FanFic - Max/Liz
"Do All You Want"
Part 3
by Alysonic
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Liz stood from her couch as she heard the doorbell ring. She was dressed in a knee length blue dress that she had bought when she had been in university. She didn’t have any other appropriate dresses for an evening like tonight. She owned the minimal amount of makeup, which was for work, so hadn’t bothered with any that evening. She never wore any when she was outside the office anyway.

She walked across her apartment hallway til she came to her front door. Through the peephole she could see Steve waiting for her to open the door and the shadow of two other people to his side. His date and her own.

She released the safety catch before opening her door to greet her workmate. As it swung wider she saw beside Steve, the face of an attractive blonde, who reminded her of Maria, and then she saw her own date, and her throat choked at the sight.

She saw a face that she hadn’t thought about since high school. Kyle Valenti.

The look he gave her as he reacted in surprise, was one of recognition. Before either of them could speak, Steve dove in first.

“Liz this is Kyle. Kyle, Liz.” He motioned to each of them respectively.

Kyle managed to be the first to catch his voice.

“Yeah I know, Steve. Liz and I have, well, met. We went to school together.”

“A long, long time ago.” She followed.

“You’re kidding?” Steve’s date exclaimed. “What a coincidence.”

“You mean to tell me that this is THAT Liz.” Steve looked incredulously at his cousin. Kyle lowered his head, somewhat embarrassed about the fixation he had had on Liz as a teenager, but Liz only smiled at the comment.

“That’s the one” Kyle muttered, his head bowed, yet set in the same boyish grin of ten years ago.

The all nodded in silent agreement as they began to walk down the corridor. Steve and his date dropped behind them to give the old friends a chance to catch up.

“It’s good to see you Kyle. Really good.”

“You too Liz. It’s been awhile hasn’t it? Last time I saw you, you were off to college with Max Evans.” Liz’s breath tightened at Max’s name, and it was obvious even to Kyle that something had caused that reaction.

“Bad break up?” He spoke gently, and Liz hesitated before nodding her head.

“Yeah. You could say that.” She replied in a monotone fashion, her head tucked low.

“I’m sorry for mentioning it. I didn’t mean to upset you.” As Liz looked up, Kyle exhumed a sympathetic and apologetic gaze upon her. “When I talked to him the other week I totally forgot….” As Kyle continued his words Liz could only freeze in horror.

Something was wrong. Something had changed. Max was back.

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