FanFic - Max/Liz
"Memories lost"
Part 2
by Jess
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters form Roswell. They belong to the WB. I do own Dana and Adam.
Summary: " Blood brothers" but doesn't interfere with " Heatwave."
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: It's my first story, so I hope you like it.
" Oh my God! Liz!" Maria screamed. Kyle looked down at Liz's motionless body, then at Maria, who was crying hysterically over Liz, and then finally Max who looked as though he was going to brake down on the ground with Maria. Kyle was shocked by Max's expression. He'd never really seen Max show any emotion before, which just showed how much he cared for Liz. Kyle realized that they had one thing in common; they both cared for Liz. However, Max looked like he cared more than he did. Kyle looked back down at Liz. She looked extremely pale, and helpless. A way Kyle had never seen her look before. Maria was trying to wake Liz up without touching her; afraid she might make the injury worse. Max was trying to comfort her, but he was too distressed himself, and wasn't trying to look obvious. He knew Kyle saw it though by the look he'd given him. Liz finally regained consciousness. At first, everything looked blurry, but soon she saw Maria's face full of concern and her eyes watery.

" Oh my God Liz! You scared the shit out of me!" Maria screamed. She didn't care if Ms.Reckert heard her. " Maria, I'm ok," Liz wasn't sure though. She looked around at all the faces starring at her. The most concerned was Max's. He looked worse than Maria did, and she didn't know why. She looked up at Kyle in the middle of the crowd. His expression wasn't nearly as bad as Max's and he looked as though he wanted to come to her and help, but something was stopping him. She looked all around while Maria was babbling and realized where she was.

" Maria, why am I in the auditorium? What happened?" Maria looked a little confused.

" You were hit in the head with a sandbag. Those assholes over there were fooling around," Maria glared at the two guys with apologetic faces. Maria looked confused and concerned that her friend couldn't remember what had just happened.

" Liz? Is she going to be okay?" Max finally asked. Liz saw the concern in his eyes and wondered if something was really wrong. Maybe he was one the guys who had caused the accident.

" I don't know?" Maria said seriously. She examined her friend and found a cut on the back of her head.

" Liz you really scared me," Max added. He didn't understand the way she was looking at him, almost like he was a stranger. " Oh, my," Maria exclaimed looking at Liz's fingers. Liz looked at her fingers coated with blood when she touched the back of head. " You need to get this cut looked at and I think you might have a concussion."

" A concussion!" Kyle exclaimed. He'd finally said something. Just then, Mrs. Reckert stepped in after listening to the conversation.

" I think your right Ms DeLuca. In fact, I've already called an ambulance. Let's help her up. Careful with her head." Maria started to help Liz sit up when Max stepped in and took Liz's arm. She pulled away after a moment. He was starting to frighten her.

" Oh, Max I think Maria can handle it, but thanks. Kyle can you help too?" " Uh, sure," Kyle practically ran over to her side where Max had been. He was extremely surprised, but overjoyed that she'd asked him instead of that asshole Max. Max just stood next to them dumbfounded. She asked Kyle! He offered, but Liz asked Kyle! The thought kept running through his head while he watched them help Liz up. Maria turned to Max and saw pain in his eyes. What was with her friend?

" She must have a concussion," she said softly trying to comfort his pain. His eyes turned from Liz to her, " I'll keep you posted," she said as they walked out the auditorium. Max slowly nodded after Maria was gone he didn't understand what had just happened. He'd have to talk to Maria, and to Liz.

To be continued…

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