FanFic - Max/Liz
"Midnight Red"
Part 2
by Gail
Disclaimer: I donít own anything from Roswell. Also any thing that resembles any of the songs from Lincon Park Iím just barrowing. I fear that they may have rubbed off on me because that was all I listened to when I wrote this fic.
Summary: Liz has changed since Max healed her at the Crashdown, but when the wrong people also become aware of this change Lizís life is threatened.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: R
Authors Note: Everything that has happened in the show has happened in this story. Max still believes that Liz and Kyle had sex and this is the twisted little version that I made up in my mind of what Liz and Max must be thinking and how Max finally learns the truth.
As Max comes to a stop his headlights bring into sharp focus the image of Liz being lowered into the trunk of a car. He springs from his jeep lunging at the man who isnít holding Liz; landing roughly on the man he hears a shout from his companion.

ďDamn it Mike! Get him off of you, we have to get out of here now!Ē

ďA little help would be appreciated Warren! This kidís tougher than he looks.Ē

Warren dumps Liz into the dark hole of the trunk and goes to the aide of his partner. He strikes an unsuspecting Max with the butt of his gun in the back of the head. Max raises his head and looks in to the uncaring eyes of the man responsible for the blackness seeping into his vision, rendering him unconscious. Mike rolls Max to his side and stands to join warren who has headed to the car. Both men climb in and silently drive into the night.

The same bloody moon bathes Max in a pool of slivery light, as he awakens he wonders if the crimson haze invading his vision is from the blow to the head or if itís a symbol of something else; perhaps a premonition of death. _______________________________________________________________________

Numbness. Both in my heart and in my head. My body is still unfeeling but at least the syringe is no longer there.

Max. I saw you when you pulled up. My head flopped to the side like a rag doll and I saw you running towards me. Then I saw nothing but the black. It was the kind of black that reminds me of a coffin, of death. I wonder if youíll save me, I wonder if youíll come?

Iíve been struck down, and Iím afraid I wont have the strength to get back up.

Theyíve started their testing. They didnít even bother to ask any questions. Their type of questions couldnít be answered with words, but rather with drugs and knifesÖsurgical knifes. At least I can say I didnít feel it when they sliced open my stomach, or when they stitched it back together.

They are done for now, at least I hope they are. I have been alone in this room for what seems like hours but I canít tell. Time goes by so slowly and yet it can do so much. You know what this is like. You have been here. I can hear your voice, calling out my name. I close my eyes and share this dream with you.

Save me Max, come on and save me. Iíll be waiting here. ______________________________________________________________________

Max lay motionless in his bed. Maria, Isabel, Michael, Alex, Kyle and Tess all standing around him waiting for him to awaken and tell them something, anything about Liz. He was in the middle of dream walking her.

Iím right by your side. I whisper in your ear that we will get you back. You show me no emotion. You only lift your shirt and show me your stomach. The long row of ugly black stitches is enough to make me sick. They disfigured you, they butchered you, and then they left you carelessly sewn up on a table. You donít deserve this, no matter how much pain you might have caused me. No one deserves this.

Liz and Kyle. They flash into my mind, breaking the connection abruptly. I wonder why it is that your heart cries as your love lies and yet your heart sighs as your love cries.

I wont ask how and I wont ask why but maybe if Iíd loved you a little bit longer or a little bit strongerÖmaybe. But whatís done is done. Life can be strange, such joy and such pain.

But Iím awake now and their faces stare down at me, concern and worry creasing their brows. I tell them that I talked with you; I leave out what you showed me. I know we donít have the time we need. They ask how we are going to find you, I donít know how but I can feel you. Thatís our only chance, my instincts. That scares me. ______________________________________________________________________

I canít hide in my mind anymore. They have come back and are trying to wake me up.

I didnít know if you would come because of what I had done to you. But you told me that you were coming, so why am I still dying inside?

I think the time has come for me to say goodbye. They are still trying to wake me, but like I have said, Iíve been struck down and I donít think I can get back up this time. Itís ironic, all the pain I have caused you and the suffering I have gone through, if I die now what was it for. I had to fall to lose it all but in the end it doesnít even matter.

I donít want to die without you knowing the truth.

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