FanFic - Max/Liz
Part 4
by Jen
Disclaimer: The characters or events (relating to the episodes) of Roswell do not belong to me, etc. I did create Anni, Shawna, Kevin, and Howi however. But other than that, it's all Jason Katims and the rest of the Roswell staff.
Summary: Liz never came home after the events in the episode 'Destiny.' Aliens Rel and Anni come to Roswell, along with Max and Isabel's mother in search of the Royal 4. Instead, their lives become much more complicated as the evil alien Howi uses his second-in-command to brainwash Max....
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Thank you Linda for letting me use your idea on Tess. I don't know what this story would be if I didn't use it. This one's dedicated to you; you're one of my best friends ever. And thanks to all my friends and the people on the message board who encouraged me to finish this. Feedback is definitely appreciated, please!!!! Hope you like the story.
Present Day: June 30, 2002, Buckley Point, located in Roswell New Mexico

"Max," Tess whispered, pulling away from his strong embrace and kisses. She looked up at his soulful brown eyes and smiled. Max Evans leaned his forehead against hers, his dark brown hair gently touching her shoulder length curly blond hair. Max's gaze met Tess's blue eyes.

"Yes?" he asked happily. Being with Tess was like a balm to his heart. It helped him forget about Liz Parker and all the suffering they had gone through once in a while. Even though he still loved Liz, Max knew he had to let go eventually. About a little less than a year ago, he had gone to the pod cave with a bouquet of white roses, Liz's favorites. Placing them at the entrance, he had said his final farewell to his dreamgirl. A couple of days later, Tess had asked him out, and Max finally accepted. They had been together ever since.

"Max, we have to get away." Tess replied, her eyes pleading.

"What? Away, where?" Max inquired.

"Away from Roswell," Tess said, sitting back a bit in the jeep. "Max," she looked at him again, tears welling up in her eyes, "Max, I heard Michael and Isabel yesterday. What they said...I just, I couldn't believe it." She looked away.

"What?" Max looked concerned, "Did something happen?"

"Yes...It's just. Oh Max, who can we trust?" Tess began to tremble.

Max grabbed her by the arms, "What do you mean? We can trust them."

"No, we can't. Max, they aren't who you think they are." Tess let out a small cry, "Max, your real sister and second in command have been dead a long time." The tears began to flow down her face.

"What? How? We came out of the pods together. I have always felt connected to them," Max protested.

"No, Max your wrong. Two of the aliens, the evil ones out to kill us, murdered them while they were still developing in their pods. They took their place. Max, they're planning to kill us tonight."

His face was wide with disbelief. Max couldn't imagine how this could be true. Why, he'd trust Michael and Isabel with his life. He told them everything, the only other person he ever trusted with his soul was…was gone. And now he was being told that the two others were out to kill him. "I don't believe you."

"Will you believe your own eyes then?" Tess yelled as Michael and Isabel came heading toward them. Michael raised his hand to send an energy blast out at them, but Tess managed to knock Max down before it hit them. While Max was still in a daze, Tess quickly sent her own energy blast at the nearest tree. "I got them. Come on Max, we have to go. I have friends that can help. We just can't go back to Roswell."

Max ignited the engine and sped the car away from the flaming tree.

*~*~*~*~* "Sheriff Valenti," Deputy Hansen entered the office, "Sheriff, I just got report of a tree suddenly exploding just outside Buckley point."

"Any civilians harmed?" the Sheriff asked.

"No, but jeep tracks were found leaving the scene. We think it was arson." Hansen replied.

"Send to men out there. Tell me what they find," Sheriff Valenti replied. Over his many years as sheriff of Roswell, New Mexico, Jim Valenti had seen many weird, unexplainable occurrences. In fact, he was on of the view people in town to know the truth of the 1947 UFO crash rumor. He knew of the four aliens living in Roswell, and vowed to protect them, ever since Max Evans healed his son of a fatal gunshot wound. The idea of a tree just exploding into flames out of no where worried the sheriff. He remembered the warning Max had delivered him the day after Liz Parker's disappearance. Of the possibility of evil aliens coming to Roswell, New Mexico to harm them. Valenti never considered the threat real, until now. He picked up the phone and dialed.

"Michael," the voice on the other side of the line replied.

"Michael, its Sheriff Valenti. Can I talk to you for a moment?"

"Fine, what is it?" Out of the group of six, Michael had been hardest to convince of his trust. But once Valenti convinced Michael that he was on his side, he had been able to run to Michael with every assertion he had. Max was in no state to worry.

"Where was Max this evening?

"Out with Tess. At Buckley Point or something," Michael grumbled.

"Michael, I think Max and Tess might be in trouble," the Sheriff replied, "Can I meet you, Isabel, Maria, and Alex at your place later? I'll bring Kyle. I think we need to talk about something you discovered, two years ago."


"Michael, what's wrong? Why is everyone over here?" Maria asked upon entering Michael's apartment.

"Ask the Sheriff," Alex replied from his position on the couch next to Isabel. "Michael says he's the one who called us here."

As if on cue, the Sheriff entered the room, followed by Kyle. "I'm glad you are all here. Where's Max?"

"He hasn't come home yet," Isabel replied. Sheriff Valenti's face paled. "Why?"

"I think he might be in danger. A couple of years ago, Max came to warn me against any suspicious newcomers to town. He told me of this other alien race, an evil one which might be out to kill you."

Michael and Isabel nodded; remembering the day that they had found all of this out. The day they discovered they had lived before, the last day anyone had seen Liz. "Do you think one of these aliens has Max?" Maria asked, "And why now?"

"I don't know, but Deputy Hansen informed me of a tree combusting in Buckley point. He thinks its arson because of the tire tracks leading away. I have different theories."

"The aliens." Alex said tersely.

"They have Max!" Isabel cried. Alex gathered her into his arms and held her. Kyle moved closer to his father's side and Michael took Maria into a long hug. The six people just sat in the silent household, fearing the worst for their dear friend.

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