FanFic - Max/Liz
"Finding My Way Back From Sanity"
Part 6
by Camilla
Disclaimer: I do not own any part of Roswell. I have borrowed the characters from this excellent program and the books.
Summary: This is a Max/Liz Dreamer story with a shocking ending. Larek comes to give the Pod Squad history lessons in an effort to help them understand what part they each played in the downfall. He wants to help them understand what they need to do to correct this, but even he doesn't know everything. In between his visits, the aliens and the humans interact in ways that bring them closer. Everything that has happened from the Pilot through a Roswell Christmas Carol has still happened. I tried to answer those nagging little questions in a way I would want to see them.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Might be a little spoilerish. I hope you like it. I would love feedback.
The next night they all gathered at the UFO center again to await Larek's second visit. Maria and Liz brought food from the Crashdown for everyone to eat. They made sure they had several bottles of Tabasco sauce and plenty of pepperjack cheese.

Once Larek had arrived, they briefly went over their last meeting and reminded Larek where to begin.

Larek - "You had taken on the shape of male beings. On your first day there you had a few problems with your understanding of the customs."

As he relayed the story they all visualized the two friends on this strange planet.

Rath chose a male that would appear as a protector. He had read that a male of large stature would allow him the ability to look like he could protect Zan, even though he didn't need bulk to do that. His natural powers made that possible, among the primitive beings. Zan chose an average look, not regal in anyway. They had chosen a city with a large population to explore first and were determined to fit in. Rath found it was strange, at first, to be in such a confining body. Rath was uncomfortable with this tight confinement. He didn't know how he would protect Zan when he got into the trouble he just knew he would get into.

Zan didn't seem to mind. Rath wanted to explore. Zan wanted to try the local food, but Rath wasn't really excited about eating the local cuisine. Zan had explained that it would give them an opportunity to observe the local beings and he was dying to try the local food. Rath began to worry they could get sick or even die from the strange food. How would he explain that to Zan's father? He was beginning to become truly frightened that he would have to stay on this planet forever.

Zan - "We can eat and talk and watch the local inhabitants."

Rath - "Ok I'll go, and I will watch, but I won't eat the food"

Zan picked a place and they went inside. They were seated and shortly they were served the strange food. Zan was very disappointed when he found that it tasted like the scum from the fountains of Mir, or at least what he thought the scum would taste like. Neither one of them ate anything else. They just sat there watching the local inhabitants.

Zan watched the people drift past them. He thought the male at the far table looked odd. He had no hair. Why did some of the beings have no hair when the information that he read emphasized the importance of hair? He would have to read more of their scientific information to understand this. Or was it as simple as just expressing nonconformity. That was an interesting notion.

He found one couple quite interesting. The male was tall and thin with very dark skin the color of the sky at night while the female was the color of daylight with hair of gold. She was very round. Her face was the shape of a planet it was so round. They seemed like the exact opposites. This was a strange planet. At home citizens were matched based on their genetics to ensure their close bonding. These two seemed to be very close and very bonded. How could this be?

Zan truly enjoyed watching the beings interact with each other. He watched one couple holding hands. What was this again, oh yes, a sign of affection. Why were they displaying affection in public and while eating? He watched the male put some food into the mouth of the female and a few moments later lean forward and place his mouth on hers. Surely this wasn't right! This is not how they eat? This was how the Sluggarian birds fed their young. This planet was truly strange. He suddenly felt the need to do much more research.

He then noticed a young female sitting alone reading what looked like a very dusty old book. It had a cover made of what the reference books referred to as animal skin. It made him a little sick to think that this tiny female would kill an animal to make a cover for her book. He was about to look away when she looked up and noticed him. Her mouth went into, what their research had called, a smile. As she looked directly at Zan her smile grew wider and it made her eyes light up. How did she do that? It seems that he could see deep within her when she did that. Her eyes were dark and large. They were each the shape of the jewels on his mother's crown. He couldn't stop looking at her. He wanted to see that smile again. He wanted to look into her eyes again. She didn't look up again."

Michael - "This is all fascinating, but could we get to the point"

Maria - " Michael!"

Michael -"Well I can think of better things to be doing with my time than hear about Max staring at some girl. Been there, done that!."

Liz - "Did he ever meet the young woman?"

Larek - "Yes. Actually, he told me that he fell in love with her that very day.

Alex - "Geez, Max do you fall in love with the first girl you meet on every planet you visit?"

Liz looked a little hurt at the latest piece of information from Max's past.

Max was beginning to feel panic rising up in him. He even considered asking Larek to stop, but knew the group would not let him get away with it. He was really beginning to regret his decision to let everyone hear Larek's history lessons. He just couldn't let anything come between he and Liz again. He was just beginning to live again, to feel normal again. He just looked deeply into her eyes from across the room, trying to convey all the love he held for her. She knew.

Isabel - "Could we just continue please?"

Larek continued. "When the woman got up to leave. Zan immediately got up and began to follow her, with Rath right behind."

As they approached the door the person who had served them the food grabbed Zan by the arm and asked him how he would like to pay for the food. He apparently had not fully grasped the concept of paying for the meal. Rath was quick to move, but Zan stopped him with a silent message. He told the man that he didn't understand and to please let go of him. The man told him he would have to call the authorities, that no one could walk out without paying. Zan explained that he was new to this city and didn't fully understand their customs. The man just shook his head and laughed. Rath was becoming desperate and impatient.

Just then they heard a voice ask if there was a problem. Zan turned to see a woman looking up at the man who had a hold of Zan's arm. It was the woman with the eyes. The man explained, "Nothing you need to be concerned with. These two just tried to leave without paying their bill".

The woman- "Yes, but didn't I hear them mention something about not being familiar with our customs"

Zan couldn't stop staring at her. Her voice was like music. She then turned to Zan and asked, if she could help. He couldn't answer, it was as if he had lost his voice. He continued to stare at her until Rath screamed at him telepathically to say something.. anything.

Zan - "Oh - uh yes we are visiting from --uh (what did they call them - oh yes) another country and were unaware of the custom of paying for a meal immediately upon finishing."

The woman - "Do you have the money to pay for the meal?"

Zan - "Yes, yes of course". He reached into his pocket and pulled out a large sum of the local means of barter and asked the man if this would cover it.

The man was shocked that Zan had just handed him a small fortune. He had been certain they were just trying to sneak out without paying. He said, "Yes", and took the barter and turned to leave.

The woman - "Excuse me, but I think that perhaps he gave you enough to buy meals for the rest of the year?"

The man reluctantly went about taking just enough to cover the meal and handed the rest back to Zan.

Zan - ( Suddenly finding his voice again) "Thank you."

The woman - "You're welcome. I know what it like to be in a strange country and not fully understand the customs."

Zan - "Do you travel a great deal?"

The woman - (while smiling and with a teasing tone in her voice) "My work takes me all over the world to strange and exotic places"

Zan - (Wondering what type of work would allow her to travel all over the planet) "What type of work are you involved in?"

The woman - "Actually, I'm an amateur archeologist."

Zan- " I love archeology and history"

The woman - "Well a group of us are going on a dig two days from now, you are welcome to come with us if you like."

Zan - "That would be great. We accept."

The woman - "Well then, meet me at here in two days and we will go on an adventure."

Tess - "Did this woman have a name"

Larek - "I am sure that she did, but neither Zan or Rath ever told me what it was"

Larek - "In the beginning Zan and Rath explored the planet with their "tour guide". She took them to many ancient ruins. They ended up spending 11 months on the planet. They made observations of the local inhabitants, tried the food and many of the customs."

"Then on one archeological trip they found something they could never have imagined. They were both shocked and somewhat bewildered at the discovery. They found a cave with writings on the wall. Not terribly unusual, as far as archeological findings go, however these writings were familiar. They just so happened to be the language of our planet. Rath and Zan could read every word as if they were at home reading a textbook. It told of a group of explorers who had traveled to this planet. They had found its inhabitants quite interesting."

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