FanFic - Max/Liz
"Darkenss and Light"
Part 8a
by Mattia
Disclaimer: I do not own them in any way or form! They are the property of The WB, Melinda Metz and Jason Katims.
Summary: The story begins a couple days after Crazy. It would probably help to read the previous parts of this fanfic first!
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Feedback: Yes, please! I welcome any kind of feedback! Thanks again for the great feedback, keep me informed on what you think! I am starting back to school, but will do my best to write on a regular basis!
Liz sat nervously in the driver’s seat of Tess’s SUV. She checked her watch: they had ten minutes before Pierce was scheduled to arrive. “I think we should start.” Liz said to what seemed an empty car.

Throwing the blanket in the back seat off of them, Isabel and Michael sat up. While Michael pulled the magic pill out from his shirt pocket, Isabel grabbed Tess, who was sandwiched between them. She tried to fight, but the restraints that held her legs and arms were too tight. The three of them—with the exception of Tess, who had been blindfolded and gagged, stared at each other for a long minute before Michael carefully tore the tablet in two and handed half of it to Isabel.

Together, they raised the caplet to their mouths and swallowed. The change was instant and Michael wondered how he could have missed it in Tess. Both energy and power seemed to emanated from them. Michael felt the sensation spread through his body—it felt warm and light and he liked it. Reaching forward he touched the window and with a simple thought, it began to melt. Michael stuck his hand through it in awe. It had been so simple!

Isabel tapped him and Michael pulled his hand back and nodded. With one quick motion, he ripped the tape from Tess’s mouth, who instantly started screaming at all of them. While Liz flinched at her tone, Michael and Isabel seemed not to notice and joined hands. Then, they began feeling Tess’s face, feeling the structure. Within minutes, they completed the procedure they had performed in Michael’s living room.

As Liz looked back at Tess, the alien girl cringed: Liz knew that it had worked, and in perfect time. A short way up the road, a cloud of dust was trailing behind a gray sedan. Slapping the tape over Tess’s mouth, Michael grabbed the blanket and covered the three of them back up. Liz handed Isabel the keys and looked at her one final time, “I am going to bring him back.” She said. Isabel tried to give her a hopeful smile, then disappeared under the cover.

Pierce had pulled his car up and parked about ten feet from the SUV. Looking over at the other vehicle, he gestured for Tess to come over.

Stepping out of the car, Liz felt her legs shaking. The ten feet to Pierce’s car seemed to take forever. With every step, Liz became more self-conscious. What if I am not walking right, she wondered, what if my mannerisms are off? Doing her best, she arrived at the window of Pierce’s car.

Rolling it down, he placed his arm on the sill, “get in.” He commanded. “I will send someone out to get your car.”

Nodding, Liz walked around and got in the passenger side. As the two of them drove off, Liz looked back at the SUV and hoped Michael and Isabel would be able to follow. Breathing in and trying not to look at Pierce, who kept glancing at her, Liz thought only of Max.

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