FanFic - Max/Liz
"Memories Lost"
Part 1
by Jess
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters form Roswell. They belong to the WB. I do own Dana and Adam.
Summary: After " Blood brothers" but doesn't interfere with " Heatwave." What happened if Liz couldn't remember the day of the shooting or anything afterward?
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: It's my first story, so I hope you like it.
Liz Parker walked aimlessly through the halls of her high school during her lunch period, hoping she just might bump into a certain person that had been on her mind all day. Instead, she saw one of the last people she wanted, Kyle, her ex. Their eyes locked as he glared at her and turned the corner. She watched him down the hall till Bam! An explosion of colors surprised Liz and she dropped her books. She got down on her knees and began picking the things up. On the floor with her was Dana Grey. "Oh, Liz. I'm sorry," Dana said sincerely. " Oh, no," Liz shock her head, " It's my fault. I wasn't even watching where I was going," she looked at all the colorful ribbons and fabric, " what's all this?" " It's props for the play." " Oh yeah, how's that coming?" Liz helped her gather the things, "here, let me help you with some of that," she took some of the props in her hands. " Thanks. And actually, I don't know how it's gonna go." " Really. What do you mean? It can't be that bad, Dana," she followed her through the halls. " Oh yes it can. You go on in less than a week. One of the lead roles still can't remember his important lines, the rest of the cast is barely believable, and the now the lights are messed up, so their dropping sandbags all over the stage." " Gee, I'm really sorry," Liz said while they walked into the auditorium. " Have you memorized any more lines, Andrew?" Dana snapped. 'It must be really bad' Liz thought ' Dana never snapped on people like that.' Andrew just stood there for a moment looking bewildered, " well, sorta… not really," Dana sighed and walked past him with Liz behind her. " Here, you can just sit those over in that box," she pointed to a huge trunk in a corner, off the stage, a ways away from them. Liz didn't say anything. She felt a little sorry for Dana. Opening night was going to be humiliating with people like Andrew as your lead roles. Liz knew Dana loved to direct, and she'd finally gotten her chance to do a play and it was turning out to be a disaster. She dumped the colorful props into the big box and watched Dana yell at Andrew on the other side of the stage. " Hey," Liz smiled at the sound of the voice and turned to face Max. She finally found the person she'd been hoping to see all day. She stared into his beautiful soulful eyes for a moment until she noticed Max was waiting for her to respond. "Hey. Um…what are doing here?" " Oh, I ran into Dana earlier and she asked to help out. How 'bout you?" " Same," she smiled the only smile she gave to Max. She felt warm when she saw the love he had for her in his eyes. " So." "So." " How's it going?" " Great," 'since I found you' she thought. " That's good," they both just stared into each other's eyes in silence. " Hey, Liz!" Maria broke the silence. She rolled her eyes at the two lovebirds. She wished they would just get together and be done with it, "hey, Max." "Hey." " Hey, Maria," Max started to back away, he could tell Maria was about to go in one of her babble feasts. " Evans!" he heard a voice coming towards him. One that he really didn't want to hear, " Dana wants those fake rocks over here," Kyle said with a smirk smeared across his face. Max realized why he'd initially come over there. He didn't say anything to Kyle, just picked up the rocks, " Pretty strong, carrying all those rocks," Liz laughed. " I try," Max gave a shy smile, turned, and walked to the other side of the stage with a quick glance at Liz before he did. She watched him walk away. Kyle shook his head and interrupted her gaze, " Hi Liz. Maria." " Hi Kyle," Liz said flatly. Maria didn't say anything. She thought he was such a creep even when he was going out with Liz and. She thought he was even a bigger one now that he'd been stalking Liz since their brake up. " So, like I was saying, have you seen Alex?" Liz glanced at Kyle, who was obviously eavesdropping, " No. What about you?" " I saw him in history, but he didn't say anything to me, " she looked at Kyle who had a smirk on his face. She couldn't stand that so called smile, " uh Kyle, could you, ya know leave. We're kind of having a conversation." " What you're worried I'm gonna find out your little secret," he said sarcastically. Maria looked at Liz. She had a no don't do it look, but she ignored it. " No, I'm not scared Kyle. However, I'd like you to get the hell away. God, do you even have a life? … Does it revolve around getting Liz back, because it's not gonna happen!" Kyle opened his mouth, but no words come out. He couldn't think of a single sarcastic thing to say. He just looked at Liz, who didn't seem to protest, shrugged, and walked away. As soon as he is was only a couple steps away he could hear her burst into laughter. " I can not believe you did that," Liz squealed while trying to contain herself. " Well, it didn't seem like you were going to do it anytime soon, and it had to be said," Maria laughed. " Maria!" Dana's voice called from behind her. " Yeah, " she turned around. " Can you come here for a sec. I need another body on stage." " Sure, I'll be your body. See you later Liz. Maybe your stalker will take a break," she skipped off. Liz laughed and turned her attention to a couple of guys who were playing loudly with a sandbag, hitting it back and forth. She rolled her eyes and turned her attention to someone more interesting to watch. She saw Max arranging the fake rocks, frustrated that they kept falling over. She thought of a little joke and began to walk over to him. BAM!!!!!!!!!! Liz was knocked in the back of the head with a sandbag. Th force sent a few feet before she finally hit the floor. Everything stopped in the auditorium. Maria screamed and ran over to Liz's motionless body. Max dropped the rocks, terrified. A million thoughts and emotions went through his head as he ran over to Liz. The on that really hit him was that he might have to use his powers on Liz again, endangering Michael, Isabel, and himself again, but there was no way he could lose her. To be continued….
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Part 2
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