FanFic - Max/Liz
"Last Beautiful Girl"
Part 7
by Girl_Interrupte
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Summary: Takes place after “End of the World.” It contains spoilers (if you haven‘t seen EOTW), so be warned. A turning a point in the Max/Liz relationship.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: This is the sequel to, “Returning to Normal.” If you haven’t read that, it’s highly suggested that you read it. If you don’t you may not get this story.
“So, you have to remind me who’s who again.” Madison whispered into my ear.

We were all gathered around a table at Senor Chow’s, getting ready to eat.

“Okay, that’s Maria, that’s Isabel, that’s Alex, and that’s Michael.” I said, pointing at each of them as I said their names.

“Okay. I think I’ve got it memorized.” She giggled.

I was sitting at the head of the table, Madison was on my left, Maria was on my right. Mom and dad were at the other end, sitting close together. Michael was next to Maria, and Alex was next to Isabel. This was weird, being with them all again. I hadn’t imagined this would ever happened.

“Maria.” I whispered, trying my voice as low as possible.

She looked at me and smiled. I nodded toward a booth, the one where I told her about Future Max all those months ago. She gave my hand a small squeeze under the table.

“That’s one secret I’ve actually been able to keep.” She whispered back.

I glanced around the table. Alex and Madison were deep in conversation. Probably something to do with computers, they both loved them. Isabel was listening to my parents go on and on about the restaurant, bless her heart. Michael and Maria were talking softly to each other. I felt a sharp pang in my heart. Max should be here. We should be the ones whispering to each other, holding hands, kissing.

When Isabel and Michael showed up, I had to fight off the urge to ask where Max was. Was he with Tess? Were they a couple now? My eyes watered up just thinking about them.

“I’d like to propose a toast!” Dad called, raising his glass.

Everyone followed, raising their glasses.

“Welcome home Lizzie.” He smiled at me.

“Welcome home.” Everyone said together.

“Thanks.” I blushed, trying to get their attention off of me.

They went back their conversations with each other.


I leaned back, enjoyed the night’s cool air. It seems like it’s been forever since I’ve been here. Sitting on the familiar lawn chair, looking up at the stars. I turned my head, looking into the window. Madison was fast asleep on the air mattress next to my bed. She had insisted that I sleep on my bed, something to do with nostalgia. Her and Maria were so alike, sometimes it scared me.

I slipped on my sandals, and climbed down the ladder beside the rooftop. I needed to take a walk. I let my feet lead, and realized they were taking me to the park in the center of town. The night was quiet and still, but I wasn’t scared. This was Roswell, land of dull. As I was walking by the UFO museum, I wondered if Max still worked there.

I needed to stop thinking about him. ‘It’s over!’ My mind screamed. I laid down on the park bench, letting my mind wander, to when things were simple, and life wasn’t about the FBI, and aliens. But that wasn’t “life” to me. Life was when Max told me he loved me, when he put his hand in mine without realizing it.

I let my eyes close, thinking I’d just lie there for a few moments, but I drifted off to sleep.


‘Stay away from Liz’s!’ I ordered my feet. I turned away from the Crashdown, and walked towards the park. After I had dropped Tess off at the Valenti’s, I went home. I tried unsuccessfully for an hour to get some sleep. Then, I decided to go for a walk. I just wanted to go to the park, sit down, and think about what I was going to do about the Liz situation.

But fate wasn’t that kind. No, fate had plans of it’s own. I noticed a form on the bench, and proceeded cautiously. My eyes must be playing tricks on me. There was no way that the person on that bench was Liz. Absolutely no way.

I got closer, and sure enough, it was Liz. Had she seen me yet? Then, I realized she was sleeping. What was she doing out here? I got closer, but still I remained weary. God, she was just as beautiful as I remembered, if not more. The lamppost above the bench cast a glow over her face. She looked like an angel. How was it possible that someone could be that beautiful? Her breathing was steady, and I could see her chest rising and falling. I moved closer.

She was so small. I reached out my hand to push a lock of hair out of her face, but pulled away. I couldn’t let this happen. I couldn’t let myself get involved with her, not after what happened back in October. I still wasn’t over that, the look of guilt on her face. I couldn’t just leave her here though, lying alone in the middle of the park. Maybe I could wake her up, without her knowing I was here.

I walked over to the water fountain, and ducked behind it. I used a small burst of power to knock over a tin garbage can that was in front of a house across the street. She jumped up, and looked around. Even from my position, I could see her eyes. The deep chocolate brown. She stood up, gazing around the park. Then she started toward the Crashdown.

I followed her, to make sure she got there safe. Then, when I knew she was in her room, I cautiously climbed the ladder. What am I doing? I shouldn’t be up here! I landed on the roof with a silent thud. Okay, I would just make sure she was safe in bed, and then I would go home. That’s all I would do.


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