much less Isabel. She'd probably laugh in her face.

"Look, I'm fine ok. I just didn't get any sleep last night. It's been a long week, that's all."

Liz's features were sharp while she snapped out her excuse. Her eyes suddenly smoldering.

**What does she expect me to do? Spill my guts to her? Jesus!! if I didn't tell Maria, why would I tell her. Why does she have to push herself on me?**

Liz knew she was being irrational. Isabel was only trying to help. But right now, it was simply too much.

"Um, Liz?" Isabel was trying to go about this the right way. "Is something wrong? I mean, I know...Look, Liz what happened? One day you're this perfect, calm, rational girl. Almost too perfect. You're just, well, Liz. Then out of the blue, you're going all 'Michael' on us. Is there something I can do? I know we're not that close but, like I said, Maria's really concerned."

Isabel's voice had been getting softer and softer. At the sight of Liz's painful expression, Isabel started to lose some of her confidence. Today was simply one of those days. First Liz...

**Oh my God...**

"D-did something happen with Max? I'm only asking this because Max was definitely not himself this morning. I didn't want to say anything...but maybe he said something to you...never mind."

**Shut up Isabel, you're babbling! Oh my God. I'm babbling...I NEVER babble...I'm acting like Maria. Get a grip, Isabel. Everything's gonna be ok.**

That was the problem, Liz didn't look at all ok. There was dead silence, and Isabel could hear thunder start to roll. The first raindrops began to fall, lightly at first, then faster. They pounded rhythmically on the roof. Like a soft, melancholy song. Liz gradually raised her head and looked at Isabel, who stood uncomfortably in the doorway. Liz's large brown eyes were brimming with tears. One salty drop coursed down her cheek.

"Max..." Liz could barely say his name.


Once again, images flashed through Liz Parker's head. Images of Max.

**I-I need to get control. Come on Liz, pull yourself up. You need to come up with something to tell Isabel. God, she already knows it's about Max, you started to sob when she simply mentioned his name. She also said Max wasn't doin' so good...How much is he hurting? Does he just want to die, so he can escape the pain? You did this to him Liz Parker. You don't deserve his sister's simpathy.**

Outside, the rain started to fall quicker and with greater intensity. Isabel tried to imagine what was going through Liz's head. She looked like she was fighting an inner battle with herself. Her head slid back, eyes closed, and lips parted in concentration. The nausea started at the bottom of her stomach and worked its way up. Liz was suddenly struck with a wave of dizziness. The room began to spin around her at a sickening speed.

**Ugh oh, not again.**

She made a gagging sound in the back of her throat and fell to the bathroom floor.


Isabel was shocked and started towards Liz intending to help.

"No..." Liz moaned. She practically crawled into the nearest stall and slammed the door shut behind her. Isabel flung herself back just in time to avoid being smacked in the face.

"Well, fine!!" Isabel muttered indignantly. "Liz, let me help you...please. I can help take it away."

Liz was leaning over the toilet bowl having trouble breathing. She was humiliated and determined to make Isabel leave.

"Just leave me alone Iz. Leave!!"

Being mean was not Liz's favorite thing to do, but she'd had a lot of practice the last few days.

"I mean it Isabel, get the fuck out."

She felt bile raise to her throat and she tried to choke it down.

"If you don't leave, now, I will kill you. Get out. I'm not shitting with you. And don't say a damn word to anyone. GET OUT!!"

Lightening cracked brightly, sending flashes of light across the sky. Thunderbolts roared loudly in response. Isabel could not believe what she was hearing. Liz never swore, ever. Although she was trying to be patient, Isabel could not help getting ticked off.

**Jesus, that's the last time I do Maria a favor.**

Isabel stormed out of the bathroom and as she shut the door, she heard evidence of Liz vomiting. What was wrong with her?

Meanwhile, Liz was trying to catch her breath. Her head rested on the toilet seat, her hair flung out around her. She felt limp, everything she had eaten for the last three days must have come up. Her system had been thoroughly purged. Cold sweat drenched her body and her hair clung to her face. Weakly, she slid to the floor. Her cheek rested on the cold tile as she let her body collapse on the floor. Soon she was shivering, for the air drifted across her wet skin sending chills up her spine. Exhausted, Liz curled herself in a fetal position and tried to calm down.

**Why is this happening to me? This morning I was thinking about Kyle and, don't go there. What's my body doing? Reacting to all the stress? Wonder how long it'll be before Isabel tells everyone about my "condition"? Won't take long...**

As these thoughts ran through her head, Liz closed her eyes and was soon almost asleep. Students and teachers who had jumped from their seats during the lightening display, slowly settled down. The storm was already disintegrating and the sky no longer possessed such a menacing quality.

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