FanFic - Max/Liz
"Destiny in Unlikely Places"
Part 3
by Kat
Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell, the WB does. (Sob) But I will own any future characters that I create!
Summary: Takes place after the last episode. Liz can’t handle sacrificing her destiny with Max, so she runs away from it and him.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
Liz spent her lonely days typing and filing. Her loathing for her lowly job at the doctor’s office grew day by day, and, to make things worse, she couldn’t handle pretending to be "Lily".

A tear slowly escaped from the corner of her eye. She was incredibly lonely, with very little human contact outside of work. Even at work, Liz rarely spoke, too depressed and withdrawn. The other receptionists and the doctor hardly, if ever, bothered to speak to her either. They were much older people with little interest in spending time with a nineteen-year-old girl. They had too many worries and problems of their own with children, pending divorces, or mortgage payments. They just thought of her as Lily, the quiet, shy girl. She missed her life, her parents and her other "family": Alex, Isabel, Michael, Maria and most of all, Max.

After Max discovered who he was, she had tried to avoid him, to act as if she wanted him to follow his destiny as the leader of his "people" and as Tess’ husband. Alex and Maria had tried to help as much as they could, but they too had to deal with the constant pain that came with the realization that Isabel and Michael were not related and were destined to be together as well.

Liz shuddered. Just the thought of Tess and Max living the dream she held deep in her heart brought fresh tears to her eyes. * You’d think I’d be able to get over it. I had to give him his chance. * After a few heartbreaking months of silence and furtive glances at Max, Liz came to a breaking point. She couldn’t handle seeing Max and Tess driving together or scurrying past the Crashdown. The familiar table that often held the six friends now stood empty. Liz would often stare at it, remembering, while she ignored the frustrated customers yelling at her. Liz’s parents became increasing concerned with their daughter’s absent-mindedness, withdrawal, and silence. Finally, Liz realized that her dreams and hopes for a life together with Max were shattered, and that realization finally drove her away from Roswell.

Three years ago

She had left in the middle of the night, three years ago. She had finished her shift at the Crashdown and had already withdrawn the significant amount of money in her bank account/trust fund earlier that day. School was out for the summer and Liz began to gather her things together, packing only her money and other bare essentials. She drafted a letter to her parents saying that she loved them, but something was eating her up inside. Hopefully, one day, they’d see each other again. Her salty tears made marks on the bedspread as she made her bed one final time and arranged the small stuffed animals, fondly petting her childhood friends.

Only one thing now remained. The letters to Alex and Maria were already sealed and waiting on her desk for her parents to give them. She picked up her journal, lovingly stroked the cover of the book, and slid it into a mailing pouch. She enclosed a final letter to Max to remind him that she loved him, but she could no longer take the pain of being near to him and not with him. She ended the letter with a final thought. "Thank you for saving my life in the Crashdown that day. You gave me more than you could ever realize. Live well, Max and be strong and remember that I always love you. Your secret is safe with me. Love, Liz."

Liz had gone online at the library looking for a fake birth certificate, a social security number, school records and a driver’s license. She finally found some that were perfect, as real looking as possible. Liz Parker thus became Lily Philips. She slipped her real papers into an envelope in her desk drawer, and looked once more at her true identity on her smiling school I.D. The innocent face and trusting eyes of a seemingly long-ago life stared back at her. She choked back her tears, and tried to swallow past the growing lump in her throat. Liz tried to remain strong as her eyes swept around the room, and she took in the sights of her shattered life and whispered good-bye. She snuck out of the window to her room, mailed to Max the package containing her journal, and headed to the bus station. She already had her one-way ticket to a random small town in the middle of Colorado. Hopefully she’d find peace there.

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