Fanfic - Max/Liz
"Destined to be Forever"
Part 6
by Phoebe James
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell or any of the characters...if I did, boy would I be lucky!!
Summary: A few days after EOTW Liz is feeling horrible about the things she did to Max. Maria feels her friend's pain and tells Max the truth!
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13

(A/N: I read somewhere that Nicholas' real 'alien name' or whatever is Khivar anyways, if it's wrong, sorry! Also Maggie's real 'alien name' is Katswana, try not to get confused!)

"Khivar! Khivar! Where are you?" Maggie shouted as she entered Nicholas' hide out.

"Ssssshhhhhhhhh! Be quiet! No one can know I'm here! Did anyone see you Katswana?" Nicholas asked Maggie?"

"No Khivar." Maggie replied.

"Good. Now. Down to business. Why are you here?"

"I have a plan Khivar."

"Have you found the granilith?" Nicholas asked eagerly.

"No, not yet. But I have a plan that will help us find it. It is perfect Khivar!" Maggie said happily.

"Fine then. Tell me of this plan." Nicholas said, somewhat let down.

"Well, I found the royal four just as easily as you said I would. I have made friends with Queen Ava. She has told me of the King. The King, Max, as he is called now, has not been following his destiny. Max is in love with another. A girl named Liz Parker. Queen Ava, or Tess, as she is called now told me of all the things Max has done for Liz. Khivar, I am confident that Max will give us the granilith in return for his beloved Liz. Once he tells us where the granilith is located, we will kill the girl, and kill the royal four. Khivar, this plan has no flaws. It is perfect! It will make you the ruler of the entire galaxy. We will finally be able to return home!"

"I believe you are right Katswana. The king was always a sucker for love. You must put this plan into action immediately! We have no time to lose."

"Yes Khivar." Maggie said and she got up to leave.


"Yes Khivar?"

"If your plan goes as you have said it will, then I'm sure I can arrange for you to be my second in command. That is, if your willing."

"Of course, I would be honored."

"Good luck Katswana, not that you'll need it" Nicholas said. They both laughed.


Liz was stressed. She was taking extra hours at the Crashdown to keep busy. She couldn't go on like this for much longer. Liz glanced over at their booth. Everyone except Tess was there.

*God Max, I miss you so much. * Liz thought. *What am I gonna do without you? * She wondered. Liz walked over t the table.

"What can I getcha?" She asked as cheerily as humanly possible.

"Ummmmmmmm, shouldn't we wait for Tess?" Isabel asked.

"Yeah, Iz's right. We should wait for Tess. I'm sure she won't be much longer." Max said.

"Okay then, I'll be back when Tess gets here." Liz said and walked back towards the counter.

The Crashdown was almost empty so Liz asked Jen, the other waitress, if she could take her tables for a little while. Jen said sure, it was only one extra table and she could use the tips. So Liz walked into the back office and sat on the couch. She let herself go. She let all her thoughts out and she cried and cried.

"Bye Maggie! I'll see ya later!" Tess shouted from the door of the Crashdown. Then she waved and let the door slam behind her. Tess walked over to the table.

"Hi guys, sorry I'm late. I was with..."

"With who Tess?" Michael asked.

"With the new girl. Maggie."

"Tess, don't you think that might be a little dangerous?" Isabel asked. "I mean, cus you don't really know her? She could be a skin, or a shape shifter, or something."

"Look, Max already gave me this talk. Maggie is perfectly normal. Just lay off okay?"

"Tess, I know you think she's normal, but what if you're wrong?" Max asked.

"Not everyone in this town is tied to something weird. She moved here from Ohio. She's not dangerous, so don't worry about it."

"Maybe that's true, but we just don't know. Roswell is not the most widely advertised area of New Mexico you know." Michael said.

"If you guys are gonna be like this, I'm leaving. I told Max, I choose my friends. You don't. This is my problem, not yours."

"Tess, we're only trying to look out for you." Isabel said.

"Yeah Tess, and they are trying to look out for themselves too. You all have to look out for each other. It's not just your problem. There are a lot of other people involved." Maria spoke up.

"Who are you to talk?" Tess asked cruelly.

"Hey!" Michael yelled. Tess jumped. "You have no right to talk to her like that. Besides, what she said is true. It's not just you who matters here."

Maria was amazed.

"Fine, whatever. I'm leaving. Screw you all." Tess said, and left.

"That went well." Alex said sarcastically.

"Yeah." they all agreed.

"Maggie? It's me, Tess. Call me when you get this message okay? I have to get out of here!" Tess plopped down on her bed. *What is wrong with them? I can't believe they'd contradict me like that. It's ridiculous! Maggie is just a normal everyday friend. Am I not entitled to that? * Tess thought bitterly.


Tess jumped.


"Hello?" Tess said into the phone.

"Hey, I got your message." Maggie answered.

"Cool, can you come pick me up?"

"Yeah. I'll be right over. We'll go out for lunch. Okay?"

"Sounds good to me. See ya in five minutes."



"Kyle?" Tess shouted.

"Huh?" Kyle asked, coming up behind her.

"I'm going out with Maggie."

"Okay. See ya later." Kyle said. He leaned down and kissed her.

"Mmmmmmmm. See ya."

"Bye." Kyle smiled. BEEP BEEP

"Hey Maggie. Where we going?"

"To this little place up town."

"Can't wait. Start driving, I'm starved!"

"You got it."

Tess turned up the radio and the girls drowned out their thoughts in the amazingly loud music. "Here we are." Maggie said. They were at Little T Diner. It was crawling with skins. Nicholas had set it up special for Maggie's use.

"It's kinda small, but the food is great!" Maggie told Tess.

"Cool, I think I'll get a cheeseburger."

"Yeah, me too." They walked inside and sat at the table closest to the bathroom.

"What can I get you folks?" The waitress asked.

"Umm, I think I'll have a turkey burger on rye, with a club soda, no ice." Maggie said.

"I'll have a double cheeseburger melt, and a large chocolate milkshake." Tess said.

"Coming right up." The waitress told them, and left.

"So Tess. Do you have any special abilities?" Maggie asked.

"Ummmmmmm, what do you mean?"

"I mean like, powers."

"No, I mean, ummmmmmm, what are you talking about?"

"You know what I'm talking about."

"Who are you?"

"My name is Katswana, and you are Queen Ava. I will show you my powers now oh queen."

"No, get away from me! Help! Help!" Tess screamed, but it was much too late for that now. Katswana placed her hands on Tess's neck and felt the life leave her. Her life went out of one body and into another.

*Aaaaaaaaaah* Katswana thought. *Victory. Now onto the more important things.

Max opened the door to the private office where Liz was sitting. "Hey. Can we talk?"

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