FanFic - Max/Liz
"Goodbyes Are Not Forever"
Part 2
by Anonymous
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Authors Note: This story takes place about two years after destiny. Most of the gang aren't mentioned to much in the story. This story is mostly Max and Liz oriented.
Max spent that evening lying on his bed. It was impossible to sleep with all that was going on through his mind. This really was going to be so hard. Leaving his family would be painfull, they didn't even know who he was how was he going to explain leaving Earth to help a race of beings that he's never even met. What would be even more painful was leaving Liz behind. Nevermind painful it would be close to impossible. He needed to see her and it needed to be now. He decided that Liz would always be the only love in his life. With that thought Max jumped out of bed and grabbed the keys to his jeep. A few moments later Max found himself outsid of Liz's window. She was sleeping peacefully in her bed. Max couldn't help but stare. She was so beautiful. His heart ached because he didn't know if he would ever see her again. Instead of knocking on the window he decided to silently creep in and sleep in a chair. Liz woke up bright and early with the strongest sense of peace. It was as if someone was watching over her. Walking to the bathroom she noticed what seemed like the figure of a person sitting in her chair. " Max?" Liz shook her head," Now I know I'm going crazy." But when she came out of the bathroom the figure of Max was still there. Liz strolled over to him. " Max, Max wake up!" " Uh..wh..Oh! Good morning Liz" Max smiled sheepishly. " Max, what are you doing here? Were you here all night?" " Uh, yeah I was actually. I uh really need to talk to you Liz. Liz knelt down next to him. Forcing herself not to touch him. Max had a grim look on his face, a look so horrible that you could tell that this wasn't good news. " Max, whatever it is you know you can tell..." " I'm leaving Liz." " You're leaving? What do you mean by your leaving? Are moving to another city? Another state?" " No Liz, I'm leaving, I'm going home!" " You're going home! " The news hit her like a ton of bricks.She knew that maybe someday this would happen but she was never prepared for it. Liz tried to fight back the tears that were forming in her eyes. Max could see it to. He reached out to her and held her close. He wanted to have her back in his arms for so long but not like this. Liz tried to compose herself while holding onto Max for dear life. " Max? When are you leaving?" she asked between sobs. " Six days." " Oh No.. Wait.. how are you leaving?" Liz pulled away from him now tp look at him. " Remember that day in the desert when the orbs played that message?" How could she forget? That was the worst day of her life. Max with Tess. All of that destiny crap and then the visit from the future Max. This was bringing back so many bad memories for her. Liz nodded at Max in acknowledgement. " Nasaedo had warned us that it may send out a signal to others. Well it did and someone found us." " Oh no, Max.. Are you okay?" she studied his face now. " Yeah, we're fine. It turned out that that someone who found us was also sent as a protector. The war is still going on. The only way it has any hope of ending is if the four of us go back. Apparently the granulith can be used as a way to travel. That's how we plan to leave." Liz's face turned a little red and she stared at the ground. She tried to act interested but it was really old news for her and now that they were going back she wasn't sure if she should hide it anymore. " Liz," Max was getting angry, " there you go again, how do you know anything about the granulith. What is it that your not telling me?" Liz couldn't bring herself to look into his eyes. " I.. I can't tell you Max." " Liz," Max pleaded, " Why have you continued time and time again to do this to us. Two year and you still won't tell me. What is this big secret?" " Max, I think maybe...maybe you should go." " What if I don't want to? Liz, so much has happened between us. I need to be with you. Liz, this may be the last time I ever see you. Please don't send me away. I love you Liz." Max placed his hand on Liz's cheek to wipe away her tears. He leaned in closely and brushed his lips against hers. His kiss was desperate and filled with all the love he ever had for her. Liz immediatley opened for him. All the old feellings came rushing back and no sooner had they started kissing the flashes came back as well. -flash- Max and Liz kissing in the eraser room. -flash- Liz watching the message played by Max and Isabelle's mother. -flash- Liz looking at herself in the mirror pretending to marry Max. Future Max comes into Liz's roomtelling her about what is to come and what she must do to stop it. Max saw these flashes and felt all the passion, happiness, anger and pain that was in Liz's heart. He was shocked when he saw a future version of himself and when he saw now why Liz did the things she had he quickly pulled away. " Oh my God Liz, I'm so sorry!" Max suddenly felt very dirty inside. He looked at Liz's face and started to tremble. He was going to cry. The pain that he caused her was to much to bear. " Max..It's not your fault." " Yes it is, if it wasn't for me none of that would have happened. It was because of me that Michael and Isabelle died and it was because of me that Tess ran away. I've treated you so bad. God I don't know how you can even stand to be near me. Maybe I should just go. It was a mistake to come here and bother you." Max moved away from Liz. He felt so awful and so ashamed for the way he treated her. How could he have misjudged her innocense, her love. He never deserved her, he didn't even deserve to be in the same room with her. " Max, Max, how could you have known?," she crawled closer to him, " It's not your fault because those things didn't happen. I did what I had to do to protect you, to protect all of you. I did this because I loved you to much to let you go through that." Liz wrapped her arms around Max. He rested his head on her shoulders and wept. Together they sat like that for awhile not saying a word but just holding each other. Liz finally broke the spell. " Well, what do you say we go downstairs and get something to eat. I don't know about you but I'm starving." Max lifted his head to reveal bloodshot eyes but smiled lovingly at Liz. " Yeah, that would be great." They stood up and walked down the stairs. A few minutes later Liz came out of the kitchen holding a bowl of fruit and some bagels. They sat quietly for a while at the counter just eating and looking at each other. " So what would you like to do today?" Liz asked. Max lifted his finger and gently brushed it against her face. " As long as I'm with you, I don't care." Suddenly the phone rang, Liz grabbed for it. " Hello Crashdown. Oh Hi Isabelle. Yeah, he's right here, hold on a sec." Liz passed the phone to Max. " Max," Isabelle spoke louldy through the phone, " you need to get over here quick! They know Max!" Max jerked up, " How?" " Max, I accidentaly bumped into Mom's favorite vase. No one was around so I fixed it. When I looked up Mom and Dad were walking into the Den and saw me. Max, I had to tell them the truth. There was no other was to explain how I magically fixed a broken vase right before their eyes." " Alright, I'll be right there!" Max put down the phone. This was not the way he imagined his parents finding out the truth about them. His worst nightmare was coming true. How would his parents react to him now. " Liz, I gotta go. I'm sorry." " Hey wait, I'll go with you." Liz grabbed his hand as they ran for the jeep. When they arrived at Max's home it was very quiet. As they reached the front door it snapped open. It was Isabelle. She quickly grabbed her brother for a hug. " Is, how bad is it?" Isabelle smiled a little and motioned for them to hurry inside. Diane Evans was sitting on the couch when she looked up and saw her two children together. She had been crying all morning while letting the stunning news soak in. How could her children think she would love them any less? If anything it made her love them more. Phillip on the other hand was a different story. He had been withdrawn since the news and had hid in his office buring himself in work. Diane got up and walked to her children giving them both hugs and started to cry again. " Max how could you think that I would ever love you guys any less. Your my children. I will always love you both!" Liz stood in the background watching the tender display. She was happy for both Isabelle and Max. They could be a real family now with no secrets. Well almost no secrets. It was obvious that their parent didn't know about them leaving yet. " Mom? Where's Dad?" " He's in his office. Max please be careful with him. He's taking this a little harder than I am."
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