FanFic - Max/Liz
"Destiny's Choice"
Part 1
by Michael
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Summary: Episode picks up right where the season ended and Max must choose between his destiny and the woman he loves.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: R
The scene opens where the season ended, with Liz running away from Max back to Roswell. Max turns to Isabel.

Max: I can't lose her, I won't.

Tess: Max, sometimes you have to let go of the past in order to find the future - our future - for all of us. We have to stick together, we don't know what's going to happen and we have to be extra careful now.

The Scene moves to another part of the desert where a group of enemy aliens is assembling. They all have the same communicators with spinning lights and are setting up camp. Their leader is tall with dark close-cropped hair and is giving orders to several people standing around him.

The Leader: Go into the town and find the four, do anything you must to capture their leader. The sooner we dispense with these rebels the better. Go now and report anything you find back to me.

As the group disperses they shape-shift into teenagers, tourists and average looking citizens.

Back at the Crashdown Maria and Alex are talking when Liz runs in crying. Liz looks around embarrassed and runs towards the back. Maria follows.

Maria: Liz! What's wrong? Liz!

Liz runs up the stairs to her room and falls on her bed. Maria comes in behind her.

Liz: It's over Maria.

Maria: What's over?

Liz: My life.

Maria: Don't say that Liz, what happened?

Liz: It's just like Nsado said Maria, Max and Tess were meant to be together, I saw it.

Maria: Saw what Liz - you're not making any sense, so just calm down and…

Liz: No! Maria you don't understand! I saw their mother,..

Maria: Wait a minute whose mother?

Liz: Max and Isabel's, she talked to them through the communicators, she just appeared I don't know like a hologram or something, but she told Max that he was the leader of their people and that Tess was his bride and Michael and Isabel were…

Maria: Whoa! Wait a minute Michael and Isabel too ?

Liz: Yes, just listen Maria. She said that they had lived before on their planet, but had died, so that's why they were sent to earth as clones or something so they could develop their skills and go home and free their people.

Maria: Whoa. And I thought taking Physics next year was gonna be a heavy burden.

Liz: Maria this is serious.

Maria: I know, I'm sorry. So what happened, what did you do?

Liz: I did the right thing, I said goodbye to Max. And now… and now (Liz begins to cry again and puts her head in Maria's lap.)

Maria: Liz you and Max were meant to be together - I mean it's so obvious! There's got to be another way.

Liz: No, there isn't. It's over Maria, I can't stand in the way of his future of his destiny. And I wish he'd never saved me that day - then I wouldn't feel like every moment I have to be away from him that I'm slowly dying inside.

Maria strokes Liz's hair as she sobs and curls up into a ball on the bed. Maria looks out Liz's window and softly she says "I know how you feel."

Just outside Liz's bedroom window on her terrace, hidden from view is one of the alien shape-shifters. It is apparent that she has been listening to the whole conversation. Quickly she climbs back down to the street and turns the corner. She opens her communicator and looks to make sure no one is watching then opens it and speaks.

Girl Alien: I've found what we're looking for.

Leader: Good, you know what to do. Wait for the best opportunity - we don't want to risk being discovered.

The Alien girl nods her head and ends communication, she then shape-shifts into the likeness of Liz.

Several days pass by and Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess are gathered at Michael's apartment. They are nervous about venturing out. They are gathered at Michael's apartment.

Michael: Okay I've had it! I can't stand being cooped up anymore! We said we were taking our lives back, but this isn't living Maxwell. I'd rather go out and face whatever it is that may be out there rather than be a captive in my own place.

Isabel: Michael, we have to be even more careful now - we have no idea what may happen next. Like Nsado said we don't know who we may be leading right to us.

Max: Michael's right. This isn't living. We just need to be on guard that's all. Besides, there's someone I need to see.

Tess looks at Max knowing that he is referring to Liz. Max grabs his coat and everyone gets up to leave but Tess.

Max: Are you coming?

Tess: I'll be there , I just need to do something first.

Isabel: Be careful Tess, okay?

Tess: Oh I will.

Liz and Maria are in their waitress uniforms at the Crashdown. Liz is bringing food to a table, but it is obvious she isn't altogether there.

Liz: Okay, here's your Sigourney Weaver, and I believe you had the Meltdown right?

Male Customer: Um miss, we haven't even ordered yet?

Liz: Oh, I'm so sorry. (Maria comes to the rescue and picks up their plates)

Maria: I'm sorry you'll have to excuse my friend, she's suffering from acute alienation. (Maria smiles real big as the confused customers look at her expressionless)

Maria gives the food to the correct customers as Liz follows in a daze.

Maria: You know melancholy is not a good color for you. I have just the herb for that. You'll be feeling better in no time. Liz. Liz?

Liz is looking past Maria to the front of the café where Max, Isabel, and Michael are standing. Maria turns around and sees them too as Liz runs to the back and up to her room. The three walk in and Max walks up to Maria.

Max: How is she? I need to see her.

Maria: Not good Max. She's pretty emotional right now, I think seeing you would only make things worse. (Maria looks over to Michael who looks away)

Michael: C'mon Max, I think she's right.

Maria: Look, I don't really know what happened out there or what this really means for all of us (she looks at Michael again), but me, Liz, Alex, we're a part of this- whether you want us to be or not- we care about you and that's not going to change. No matter what happens, we will always be here for you - whenever you need us.

Isabel: Thank you Maria, it's just that we have so much more at stake now.(she looks around nervously and lowers her voice) that it's hard to know what the right thing to do is.

Liz flops on her bed and begins sobbing again. Suddenly she looks up feeling that she is no longer alone in the room, and there standing in front of her - is her exact likeness. She understands immediately and looks desperately around for something to defend herself with, but the alien girl is too fast for her and grabs her and puts her arms behind her back. Liz tries to scream but the alien pinches her in the neck and Liz falls to the floor.

Alien girl: You dumb earthlings and your even dumber emotions, you led me right to them, and to their leader - Max.

Outside the door we see Tess, she has just walked up to Liz's door and has overheard the alien girl speaking. She looks confused because she recognizes Liz's voice. She had hoped to talk to Liz and make sure she did not have plans to get back with Max. Tess hears a commotion and the door about to open and hides around a corner.

The alien girl is carrying what appears to be an army duffel bag slung over her shoulder. She looks around and creeps down the stairs. When she is sure no one is looking, she heads out the side door and into Liz's car, throwing the bag in the trunk. She speeds away. Tess emerges from around the corner and watches the car as it disappears.

It is now nighttime and we see Max on his bed, he is sitting with his arms around his legs and his head resting on his knees. Images of Liz are running through his head, we see them through flashes, we can see Liz on her bed crying. Isabel taps on the door lightly and enters. She has a look of concern on her face.

Isabel: Max is everything okay?

Max raises his head, his eyes are red from crying and his voice is shaking.

Max: I see her Isabel, every time I close my eyes I see her, I feel her, it's like I'm with her, I can feel her despair, her sadness and combined with my own it's more than I can bare.

Isabel comes over to Max and sits beside him on the bed.

Isabel: I'm sorry Max, I'm sure that in time,…

Max: No! You don't understand , we have a connection Isabel, a bond that can't be severed. When I saved her life I became a part of her and she of me. It doesn't matter to me anymore that I'm alien, because I know now that I'm also Human, human Isabel - with feelings - not like Nsado. I mean you heard our mother - our real mother - say it herself, - we are mostly human. Our destiny is our own Isabel, I mean yes of course we know now what our purpose here is and we will do it - everything she said, but I want to do it with Liz by my side. I know she said Tess was my bride back on our planet - but that was that life. We have a life here now, and feelings I can't deny. Isabel, do you really want Michael, just because he was your husband in another life, on another planet?

Isabel: Well I guess I'd be a hypocrite if I said I could see myself spending the rest of my life married to Michael. Max…

Max: I know , I know everything is unclear now, but we have time to figure everything out.

Isabel: Do we Max? Do we really have time?

Max and Isabel look at each other knowing they don't know the answer to that. Isabel rests her head on Max's shoulder.

Max: Whatever happens Isabel - we'll make it, I can feel it.

Isabel: I hope you're right Max.

In the desert we see the Alien enemy camp. They are in military looking tents with desert camouflage. We see Liz's car drive up, a figure pulls back from the other side of the hill - we see that it is Tess watching from a distance. The alien girl goes into the trunk and pulls out the duffel bag and drops it on the ground. She opens the bag and we see that it is Liz, still unconscious.

Tess turns around and sits down, it is obvious she is shocked and upset by what she has seen. Tess: It's worse than I thought, I have to get to Nsado.

Back at Isabel and Max's house it is now dark and we see Max in his bed tossing and turning. Images of Liz being taken into a room and strapped to a table unconscious are running through his head. He sees Liz waking up and she starts to scream, but is unable to move or free herself. She screams out, "MAX!!!!" As his name echoes through his head he awakens sitting straight up in bed and yells out, "LIZ!!!!!". Isabel comes into his room frantic.

Isabel: Max! What is it?

Max: I saw her again, I saw Liz. They took her, they have her and they're going to torture her just like they tortured me, I have to find her….

Max gets up and is frantically putting on his clothes.

Isabel: Max it was just a bad dream, nobody has Liz. Pierce is dead remember? Remember Max? We're safe for now.

Max: No Isabel, I saw her, it was real - believe me. I have to help her, I have to save her….

Isabel: Okay Max look - let's just call over there and see if she's okay - then we'll know…

Max: No, I have to see for myself, I have to go to her.

Max is heading out the door as Isabel runs after him.

Isabel: Max wait please! We have to stick together Max. Max! Please!

Max stops and looks at Isabel.

Isabel: Please Max, I don't want to lose you again. If someone has taken Liz then we'll find her together Okay? Okay Max? Together.

Max: Okay, but hurry.

Isabel: And we'll get Michael and Tess too.

Max and Isabel arrive at Michael's and knock on his door. Michael answers looking like he's been rudely awakened.

Michael: This had better be good -(Michael is just about to give them a hard time when he sees their looks of concern). What? What is it? Is it Tess?

Max and Isabel look at each other confused.

Max: Tess? What do you mean Michael?

Michael: Well she was supposed to crash here last night until she gets her house situation with Nsado figured out but she never showed. What's up?

Isabel: Max thinks Liz is missing.

Michael: Liz? When did you see her? I thought that you guys were, ya' know like, split.

Max: It's hard to explain Michael, but we have to go to her place now and make sure she's okay.

Michael: But wait, I don't understand….

Max: I'll explain on the way, but we have to go now.

Michael: Okay, let's do it.

Max, Isabel and Michael drive into town just as the sun is coming up. Max parks his jeep just below Liz's terrace. They all get out of the car and Max begins to climb up the fire escape ladder.

Michael: Hey Romeo! Don't you think you could use the door like normal people?

Max ignores him and continues to climb.

Max: Give me a minute and I'll signal to you that everything is okay.

Michael and Isabel look at each other and roll their eyes. They've witnessed Max and Liz together enough to know it will take longer than a minute.

Max goes to Liz's window and lightly taps. He sees a figure in Liz's bed and smiles. It must've been a bad dream. Now he is not quite sure what he will say to her when she asks why he is there, but he knows he'll tell her he can't live without her and somehow convince her to come back to him. We see the alien Liz get out of bed and come over to the window.

Alien Liz: Max! I'm so glad to see you. Come in.

Max is a little surprised at her response to his being there, but his relief at seeing her dispels any slight hesitations he might have and he goes inside.

Liz: Max I'm so glad you are here. I wanted to talk to you about some stuff, um some questions I had you know about your home and your plans for the future. Max: Liz, as long as the future is with you, that's all that matters to me.

Max walks up to the alien Liz and trys to embrace her, but she pulls away.

Max: Liz look, I've been thinking, a lot, and I want you to know that everything I told you before is still true. My destiny is with you.

Alien Liz: And what destiny is that Max?

Max walks over to Liz and takes her face in his hands, he looks into her eyes the way they always do before they kiss, but the alien Liz cannot hold his gaze and looks away. Outside Michael and Isabel are waiting for their signal from Max when Tess comes running up looking dirty and shaken, she is still wearing the same clothes she had on the day before.

Tess: Where's Max?

Isabel: He's up there with Liz, why? Where have you been,…

Tess: There's no time!

Tess runs to the ladder and starts to climb. Michael and Isabel are close behind.

Max leans in to kiss the alien Liz and as their lips touch he sees a flash. It looks like a war going on, bombs are being dropped, there is a lot of fire and people running around. He sees one up close and it has an alien face looking at him in terror, then his vision switches and it is Liz's face he is looking at with the same look of terror. She is on a table screaming ,"NO! " while men in the room are trying to put her head into a circular looking device. Max recoils from the alien Liz as Tess enters the room with Michael and Isabel right behind her. Tess runs over to the alien Liz and seizes her by the hair and flings her to the ground. Max looks on in shock, but can't bring himself to move. Isabel is the first to respond.

Isabel: Tess! What are you doing? Have you completely lost your mind?!!

Michael runs forward to aid the alien Liz but Max puts a hand out to stop him.

Isabel: Will someone please tell me what is going on?!!

Tess has the alien Liz on the floor with her arms pinned behind her back. She reaches up to the alien's neck and pinches it in a particular spot causing the alien to pass out. Once the alien is unconscious she shape-shifts back to her original earthly form.

Max, Isabel, and Michael all look on in shock and amazement at the figure on the floor. No one speaks for a few moments as it all begins to sink in.

Michael: How did you do that neck thing? Tess: I don't know, it just seemed like the natural thing to do.

Max: Tess, how did you know she wasn't the real Liz?

Tess: When you came to the Crashdown yesterday to find Liz, I came up to her room to talk to her, to make sure she stood by her decision not to see you anymore - I didn't tell you because I knew you would try to stop me. Something strange was going on. She left so I followed her. She drove out to the desert, but it wasn't Liz. The alien imposter had Liz in the trunk of the car and then some men took her away.

Max: Where is she?! Where did they take her - we have to go and get her ! They're hurting her!

Tess: Maybe not Max, maybe their just going to hold her hostage till they can get us.

Max: Why didn't you come and tell me they had Liz?

Tess: There wasn't time. The aliens have set up camp out in the desert. I had to reach Nsado.

Isabel: Tess, Max has been seeing visions of Liz - we thought maybe they were just nightmares, that's why we came here, to see if Liz was okay.

Max: I had them again - when I kissed,… (Max looks at the figure on the floor and is repulsed by her and by what he saw in his vision). I saw our planet under attack, people were running and screaming from them (he gestures to the figure on the floor) and from who knows what else. And then I saw Liz - they were torturing her and she was screaming,… (Isabel goes over to Max to comfort him)

Michael: Then they're here. Nsado was right, we led them right to us.

Isabel: What do we do now Max?

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