FanFic - Max/Liz
"Memories Lost"
Part 3
by Jess
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters form Roswell. They belong to the WB. I do own Dana and Adam.
Summary: After " Blood brothers" but doesn't interfere with " Heatwave." What would happen if Liz couldn't remember the day of the shooting or anything afterward?
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
It turned out that Liz did indeed have a concussion. When she was asked the date, she answered "September 24"; it's actually December 1. The doctor was worried about her how much short term memory lost she'd suffered, and if it all would come back.

Maria had gone to the hospital with Liz, and when she heard she completely flips out.

"Maria! Calm down."

" Calm down! " she wiped out her cedar oil, " calm down. Liz your brain is missing like, like over two months. You want me to calm down."

" Maria its basically just school and stuff," Liz shrugged, " my life couldn't have gotten that interesting. "

Maria sniffed her oil some more, ' if only you knew Liz' she thought. She looked at Liz who was starting to look concerned.

Maria tried to calm herself down. She didn't want her best friend to start getting worried about her. Remembered that Liz couldn't remember anything and she'd have to be filled in at some point. But she could never tell her now.

" I know Liz," she sat on the hospital bed," it's just two months."

" I know," Maria heard a hint of worry in her voice, " I hope I remember everything soon."

Maria put her oil away ' I'm sure there's one person in paticuler'she thought, " I'm sure you will Liz," she said reassuring. " I hope I'll be able to catch up with school. I don't wanna get left behind."

" I'm sure you won't," Maria laughed. Her friend was always on top of things, especially when it came to schoolwork.

" And catch up with Kyle," Maria popped up. Her and Kyle. She'd heard Kyle was dating some slute from school. She didn't think Liz would have trouble finding out about the brake up. She'd make sure Liz knew she'd done the dumping after Kyle told her it was he.

" Maria? Penny for your thoughts?" Maria snapped out of her deep in thought.

" Huh?" just then her cell phone rang. Picking it up, she remembered her old one Michael had thrown out the window during their road trip.

" Just thinking about the past, " she said before answering the phone, "hello? Oh, hi mom"

Liz watched her friend. She couldn't figure out why she'd gone so Maria one a minute ago. Maybe a lot of stuff had happened in the last two months. In addition, why had she reacted so weird when she brought up Kyle's name? He was her boyfriend, right?

" Uh huh okay, I'll bring it right over okay all right mom mom bye," she tossed the phone into her purse and turned to Liz, a little uneasy on what Liz might ask. So before she could say anything," I gotta go. Mom needs the car."

" Oh, sure," Liz said disappointed," I wish could have stayed for a while. I've got to stay up all night, I wish you could do it with me. Fill me in on the last few months."

" Yeah, I'll try to call," she said uneasily. She took her coat and headed to the door.

" Maria," she stopped at the knob, " we will talk about the 'past' "

" Oh yeah. I'll see you tomorrow," Maria closed the door and practically ran to the elevator before Liz could think of some more questions. She hated lying o her friend, but she couldn't talk about everything, especially since most of it couldn't be heard by other ears.

Right now, she had to work on what she was going to tell Max. What was she supposed to say ' hey Max. You know Liz, the girl your in love with can't remember you, her feelings for you, and she thinks she's still with her ex. No way. It would hurt him. What ever she would say was going to hurt him.

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