FanFic - Max/Liz
Part 5
by Jen
Disclaimer: The characters or events (relating to the episodes) of Roswell do not belong to me, etc. I did create Anni, Shawna, Kevin, and Howi however. But other than that, it's all Jason Katims and the rest of the Roswell staff.
Summary: Liz never came home after the events in the episode 'Destiny.' Aliens Rel and Anni come to Roswell, along with Max and Isabel's mother in search of the Royal 4. Instead, their lives become much more complicated as the evil alien Howi uses his second-in-command to brainwash Max....
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Thank you Linda for letting me use your idea on Tess. I don't know what this story would be if I didn't use it. This one's dedicated to you; you're one of my best friends ever. And thanks to all my friends and the people on the message board who encouraged me to finish this. Feedback is definitely appreciated, please!!!! Hope you like the story.
Present Day: July 1, 2002, Galaxy Inn, located in Roswell, New Mexico

"It was really nice of Kevin to stay behind and watch both houses while we are gone." Anni said, trying to start a conversation in the quiet automobile. "I wonder why he was so reluctant about wanting to go to Roswell though. Wouldn't he want to meet his leaders?"

"He's human first of all Anni," Metallah told her daughter, "That means the Royal 4 are not his leaders. He just serves the queen. His family has always been connected with the Aldaberanians. They have always helped us in some way. Second of all, we do need someone to watch the homes. And Kevin Salm did promise to come the minute danger arrives."

The three adult aliens in the car were worried. Lately they had been receiving feelings set off by the Subrarians. Their evil presence kept growing stronger and stronger. This worried Shawna, and urged Propus, Anni's father to drive faster, so they would reach Roswell sooner. She had left her guard Kevin on duty, making sure he would come the minute they needed protection. Finally, they were almost in town.

"So, this is the famous Roswell." Anni said allowed. "Whatcha think Rel?"

"Small, but interesting," she replied. Both girls were thinking the same thing. The minute they dumped their suitcases in the hotel room, they were going to find Max Evans for Shawna.

"Here we are," Propus stopped the car, "Galaxy Inn, Roswell's finest hotel."

"Thank you Propus. Come on, let's check in." Shawna lead the way out of the car and to the hotel. There, she and Metallah joined the small line of tourists waiting to find their hotel rooms. Rel and Anni waited on one of the couches with the suitcases. *~*~*~*~* "Here are your rooms," Propus told Anni and Rel when they reached the third floor. He then gestured to the two rooms next to theirs. "Shawna, this is your room. Metallah, here is our room. Now girls, we are right next store, so don't either of you try to pull any stunts." Propus aimed his last sentence at his daughter. "We will allow you to look around the city, but you must meet us at the Crashdown Cafe for dinner at eight. All right?" Propus handed the girls a slip of paper with the address of the hotel and restaurant on it. "Rel, come here." Shawna called. "Rel," she handed her a key, "for doing so well in a high school, I have brought you a gift."

Rel's face lit up. Shawna never got her anything, except a journal, which Rel wrote in religiously. "Thank you, but what is the key for?"

"That is the key to a secondhand car I brought you. You will find it parked next to our car downstairs. I had them deliver it here this morning."

"Thank you. Oh, thank you so much for everything Shawna." Rel gave her a hug. Anni stood there laughing at her friend.

"Come on Rel, lets dump our suitcases and hit the road," Anni pulled her friend inside the room.

"I claim this one." She dropped her bags down on the bed nearest to the television.

Rel quickly grabbed the remaining bed next to the window and balcony, somewhat relieved to be near the open air. She opened the baby blue curtains, allowing sunlight to drape the room. The room wasn't big, nor was it small. The pale peach color of the wall made it appear spacious and sunlight reflected off the television on top of the draws. A bathroom was off to the side near the door, next to a closet and a desk was propped against the wall, next to the clothing closet. Rel immediately liked it. Nice and neat, small and efficient: it pleased her.

"Want to unpack later?" Rel asked as Anni was exploring the different aspects of the room. "Come on, we have to try and Max. For Shawna, remember?"

"Fine, fine Rel. We'll go. Why are you always so serious?" she kidded.

"Someone has to keep you in line otherwise all of earth will know there are aliens amongst them." Rel laughed and grabbed her friend's hand. "Let's go."


"Oh, Rel, look: an actual UFO museum. How more amusing can it be then seeing human's impressions of aliens?" Anni dragged her friend to the front of the museum as they walked down one of the main streets in the town.

"But Anni," Rel protested, "We are supposed to be looking for a Max Evans. You know Allioth."

"Aw, come on Rel," Anni grabbed her hand and started to pull Rel into the museum with her when they bumped into a person trying to leave the museum.

"Oh, excuse us," Rel said quickly, knowing Anni would not try bothering to apologize.

"Its okay," the tall, blond girl said. She looked at Rel and narrowed her eyes, trying to figure out why she seemed so familiar. Then the girl shook her head, not believing what she had just seen.

"What was all that about?" Anni asked Rel once they had purchased their tickets inside the museum.

"I don't know." The two friends began to walk around the museum, laughing at the ridiculous alien puppets strung around; knowing exactly that those were not what aliens looked liked.

"Humans, I can't believe this," Anni muttered.

"Anni, I told you it was pointless. Come on, lets go to the gift shop so I can buy a couple of post cards and then lets get out of here."

"Fine, fine, fine." Anni and Rel walked around the old museum a bit more until they reached the small souvenir stand. "Here you go Rel, better make good choices."

Rel stood by the postcard stand for a couple of minutes, trying to find the perfect ones to send back home. "Hmm...How about this one for Kevin? For Matt?"

Anni stood there impatiently. "Those are fine. Come on, I want to see the rest of the town." Tapping her foot and playing with a strand of her curly red hair, Anni continued to urge her friend out of the store. Rel went over to the counter and paid for the postcards.

"Happy now," Rel asked when they left the store.

"Yeah," Anni said "Come on, let's go to the cafe across the street. I'm thirsty." Anni and Rel ran across the street, careful to avoid any oncoming cars.

"The Crashdown Cafe," Rel read the name of the restaurant out loud, "Funny, it seems like I've been here before."

"This is the first time we've been in Roswell though. Unless, do you think?" Anni wondered if her friend had finally found her original home, the one she lived at before Shawna found her.

"I don't know," Rel replied, confused. She looked inside the restaurant. A mural hung on a side of the wall and there was a counter aside from the booths. Very empty today, Anni noticed. Except for the total alien theme, it seemed very nice. She looked at the menu. "All right, let's go inside."

"Welcome to the Crashdown Cafe, can I take your order?" A small, short blond asked as Rel and Anni sat down. Rel looked at her nametag, Maria, she thought. She looks a little like Kevin. She opened her order pad. "So?"

Rel ordered for both of them, "Cherry colas. Oh, and can you bring a bottle of Tobasco sauce over?"

That sentence got Maria's attention. She looked down at her two customers, wary of what out- of- towners would order cherry cokes with tobasco sauce. Max had disappeared. What if these two were here for Michael, and Isabel? Maria started to get panicky. "All right, I'll be right," Rel looked up at her, wondering why the waitress was still here, "Liz!!!!!" Maria shrieked and fainted.

Michael rushed over to Maria's body. "Tell Mr. Parker we had to leave early," he shouted to Jose as he threw down his apron. "Maria," Michael shook her shoulders gently.

"'s okay Michael. Come on," she said talking to Rel and Anni, "Come with us."

Just as they were rushing out the door, Alex, Isabel, and Kyle entered. "Come on," Michael barked. "Kyle, drive your car to my apartment." Alex noticed the two confused girls following Michael and Maria.

"What's going on?" he muttered.

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