FanFic - Max/Liz
"Get In the Game"
Part 2
by FordOnBuffy44
Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with the writers, producers or cast of Roswell. I only wish I did.
Summary: Max's life begins to change more than Michael and Isabel would like as he becomes more and more frustrated with living in the background.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
Authors Note: This is the follow up to my first story Not So Secret Admirer. You might want to read that one first although it's not absolutely necessary. Feedback Please!
As Max walked through the halls of West Roswell High School, his sisters words kept ringing in his ears. Not supposed to get involved. He knew that was the motto that he, Michael and Isabel stuck to. They’d stuck to it since the fifth grade. Since Isabel had first been invited to a classmate's birthday party. But now things were different. He saw Liz from down the hall and his heart began to beat so loudly within his chest he could hear it. Not be involved with Liz? That was impossible now that he knew what it was like to be with her. It was like asking him to stop breathing, stop eating. He needed Liz to get through the day. Suddenly out of the corner of his eye he spotted Michael. He appeared to have been looking at him from his slouched position next to the water fountain, but as Max began to walk over towards his friend, Michael quickly turned on his heel and walked in the other direction. Max rushed up to join him at his side.

"Hey Michael," he greeted, attempting to sound as casual as possible. Michael ignored him. "Michael?"

"Look, I know you were goin' to see Liz - why don't you just not try to -"

"Michael I wasn't going to -" he glanced behind him, Kyle had now joined Liz. "I wasn't going to Liz." Michael simply glared at him.

"You were going to go to her. If you two are in a four mile radius of each other you'll end up together," Michael gave his friend a thoroughly disgusted look.

"She's going out with Kyle," Max stated as if that resolved anything in his life.

"Don't give me that - Face it Max, you've got a whole new life now. With Liz. Forget our sacred pact, forget all the promises, forget - oh yeah, the secret that your life depends on."

"You're overreacting Michael, I catch a milkshake at the Crash - it doesn't mean my entire life is -"

"Hey....Evans," Kyle suddenly called as he brushed past Max with Liz joined at his side. "Paulie's out today," he stated as if no other explanation was needed, tossing a basketball into the air. Max just nodded his head slightly, mumbling a subdued "yeah" and realizing that what Michael said was right. His life had changed.

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