Fanfic - Max/Liz
"I Was Meant For You"
Part 23
by Britt
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Roswell characters, but I sure would like to, and I wish I did!!!!
Summary: What if Max, Michael, Isabel, and Tess, actually had left Earth to go to Antar at the end of the episode "The Departure." This story is what happens 3 years later, after the Aliens left.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Author's Note: This is my first Fanfic, so email me and let me know what you think about it!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!
"Well, you have to remember that Kivar was ruling on Max's or should I say Zan's throne at the time." responded Isabel, to Liz's question.

"Oh, yea. I almost forgot about Kivar." said Liz, dryly.

"Go on, Maxwell." Michael, urged.

"So the guards took us to "our" palace, and for some strange reason they already knew about Tess being pregnant with my child." Max then stopped when he saw Liz flinch at his last words. "When we got to the palace it was absolutely extrodenary, it was like something we would build here, but still like nothing we had ever seen before. I mean you couldn't even describe it...hold on, maybe I could show you." stated Max, thinking.

"How can you show me?" asked Liz, hoping that he didn't want to connect with her.

"By projection." stated Michael, because Max was to deep on thought.

"What is he doing?" asked Liz, she was just a little scared as she looked at Max.

"He is concentrating. See on Antar, we learned how to really use our powers, and projection was one way." finished Michael.

"Is he okay?" asked Maria, more for Liz's benefit than for hers.

"Oh, he's fine." said Isabel, just as a small translucent screen popped up in the middle of the room and displayed a magnificent palace.

The Antarian Palace was beautifully sculptured in an irredecent stone, that sort of resembled Earth's marble. The stone came in all different colors throughout the entire Palace. Lots of blues, greens, purples, and yellows. The Palace itself rose up 30 stories to the light orange clouds and the red skies above. The width of the palace took up 3 acres of land, and it's length to up at least 10 acres of land. But the most breathtaking part of the Palace was these silk like columns all around it, that reached as far up to the sky as you could see, even farther that the Palace itself. The columns had the Antarian symbols engraved into them, that eliminated the path that you were walking on. The Palace gardens were exquisite, every type of Antarian flower were in them, every shape, every size, every color, and every smell.

"That is "your" Palace?" asked Maria.

"Yea, it is. But it had this...I don't know...this scary familiar feeling to it. That we all felt." said Isabel, as she looked at the image Max was displaying.

"Wow, it is so beautiful. It must have been amazing to see." replied Liz, in awe.

"Yea, it was." said Max, as he came to and as the screen disappeared. "Now I guess back to the story."

Max paused for a second.

"Well, we got to the palace, and the guards said that Kivar couldn't see us right now, because he was off doing some treaty thing on one of the other planets in our solar system. So, they took us to our "rooms", and showed us how to work everything, then they left. The rooms were made for royalty, and I knew something was wrong with this picture, I mean Kivar hated me, he practically wanted me dead. And yet he stuck us in some fancy rooms and for a couple of days, while he was away, everybody treated us like royalty. All the while Tess kept on sneaking off, and ordering people around, like she had never left."

Max's hands were now clinched to his sides. "I don't know what I thought would happen when we got to Antar, but I don't think that I was thinking right then, and it wasn't among my better judgment. But, we finally got face to face with Kivar..."


"So, your the powerful Prince Zan, who was supposed to rule Antar." said Kivar, as he stood up from the throne.

"Yes, I am...and you must be the infamous Kivar, I've heard so much about." responded Max, in his 'I'm the leader' mode.

"I'm so pleased that you have heard about me, my queen must have done a good job of laying the trap. Did you?" said Kivar, steadily, as he looked at his queen.

"Yes, I did. Are you proud of me?" said a familiar voice from behind Max.

"Tess! What is going ON?!?" said Max, jaws clinched.

"Tess?" stated Michael, as the three of them looked at her with disbelief.

"Yes, I am very proud of you. Come here." said Kivar.

"I missed you." stated Tess, as she walked up to Kivar, and gave him a very long waited kiss.

"Ahh, what do we have here? Have you been naughty again?" asked Kivar, as he put his hand on Tess's belly, and as Michael put an arm around Max to keep him from lunging at Kivar and Tess.

"I was only doing what you told me to do." pouted Tess.

"And, you did a very good job of it, too." replied Kivar, as he kissed Tess, again.

"Sorry for interrupting your little "Kodak moment", but for the rest of us were wondering what the HELL is going ON!" said Isabel, in her 'ice-queen' mode.

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