FanFic - Max/Liz
"Leaving on a Jet Plane"
by Misty
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Summary: Takes place two years after destiny.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
Max Evans was dancing with his dream girl, Liz Parker, at his senior prom. They were standing there holding each other as tight as they possibly could, while they sway to the music. As they dance, Max starts to look around the dance floor and see all of his closes friend around him. They had been through some really tough times together, and from the looks of it they all came back on top. Itís been about two years since they found out about their destiny and about two years since they decided it wasnít worth it.

Max and Liz were now closer than ever and had plans to go to college together, maybe even get married someday. Max smiled to himself at that thought. His sister Isabel and his friend Alex Whitman were now a steady couple, and Max could definitely see a future there. Michael Guerin and Maria Deluca still fight like an old married couple but theyíve managed to keep their on and off again relationship on a steady on for at least a year now. Maria has really changed Michael for the better. She was the only one who could get past that stone wall of his, even Max, Isabel, or even his on sister Tess couldnít do that. Tess Harding., the last alien to join their little group, has even come around. Her and Liz have actually become good friends, of course thatís after she gave up the whole Max is mine, heís my destiny, and you canít have him crap. Tess and Kyle Valenti have actually become an item. Which is kind of cool because of our group. Everything works out perfectly, thereís four aliens and four humans, and four girls and four guys. Itís the eight of us now, ten if you count Nasedo and Sheriff Valenti, but they donít really count. We havenít had any contact from Nasedo since he became Pierce and took over the FBI special unit, which is a good thing I guess. Sheriff Valenti and Amy Deluca, Mariaís mom, got married last year. Amy even had Michael give her away, imagine that! Itís been two years since any major crisis has happened to us. With Nasedo distracting the FBI and Sheriff Valenti on our side weíre pretty safe concerning the government. Nasedo told us that when we activated the orbs weíd be alerting the alien enemy to us. I guess when they found out that we pretty much screwed our destiny they didnít bother with us. That or their communicator malfunctioned. Doesnít really matter all that much to me, Iím just glad they didnít show. With all that out of the way my life has become pretty much normal, aside from the fact that Iím an alien. Yep, my life is good. For the first time in my entire existence I think I have I might actually have a future here on Earth, and a good one at that.

Or so he thoughtÖ

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