FanFic - Max/Liz
"Destiny's Choice"
Part 2
by Michael
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Summary: Episode picks up right where the season ended and Max must choose between his destiny and the woman he loves.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: R
Max, Isabel, Michael, Tess, Alex and Maria are all gathered at Michael's apartment. They are all staring at the alien girl who is tied to a chair.

Max: Our first priority is to find Liz. We'll exchange her (he gestures to the alien girl) for Liz.

Tess: No Max. Nsado will handle this. He told me to tell all of us to stay put and he would take care of them.

Max: Nsado doesn't care about Liz. So what happens to her?

Tess: Max, we can't risk getting captured. It's better this way.

Max: Better for who? You? With Liz out of the way you'll have me all to yourself is that it? How do I even know you didn't plan this whole thing? (Max is backing Tess into a wall when Isabel interupts).

Isabel: Stop it Max! Both of you just stop it! The last thing we need right now is to be divided - it's just what they would want from us.

Michael: Look Max - I'm sure Nsado will get her out - we just have to lay low - I think it's for the best.

Maria: Excuse me? You're going to trust Liz's life to Nsado? The murderer? The one who left a trail of dead people with handprints on them? The one who kidnapped Liz posing as Max…

Isabel: Okay Maria, we get the picture.

Maria: No - I don't think you do - it's Liz we're talking about - somebody needs to DO SOMETHING!

Alex: Can I say something here? Okay look, I think Max had a good idea - trading this (pointing to the alien girl) this,… whatever she is… for Liz. It appears to be the most logical solution, don't you think?

Michael: It's not that simple.

Alex: What's not? You go out there - you demand an exchange and then… well … okay so we need a plan, but we need to do something fast and arguing isn't going to get Liz out of there any faster.

Max: I'll go. I'm what they really want. They just took Liz to get to me.

Isabel: Max what are you saying? Let them have you? That's crazy!

The alien girl has been watching with mild amusement and curiosity.

Alien girl: How fascinating! You actually have feelings for this girl! I thought she was an amusement for you, but now I see that you have succumbed to these weak earthling emotions! How marvelous! Your defeat will be easier than we anticipated!

The group is silenced by her words, none of them knowing how to respond.

Alien girl: As we speak your friend Liz is being, how shall I say, drained of all her knowledge. We have found in the past that asking a lot of questions wastes precious time and the captives are usually less that cooperative (she looks at Max and Isabel) just like your mother was back on your planet after we captured her. So we devised a mechanism that literally downloads all the information we need from their brain to our computer so we have the answers to all our questions right at our disposal. Of course there is one unfortunate side effect - the process renders it's subjects completely useless - a complete vegetable afterwards. How unfortunate for your friend - and your mother.

At this both Max and Isabel rush at the alien girl but Tess and Michael intercede.

Michael: She's lying Max - she's just trying to get to you.

Isabel: Well it's working Michael and I'm going to render her a complete vegetable in a minute. Max: I don't care what anyone thinks - I'm going to get Liz. Right now.

Tess: Max wait please! Nsado will take care of it!

Max: He won't take care of Liz. But I will. And I'm taking her with me.(Max grabs the alien girl and jerks her out of the chair and heads for the door. One by one they all follow - and last is Tess with a serious look of protest on her face.)

Tess: We're all gonna die! I just know it!

The scene changes to the desert where we see the enemy alien camp. Inside a tent we see Liz lying lifeless on a table with her head in the circular device. Her eyes are open and glassy. The alien leader speaks to the man whose been working on Liz.

Alien Leader: Well that was easy enough. Now we know who they are and what they look like. They're still young but their powers are undeveloped. We'll have no problem getting rid of them and then the resistence will be completely crushed. Then maybe we can move on to new projects - such as this planet. These earthlings have no special powers what-so-ever, it will be far too easy to conquer them.

Alien Officer: Sir our sensory devices indicate a large company of vehicles approaching from the west.

Leader: Ready the transports and evacuate - we must leave immediately.

Office: What about her? (gesturing to Liz)

Leader: Leave her where you found her - she'll be of no use to anyone now.

Max, Isabel, Michael, Tess and the alien girl are all in Max's jeep speeding out to the desert where Tess saw the camp set up. Alex and Maria are following in Maria's car.

Tess: This is wrong Max - you're risking all our lives.

Michael: I have to say Maxwell, I don't have a good feeling about this.

Max slams on the brakes and pulls off the road.

Max: Get out. Everyone. Except her. (Max gestures to the alien)

Isabel: Max…

Max: No, I mean it. I'm doing this alone. You're right, I won't risk your lives. Go now- get out - but I'm going to find Liz.

No one in the jeep moves.

Michael: You know we can't let you go alone Max.

Maria and Alex have pulled over too and are jogging up to the jeep.

Maria: What's going on? Why are we stopped?

Max: What's it gonna be? Isabel?

Isabel: You know I can't let you go alone either.

Max: Tess? In or out?

Tess: You haven't left us with any choice Max.

Max: Yes I have. Your life is your own Tess. Whatever destiny you choose - you're the one who chooses it. Not me. Not Nsado. Not our past. You. You decide.

Tess: You three are the only family I have. So I guess I choose to go wherever you go.

Max: Okay then. The choice is made.

Back in the desert we see a military convoy heading towards the enemy alien campsite. In the lead jeep is Nsado as agent Pierce. He is giving orders into a CB radio.

Nsado: Capture as many as you can - if they run - shoot them.

Off in the distance we see a figure on the ground. Nsado picks up binoculars and looks at the figure. We see that it is Liz. The military jeep comes to a halt alongside Liz. Three soldiers jump out and point their rifles at her. Nsado jumps out and crouches down to take a better look at Liz. Her eyes are open and fixed in a glassy stare; she is motionless and does not respond to anything. Nsado motions the soldiers back into the jeep.

Nsado: There's nothing we can do for her now. Let's keep moving! They can't be too far ahead of us.

Soldier: But what about the girl? Should we take her?

Nsado: Forget her. She's gone. Let's move out!

The military convoy heads off in the direction of the tracks leading away from the camp and Liz is left alone on the ground while buzzards circle above her - waiting for the inevitable.

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