FanFic - Max/Liz
"Destiny in Unlikely Places"
Part 4
by Kat
Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell, the WB does. (Sob) But I will own any future characters that I create!
Summary: Takes place after the last episode. Liz canít handle sacrificing her destiny with Max, so she runs away from it and him.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
As the radio started blaring the morning talk show, Max Evans rolled over and hit the snooze button. It was Saturday, and he didnít have class. A surge of relief flooded through him, only to be replaced by his usual feelings of indifference.

Max had once been so completely happy that he couldnít feel much else. After Liz left, he changed into someone quite different. He had tried to get past Liz and move on with the life he was meant to live, with Tess. She certainly wanted him to move on.

She had tried to be patient with him and give him time. However, Max could sense her growing impatience as easily as she could sense the changes in him. He was no longer the love-stricken stargazer. He was now a cold and seemingly empty alien. He hid his true feelings of pain and abandonment deep inside where he couldnít reach them or feel them. Max tried to forget Liz, but he knew that her leaving was his fault in part because he could have stopped her. Now he was stuck with trying to get past it. He had tried to throw away anything that belonged to her, but in his top drawer, under his socks, two things remained. One was a leather-bound journal, and the other a well-folded piece of old paper. It had been folded so much that it was close to tearing, and several tearstains were apparent on the paper. His last piece of her. Evidence that she had lived and loved Max Evans.

He shook his head. * That was thenÖthis is me now. God only knows where she is. I hope sheís happy with her life and that sheís safe. * Max returned the relics to their hiding space and slammed down on his couch. Suddenly, the phone rang, and Max was jolted out of his brooding state of remembrance. He grabbed the receiver.

"Hey Max." It was Isabel. Max expected her to be calling for one of her weekly updates. "How are you?"

Max knew that that question meant more to both of them than it seemed. "Iím fine!" he returned gruffly.

"I know, but Iím not. Itís almost Christmas, and we HAVE to go back to Roswell. Mom will flip if we donít. I really donít want to. Neither does Michael." Isabelís voice quavered. Her confidence was gone.

Max knew all of her feelings already. Years with Tess had strengthened his skills. She had taught them all about who they were and their powers. Max could read anyoneís emotions, to a certain depth. He could read Lizís if he chose, but he didnít. That pain was too much. What if he had seen her with someone else? That would bring everything that he had fought for three years back to the surface. He also knew that he could read much deeper into Liz. They shared a connection together. Isabel had that with Alex Whitman, and Michael had it with Maria DeLuca. None of them had ever tried to "feel" the others. Some things were better left alone. This dilemma was what had brought Isabel to call.

"You donít want to run into Alex, do you? Iím assuming the same about Michael and Maria?" Max answered.

"Would you? Oh, Max, I didnít mean it. Iím sorry." Isabel quickly apologized.

"What are you sorry about? Iím over her. Forget it." Max answered.

"I guess we have to go thoughÖMom sent me the tickets. I sent yours in the mail. You should get it tomorrow. We leave on Sunday. I gotta go, but I love you. Iíll see you soon, ok?"

"Ok. Iíll see you soon."

"Wait, what about Tess? Mom didnít say. Iím assuming she wants her to come down tooÖmaybe. You figure it out ok?"

"Thanks, Is. Iíll talk to you later. Bye." Max finished the conversation and hit the "OFF" button on his cordless.

He knew Tess would love to go. She wanted them to get closer. In fact, she wanted him to move in with her. Max just wasnít ready. Tess was nice, and Max liked herÖbut he just couldnít see himself spending his life with her. It just didnít seem right to him. He needed more time. Three years just didnít seem to be enoughÖ

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