FanFic - Max/Liz
"Midnight Red"
Part 1
by Gail
Disclaimer: I donít own anything from Roswell. Also any thing that resembles any of the songs from Lincon Park Iím just borrowing. I fear that they may have rubbed off on me because that was all I listened to when I wrote this fic.
Summary: Liz has changed since Max healed her at the Crashdown, but when the wrong people also become aware of this change Lizís life is threatened.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: R
Authors Note: Everything that has happened in the show has happened in this story. Max still believes that Liz and Kyle had sex and this is the twisted little version that I made up in my mind of what Liz and Max must be thinking and how Max finally learns the truth.
I stand alone on my balcony staring up to the sky, regarding the moon with a morbid fascination. A crimson haze swirls around it wrapping it in a blanket of blood. The air is dead still creating an eerie calm. I tear my eyes from the haunting sight and gaze back into my window. I see the bedroom of a normal teenage girl, a girl I once was but can no longer be. I have changed; Iím different now, just as Ava had said. I continue to stand alone a sense foreboding sinking into the pit of my stomach.


The room held a musty odor of floor wax and cigarettes. Florescent lights filled the office giving off a sharp brightness, the kind that leaves a person with a splitting headache. Only two men occupied the space, an air of danger floated through the room. The first man speaks, his voice full of doubt and concern, ďWhy take the girl? Sheís not one of them, shouldnít we go after the other four?Ē The other man responds in a menacing tone, ďNo, once we have her the others will come. Besides she has several uses now, she just graduated from bait to test subject. Iím betting when the boy healed her he altered her DNA and I plan on proving it. We move now.Ē


I wish I knew what he was thinking. If I could only read his mind I would know. Did he really fall out of love with me? At times I believe in my heart that he has, he must have. The future Max had disappeared, didnít that mean it was all over? He says he can no longer trust me. I donít blame him. I only wish that someday he will know the truth and no longer hold the hatred he must feel for me.

Mortality. Thatís what the moon reminds me of. A golden innocence dipped in the knowledge of death.

I can feel it. Itís in the air. I want to believe that it is the moon that whispers to me. A promise of change that fate will keep this time around. Whether it is good or bad it will not tell me.

With this knew knowledge a sense of release washes over me. Nothing will ever be the same and I embrace that thought.


Across the street on a neighboring rooftop two men set up a rifle, the scope focused on Elizabeth Parker. The silencer is screwed into place and the trigger is pulled.


A throbbing pain pierces my heart knocking me to the floor. I look down at my chest and see a syringe protruding at an awkward angle. A frightening numbness spreads through my limbs. My mind screams out in panic, shouldnít I be unconscious? I have a needle plunged into my heart yet I lay here perfectly aware of my surroundings but feeling nothing. My mind left stranded in a body with no sensation.

The moon is the only thing I see. It floats above me sheltered in a mist of blood. I know now of the change that it promised, and no longer embrace it.

Max. I fear you will never know the truth, that you will go on trapped in the memory of me with Kyle. You seem so close to me yet youíre still so distant and now I canít bring you back. I fear Iím left in the wake of my mistake. I scream out your name in my mind, clinging to the hope that you will still come for me.


In a dark room on the other side of Roswell Max Evans awakes from a dead sleep; the image of Liz lying on her balcony with a needle sticking out of her heart seeming all to real.

God no, please let it just be a dream. Iíve felt this way before, terror knocking at my door. It was the same that day in the Crashdown, only tonight I can hear you scream my name. The sound of your voice is written on my memory.

Iím petrified that what Iíve seen and heard is real, and that I wonít reach you in time. Iím so close now. Iím almost there, the second I had awoken I was already moving to dress and out my window. Iím on your street now, please donít leave me. I think I would slowly fade away if you died.

Even after your betrayal I was still near you, our lives connected. I saw almost every day, and yet these wounds would not heal. That image of you with Kyle brings me one step closer to the edge and Iím about to break. Then I see you, just you. Everything turns to slow motion, all my anguish and misery slipping away. Thatís how I know Iím still in love with you. Sometimes I wish I wasnít but then I would never want to imagine what kind of person I would become without my love for you. I know I will reach you in time.


The men stand above her, their faces peering down onto their victim. Cautiously one of them bends down and collects their prize. They have won. Heading to the ladder they soon descend to the street. As they are loading their new luggage into the trunk a pair of headlights hit them straight on, illuminating the sight of a lifeless Liz to Max.

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