FanFic - Max/Liz
"Hidden Paths"
Part 12
by Mslayer713
Disclaimer: I don't own the character's, just the plot.
Summary: Alternative reality fic.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
(a few moments earlier)

Max bolted up in bed, barley stopping himself from calling out her name. He was sweating and his body felt like it was humming. He took in a deep breath but was still lightheaded.

Talk about a vivid dream, he thought. Max could still feel her in his arms, her lips on his, her body pressed up against him… Max gave a groan and laid back down, pulling his pillow over his head. He tried to will himself still, but his mind kept drifting back to his dream. Max sighed and shifted in his bed, trying to get comfortable, but it was useless.

"I think I'm gonna need a cold shower before I can even think about sleep," he mumbled. Max heard Michael mumble in his sleep. He was on the floor and rolled over, clearly oblivious to Max's situation.

Max shook his head and got up out of bed. He opened the door of his room and intended to go the bathroom, but stopped when he saw the door shut. The light didn't turn on until the door was shut, so Max didn't know who went in.

Probably Dad, he thought. He should be back from his date by now. Maybe he could help me with my girl problem. Max shook his head and looked down. He couldn't go to his dad with this.

Max waited until the door opened again before looking back up. When he did, Max thought he was gonna explode. Liz was standing in the doorway of the bathroom, in her nightgown, looking totally embarrassed.

Max was spellbound. Liz tugged on the bottom of her shirt, and wiped her hands on her pants. The hair on the side of her face was a little wet, like she had just splashed her face. Liz fidgeted a little more, prompting Max to finally speak.

"Um…hey," he said softly.

Liz gave a little smile and mumbled a "hey," back.

Max noticed how her face was red, like she'd just been caught making out or something. Max thought back to the dream once more and felt his own face get hot. "Why are you up--"

"I was just-" Liz said at the same time.

They both laughed and Max finally got out, "What are you still doing up?"

Liz blushed even more then said, "I was hot and splashed some water on my face."

"Yeah, it was pretty hot in my room too," Max said without thinking. He blushed even more when Michael gave a snort from inside the room. Liz gave a look.

Max winced and shut the door. "Michael snores," he explained. "And talks in his sleep sometimes."

Liz gave a little smile. "Maria talks in her sleep also."

"Really? Guess they have more in common then they think."

"You'd think after a whole year of being lab partners they'd give it up," Liz said.

Max shrugged. "Opposites attract. Maria's bouncy and bubbly, Michael's intense and…" Max trailed off.

"Broody?" Liz supplied.

Max nodded. "Yeah…broody. He just likes to keep to himself," he defended.

"Well, I never said broody was bad," Liz amended. "I actually like Michael."

Max felt his heart give a little tug. "Really?"

"Yeah, sure. Michael and me once worked together in Chem class. He's pretty cool."

Max nodded. He noticed Liz was shifting back and forth on her feet. "Um…am I keeping you?"

"No!" Liz said quickly. She gave a rueful smile, then added a little more slower, "I mean, no, you're not."

Max smiled. "Good…I like to think I'm good company," he joked.

Liz laughed. "I can guarantee you you're good company, Max."

Max nearly pulled his cheek muscles with the smile he gave. "Really?" he then grew serious. " 'Cause I was wondering something…"

Liz looked up at him. Max saw how deep and beautiful her eyes were. "What?"

What are you doing? He thought. She has a boyfriend! But he kept going. "Um…ahem, I was just-just wondering-"

Max stopped short when he heard the front door open. Liz glanced too. "Who's that?" she asked in a hushed voice.

"Um…that's my dad. He had a date tonight."

Just then, Mr. Evans walked into the hallway. He did a double take, then glanced at Liz. "Um…you must be one of the girls Isabel told me about."

Liz smiled and Max said, "Dad, this is Liz. Liz, this is my dad."

"Hello Mr. Evans," Liz said.

"Hello, Liz. Max," he father added, looking at him.

Max felt his face get even redder, if that was even possible. "Me and Liz just ran into each other at-at the bathroom," he stammered out.

Liz looked between Max and his dad. "Um…I should probably get some sleep," she said. "Good night," she added as she walked away, casting one last look at Max.

As soon as Liz disappeared, Mr. Evans looked at his son. "She seems nice."

"Yeah," Max answered.

Phillip eyed his son. "And quite pretty."

"Yeah," Max answered. Then added, "I mean, I guess."

Phillip chuckled. "You guess? Well, I'm guessing we're gonna be seeing a lot of Liz around here," he added with a chuckle. He patted his son on the back. "Night." Then headed off to his bedroom.

Max stood there a moment, then finally walked into the bathroom. It was gonna be a long night.

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