FanFic - Max/Liz
"Do All You Want"
Part 2
by Alysonic
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Elizabeth Parker stared absent-mindedly out the window of her office. In front of her sat a stack of papers that would take her the next week at least to sort through. She wouldn’t enjoy it, but who enjoyed work? She remembered her teenage days when she had dreamed of being a biologist. Now that dream was merely a distant memory. She had gone to university however, but after Max had left her, her marks had dropped so badly, that she had been ousted from her Science course, and had to pick up the only course with any places left. Accountancy. So she had become an accountant, and she sat in her accountant’s office in her accountant’s chair, even though she knew she wasn’t an accountant. She sat in her Chicago office, as far removed from Roswell as she had been able to get.

A friendly head stuck its head around her door, ushering her out of her daydream

“Hey Liz, can I ask you a gigantically humongous favour?” Steve propositioned her. Steve was the closet thing that she had to a friend in the office. Or anywhere she supposed, besides Alex and Maria. But they lived interstate now, so they rarely saw each other. Once or twice a year. She even lived alone now that she could afford her own apartment.

She smiled weakly at Steve “What is it?” she questioned.

“ My cousin is in town for the weekend for some conference, and he needs a date for tonight cause he promised me we’d go on a double.” When he saw her about to object he attempted to strengthen his argument. “He’s a great guy, and I’m asking only for one night. And you’re not doing anything anyway I bet?” He looked pleadingly at her.

“And how would you know that?”

“Come on Liz, this is me we’re talking about. Steve Extraordinaire. I happen to be privy to some very classified information. Namely, your organiser.” He grinned sheepishly, forcing a smile out of Liz.

“Well... alright I suppose.” She agreed. It was true what he said – she didn’t have anything to do. She would probably do what she did every other night, just watch Television or read. Anything alone is what she seemed to live by doing, ever since... well ever since.

“Great Liz! I owe you one. We’ll be round to pick you up at 7 okay?” He flashed her a grin.

“Fine.” She smiled at him as he disappeared past her door to the corridors. Her smiled faded as he left and she sighed as she once again turned to her work.


Maria stood in front of the cracked mirror at the base of her bed. Her face was a lot thinner that it had been when she was younger. In fact she was herself a lot skinnier. To the point where her friends asked if she eating. But how could she eat when they couldn’t pay the rent of her apartment or the gas bill.

She glanced around the miniature room, cluttered with clothes and food scraps. She could even see the remnants of dead cockroaches that she hadn’t even bothered to tidy up.

She heard banging in the other room and realised that Patrick was home.

“Maria?” She heard a loud bellow calling her. “Maria?” The voice sounded irritated now. She stood cowardly still, hoping it’s source would just vanish. But she knew it wouldn’t. She and Pat had been living together for the last five years, even though she knew what he was like. Why she started every day with fresh bruises scattered over her once alabaster skin.

She moved over to the side of the bed and sat down quietly, before responding to the calls. “I’m in here Pat. In the bedroom.”

And as she sat, Pat entered and Maria waited for the next round to start.

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