FanFic - Max/Liz
"Memories Lost"
Part 4
by Jess
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters form Roswell. They belong to the WB. I do own Dana and Adam.
Summary: After " Blood brothers" but doesn't interfere with " Heatwave." What would happen if Liz couldn't remember the day of the shooting or anything afterward?
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Maria hurried to her next class, which was highly unusual for a person who was usually unreasonably late. She was avoiding him, and had been the entire day. She just couldn't talk to him and tell him what had happened. She remembered the look on his face when they were helping Liz out of the auditorium. Saddened and pained, and she didn't want to cause anymore. Although she knew, she'd have to tell him at some point.

Maria smiled a little from relief. She'd never been so happy to see the door of her geometry class.

" Maria," she heard a familiar voice behind her call. She froze. He'd found her. She slowly turned around, not wanting to have the conversation they were about to have.

" Hi, Max," she said awkwardly, " look, I'm sorry I didn't call last night. It's just I had-"

" Stuff," he cut her off.

" Yeah," she nodded, trying not to look nervous. He didn't seem to notice her nervousness. She looked into his eyes and she anxiousness in them. For the first time, she saw how soulful they were. 'No wonder Liz's always talking about them' she thought.

" So, how is she?" he said softly.

" Liz? Oh, Liz...she's, she's okay she's gonna be released from the hospital this afternoon."

" Do you think it would be ok if I stopped by. After school I mean,"

Maria flinched and Max noticed. His eyes now full of worry. Maria sighed, " Max she, um..the thing is, uh Liz, uh."

" Maria?"

" Liz sorta can't remember the last few months," she said quickly and dropped her eyes to the floor. She couldn't look at the expression on his face.

" W-which means?" he said already knowing the answer.

" It means that she doesn't remember that you're Czechoslovakian, or the day at the Crashdown, or anything else after.

She thinks it's September 25," she looked up at him, and the moment she did, she wished she hadn't. She saw pain and confusion in his deep brown eyes.

Now it was his turn to look at the floor. 'Basically that she doesn't remember me' he thought. He couldn't believe this was happening. All that had happened between them and now she just thinks of him as her lab partner.

Maria tilted his head up to hers, but he didn't meet her eyes, " Max," she smiled reassuringly, "she's going to remember," Max didn't look that assured, " after all you guys have been through. As much as you care for each other" she stopped when Max met her eyes finally.

She realized by the look on his face, Max really didnt know how much Liz cared for him. Max realized Maria knew all about the feelings they had for each other, "she just can't forget it all with one hit on the head."

Just then the bell rang; students scurried to their classes. Max turned to walk away.

"Max," Max turned back around, "I won't tell her about, ya know. I'll let you do that," with that she went into her class. Max was left in the empty hallway with a big problem. How was he supposed to tell Liz he's- not of this earth?

To be continued

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