FanFic - Max/Liz
"Darkenss and Light"
Part 8
by Mattia
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Summary: The story begins a couple days after Crazy. It would probably help to read the previous parts of this fanfic first!
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Rating: PG-13
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Tess packed quickly, grabbing items and shoving them into two suitcases on her bed. She checked the time; she had another 10 minutes. Somewhere, deep inside, Tess almost felt sad leaving here. She had hoped things would turn out different. Tess thought of all the nights that she laid in bed and dreamed of Max Evans standing next to her, holding her hand while her brother would hold her other one and Isabel would smile warmly at her and they would all welcome her. But that is not how it happened. She cursed softly under her breath. Pierce was still refusing to let her see him. He promised her she could see Max soon. Tess honestly did feel bad, knowing that the tests they would put him through would cause him pain. “Just hold on Max,” she said to herself, “soon it will be all over and everything will be okay.”

Opening the top drawer of her dresser, she reached in the back and took out a folded picture that was already becoming worn around the edges from the number of times she had held it between her hands. It was a picture of Max that she had taken from the Evans’ house. She looked at it briefly, and then stuck it in her pocket. Hearing a clank in the hallway, she closed one of the two suitcases and softly walked to the door, opening it just a crack. Tess peered down the hallway—nothing. Stepping back in the room, she heard the sound again. Reaching down into her coat pocket, she picked up her cell phone as she opened her door. This time she began to walk hastily down the hall. Again she heard the noise. It sounded like it was coming from downstairs. Sliding her hand into her jeans, she pulled out one green pill, the last one she had left. If there was an intruder in the house, she was probably going to need her powers. Placing the pill in her mouth, she reached the end of the hallway. Suddenly, a shadow began to move.

A hand darted out from the darkness and grabbed her by the throat. The little pill popped out of her mouth and fell to the floor. Struggling, Tess raised her hands instinctively, but it was too late. A large object was flying toward her. The last thing she remembered was the severe pain as the object struck her head.

Michael watched as Tess fell to the ground. Carelessly, he dropped the small, yet heavy, statue he had found downstairs, to the ground. He noticed the small red marks it left on the light beige carpet as it bounced several times before rolling to a stop in the middle of the room. Even in the dark, he could see the same red marks mixing in with the curly strands of blond hair in Tess’s head.

“Sorry sis.” He said sarcastically, leaning over her.

“Is she still alive?” Liz asked, running up the stairs, the metal spoon she had been banging against the table still in her hand.

“Yeah, she is.” Michael said, pocketing the small green pill on the floor. “Lets get her back to my place, ASAP.”

Liz nodded, scooping down and picking up Tess’s cell phone and placing it in her pocket as Michael carried her limp body downstairs.

“At least we can use the door on the way out”, he said sliding the glass door open and walking through. Liz glanced to the corner of the kitchen, where the window was that had been left open just a crack, but that had been enough.

Shutting the door, Liz pulled out her cell phone and began calling the others. They would rendezvous at Michael’s in twenty minutes. In the front seat of the Jetta, Liz couldn’t help but watch Tess in the back seat as Michael carefully drove through town, the last thing they needed now was to get pulled over. As they drove by the Evans’, Liz held her hand to the glass. We are coming for you Max. She thought, hoping he could hear her, hoping that it was not too late.

Tess awoke to the feeling of instant pain. The back of her head was throbbing, and she could feel the stickiness of blood against her scalp and in her hair. Trying to mover her limbs, Tess was not surprised that she had been bound to a chair, the ropes tied so tightly they were almost cutting into her wrists and ankles.

Sliding one eye open a crack, she tried to look around the room. To her right, Alex and Isabel were laying on the sofa together, both of them with their eyes closed. Tess didn’t see Michael or Maria and guessed that the soft voices coming from the kitchen were theirs. She did see Liz though; she found herself focusing on Liz, who sat attentively in front of her with her knees bunched up in her arms. For a while, Tess watched her out of the slit of one eye. Never once did Liz move or stop staring at her. Growing tired of pretending, Tess blinked open her eyes and stared defiantly at Liz.

Liz’s body tensed as she found herself staring into Tess’s crystal blue eyes. She had expected her to wake in confusion and to be afraid, but she wasn’t. Getting up, Liz headed toward the kitchen to get Michael and Maria.

“You’re never going to find him.” Tess hissed at her. Turning, Liz looked at her in surprise. “I would rather have him die than be with you!” Tess spat venomously.

Liz stood completely still for a moment, anger emanating out of every pore. Tess couldn’t help but smile at her, what a weak pathetic creature, she thought. A minute later, she changed her mind.

Liz wasn’t sure what pushed her over the edge, although the only thing on her mind was wiping that grin off of Tess’s face. Before her mind could even comprehend her actions, Liz lunged at Tess, her hands clenched in fists. Moments later, she felt the stinging impact of her hand meeting Tess’s face; chaos consumed her.

Liz tried to claw at Tess as Michael ran from the kitchen and pried the petit brown-haired girl off of Tess. He held Liz tightly in his arms until she was calm enough to stop fighting him.

“Okay! Okay!” Liz said, letting her body go limp, “let go of me.”

Maria gathered her friend from Michael and leaned with her on the living room wall. By now, everyone was wide-awake and looking right at Tess. Getting up to join Michael, Isabel stood in front of Tess, hands on her hips, “Where is he? Where is Max?” She demanded.

Tess said nothing.

Seeing Liz’s lips purse and her body start to tense, Michael held a hand up to her and leaned down close to Tess, until he was only inches from her face, “you better start talking right now.” Again, Tess was silent.

Michael softly placed his hands on either side of Tess’s neck, “I will hurt you.” He threatened, meaning every word.

Max woke enveloped in a hazy mist. It was so thick he could see no more than three feet in front of him. He turned in a circle, looking for help, for anything. Panic welled up in him and he began to blindly run in the fog. His arms flailed out in front of him, as if trying to part the thick grayness. Finally, he stopped running, out of breath. A sob escaped his lips as he realized he was lost and could not be found. Hope flowed out of his body as darkness seeped in. Then, just as Max was about to give up on everything, he felt it--a brush against his skin. He reached out into the unknown and grasped someone’ss hand, lacing the fingers with his own.

“Follow me,” a soft feminine voice whispered, her thumb rubbing over his fingers.

Without hesitation, Max stepped forward and followed the girl. Even though he could not see, he knew she would lead the way.

“Are you sure you want to follow me?” She asked, her voice smooth and soothing. Max silently nodded and together they walked along a path, with her in the lead, face still hidden.

Suddenly, her hand slipped away from his and Max cried out desperately, but moments later, her fingers found his again.

“This way,” she whispered, Max following closely behind.

In what seemed less than a second, the darkness gave way to daylight and the bright sunlight streamed into his eyes, causing him to squint. The ominous fog had evaporated to reveal a crystal blue sky and a field full of sunflowers that stretched up to bask in the warm rays of the sun.

Turning, Max gasped as he saw Liz standing in front of him. She smiled, brushing back her hair and opening her arms, welcoming Max to come to her. Within a matter of seconds, her arms held and caressed him.

Together, they laid in the sea of sunflowers, holding each other and shutting the world out. Peace and love flowed over them as Max pulled Liz in close for a kiss. The moment their lips met, it was as if they were in heaven, with no worries, no problems to hold them apart.

Abruptly, Liz pulled back, the content smile falling from her face, “I have to go” she said, getting to her feet and starting to walk away. Max jumped up and tried to go after her, but he couldn’t move, “Liz! Don’t leave me!” He screamed out as she seemed to disappear.

Turning in circles, looking frantically for her, Max began to sob. Suddenly, just as quickly as she had left, Liz came back. She was there with him again, standing ever so close to him, “I will never leave you Max. You can always find me here,” she said, gently placing a hand over his heart. Looking at each other, they fell into another kiss and then Max embraced her tightly, until she faded away into nothing.

Max almost smiled as he came out of the dream and into reality. He felt odd; as though he were moving and he could hear voices, real voices. Opening one eye a crack, Max realized he was being pushed on a gurney down a long, narrow hall. He could also make out three fuzzy figures standing over him as they moved down the hall and he recognized one of the voices: Pierce.

“So, he won’t be able to feel the tracking chip in the back of his head at all?” Pierce asked the doctor to his right.

The doctor nodded, “These new drugs are amazing! He won’t even know it is there. Now, not only can we monitor his location, but you will be able to control him to a certain degree as well. It is a much better unit than the one that is implanted in Tess.”

Max felt the doctor’s cold hands grip his neck and shoulder and turn him slightly to the right. He felt his other hand push in on the back of his head, right above his hair line, “look!” he exclaimed, “see there is barely even a surgical incision visible. By tomorrow it will be healed completely and Max will have no idea that he just spent five hours in surgery. Soon, the chip will meld into his system, therefore, its removal would probably kill him.”

“How soon can I start using it?” Pierce asked excitedly, as if he had just unwrapped a new present.

“Twenty –four hours.” The doctor replied.

Max swallowed gently, almost afraid that that small movement would tip them off that he was awake. He had to do something, death was better than being Pierce’s pawn. Closing his eyes completely and trying not to tense the muscles he could still control, Max felt the men take him back to his cell and place him on his cot.

Waiting a good twenty minutes, Max opened one eye again and looked around the room to make sure it was empty. Under the sheets, he slid his hands up his sides and underneath his head. Frantically, Max began feeling for the small incision.

Moments later, Max’s hand brushed the narrow slit. Taking a deep breath and squeezing his eyes shut, he applied pressure to the wound and dug in with his fingernail. Pain exploded as he wiggled his finger under his skin, ripping the incision al the way open. Pressing his lips together and gritting his teeth, Max silently screamed in immense pain. Counting under his breath, he suddenly plunged his thumb in to the wound as well. Quickly, he worked his fingers through his flesh, knowing if he stopped, the pain would become too much. Finally, he felt his index finger graze a hard metal edge. Gripping the small chip with his finger and thumb, he tensed his body and ripped it out. Both pain and relief flooded over him as he looked under the sheets at the small transmitter. He couldn’t really see much of it, as his vision was blurred in pain and both his hand and the chip were covered in blood. Getting up warily, Max took two steps to the sink and gently dropped the metal piece down the drain. Turning, he tried to walk back to his bed, but instead found himself falling to the ground.

Max laid on the cold white floor, looking up at the ceiling because he lacked the strength to move. Slowly, his body began to go into shock. Lying in a puddle of his own blood, Max let his eyes close and began blocking out the pain. He could feel his life gushing out of his body. Finding comfort in the warm stream of blood that began to surround his limp body, Max fell into the darkness of unconsciousness, thinking he would never see the light again.

Max’s eyes fluttered open and he blinked several times, surprised he was alive. Looking down at his battered body, he realized he had been strapped down and an IV was pumping liquids of some sort into his swollen and bruised right arm. He could also feel a large wad of bandages wrapped around his head and neck.

Looking around the room, Max saw several medics on the other side of the partition and over to his left, he saw Pierce.

Pierce was leaning against the far wall, hands crossed over his chest. He stared at Max, white-hot anger blazing from his eyes. Turning away, Max shut his own eyes and tried to drift back to sleep, trying not to think of what Pierce’s stare would mean for him when he woke again.

Tess sat defiantly in the chair as the group stared at her. Liz glared her way, but inside she was scared—for Max. Every second that went by was another moment for something awful to happen to him.

Everyone, including Tess, jumped at the sound of a shrill ringing noise. Automatically, Liz, Maria and Isabel went for their cell phones, but it was not theirs. Putting her phone away, Liz walked to her jacket and pulled a phone out of the pocket, “it’s Tess’s.” She announced, holding it as it rung.

They all looked at each other, wondering what to do. Finally, Liz pressed send, “hello?” she asked, doing her best Tess impression. From the chair, Tess tried to squeal out, but Michael clamped his hand over her mouth.

“Where the hell have you been?!” the voice on the other line barked back at her.

“Who is this?” Liz asked quietly.

“Its Pierce! Who else do you think it is?!” He was getting irate now. Suddenly, his voice calmed. “Are you in trouble Tess? Is that why you sound so…odd? Has something happened?”

Silently praying, Liz realized it was either now or never to save Max, “Yes something has happened!” She snapped back, “Michael almost caught me at the house! I had to leave and hide out. They are getting close, so excuse me for being a little paranoid!”

“Where are you?” Pierce asked.

“I am safe for now, don’t worry about me, how is Max?” Liz tried to ask nonchalantly, hiding the fear in her voice.

“Well, that is what I am calling about!” Pierce snapped back. “You have been begging to see him, well now is your chance!”

“Why?” She asked as her heart began beating, something was wrong, she new it!

“Lets just say he is not cooperating very well. I have another plan I am going to try out tomorrow morning, hopefully between that and you, it will convince him to do what we want. From then on, you can just stay here, at the base, until further arrangements are made.” Pierce took a breath and then continued on with his orders, “I will meet you tomorrow at the usual rendezvous point near the old radio tower at four.”

Liz was silent. How were they going to pull this off?! There was no way Tess could go! She tried to think as all of the others looked at her in disbelief. “Fine, tomorrow, four, radio tower, I will be there.” She answered as a plan began to form in her mind.

“Fine.” Pierce said, getting ready to hang up.

“Max is okay, right?” She blurted out.

“He is alive…for now. He is proving to be more trouble than he is worth, so you better be able to do something with him!” With that, Pierce hung up. Liz pushed the off button and the phone went silent.

“Pierce.” Isabel said, letting out a huge breath she had been holding. Nodding, Liz recounted their phone call.

Michael, his hand still clamped over Tess’s mouth, shook his head, “and how is Tess going to show up tomorrow?!” He asked in utter astonishment at what Liz had promised Pierce.

“I have got a plan.” She said, smiling. “I just hope it will work, that your powers are strong enough.” At this point, both Michael and Isabel exchanged worried, yet hopeful glances, “so what is your plan?” Isabel asked.

As Liz explained her idea to Isabel and Michael in the kitchen, Alex and Maria kept Tess company in the next room. Liz figured it best that Tess did not learn of the plan until absolutely necessary.

“No way, it can’t be done.” Michael said to Liz, shaking his head.

“Maybe it would work, if we had Max to help, but Liz, I think he is right, I don’t think we can do that on our own, plus you would be taking a huge risk.” Isabel added.

“Can’t we just try?!” Liz pleaded, “I mean, you can change the molecular structure of almost anything, why not my face?”

“Yeah, we can change SIMPLE structure, but your face?! That is asking a lot and even if we can, I don’t know how long we could keep it up before our powers broke and you went back to looking like you.” Isabel said in genuine concern.

“Yeah, what if we can’t reverse it.” Michael asked, also alarmed at the risk involved in the plan.

Liz took a step closer to both of them and looked them in the eye, “this is about Max, if we don’t take this risk, he is probably going to die and I can’t let that happen, not to the only person I have ever loved. Now, please, lets just go try it.

Realizing the truth in her words, both Michael and Isabel walked into the other room and stood in front of Tess. Liz, grabbing another chair from the kitchen, pulled it over and sat down next to Tess, folding her hands in her lap, trying only to think of Max.

Maria and Alex watched in curiosity as Isabel and Michael joined hands and almost leaned close enough into each other to kiss. Both of them stood silent, eyes closed.

“What the hell is going on?” Tess asked, her question falling on deaf ears. Both of the other two aliens placed a hand on Tess’s face. Tess tried to fight it, but their grip was too firm. Finally a few moments later, they placed their hands on Liz’s face. The entire room watched in pure shock as Liz’s features began to dissolve in Tess’s. Isabel held her hand over Liz’s lips and chin as Michael worked on her eyes and nose. Finally, Isabel ran Tess’s hair through her hands and then repeated the process over Liz’s head. As she touched Liz’s hair, the think brown tress’s began to curl up and slowly, dissipated into pure blond strands.

Everyone in the room seemed to hold their breath in shock as they looked at Liz, who now had Tess’s face. Turning, Liz looked at Tess, and when the girl looked back, her jaw opened and her eyes began to dilate, “No!” she screamed out, twisting and turning in the chair, trying to free herself. For a moment Liz smiled, the plan had worked, or so she thought.

A moment later, Liz’s face began to tingle. She reached up to touch her check and pushed her brown hair off her shoulder. Michael and Isabel turned to look at her in disappointment as the image of Tess disappeared and Liz returned.

Michael cursed softly under his breath, “great, “he muttered, “we are so screwed.”

“Maybe not, “ Liz piped up, motioning for everyone to follow her. Looking over at Tess, she simply said, “Leave her there, I don’t think she is going anywhere.”

Alex, Isabel and Maria sat at the table while Michael and Liz both stood in between the chairs. With all eyes on her, Liz walked over to where Michael was standing and slowly extended her hand into his pocket. Looking up at her in surprise, he took a small step back, but not before Liz withdrew her hand and opened her closed fist to reveal one of Tess’s long green pills. “What if you guys took this. We know it increases your powers.”

“We don’t know what that would do!” Isabel said in fear, still staring at the green capsule. “It could kill us.”

“And not taking it could kill Max.” She said quietly, placing the pill on the table. “This is your and Michael’s decision, I know it is asking a lot, but if it enhances your powers, I would be able to stay in Tess’s form hopefully long enough to get Max out. But, you are right, none of us know what it will do to either one of you. I guess you and Michael need to make a choice.”

Tension filled the room as Isabel and Michael looked at one another. Pulling her chair back, Isabel walked into Michael’s arms and buried her head in his chest. Seeing their embrace, Maria went to look away, but Michael’s eyes caught hers and gave her a small, reassuring smile.

Tilting Isabel’s chin up, an unspoken vote passed between them. Moving over to the table, Isabel picked up the Gel-like tablet and put it in her pocket, “we will do it.” She said quietly as Liz sighed in relief.

“So what next?” Alex asked, getting up to stand behind Isabel.

“Well, I figure we are going to need to take Max somewhere when we get him out. The moment they know we have him, they will be all over the road back to Roswell. The place will be swarming with agents, we need somewhere close and safe we can take him.”

“I know a place.” Isabel said, leaning back against Alex, “Our parents use to take us up to these cabins when Max and I were younger. They are not too far from the highway, but are pretty well hidden.”

“Yeah, I know where she is talking about, “Alex chimed in, “once my dad took me and my sister there, it would be a good place.”

Liz nodded, “Okay, why don’t you and Maria see if we can get one for this weekend. I need you guys to head out there first thing tomorrow. Me, Michael, Isabel and Tess will go to meet Pierce tomorrow afternoon and then go to the cabin.”

“Make sure to keep in contact.” Maria said to Isabel, glancing at her cell phone. Isabel simply nodded.

“Okay, well, then if everything goes right, we will have Max by this time tomorrow.” Liz said, looking around the room at her friends and thinking only of Max, as they all were.

Max woke from his fitful sleep as the door to the room crashed open and Pierce, seething with anger, stomped in. Waving off the guards that usually accompanied him and throwing his briefcase haphazardly on the table, he headed toward Max. Pierce quickly went through the process of punching in his code, swiping his card and placing his fingers on the scanner. He impatiently waited for the green light and when it blinked on, he ripped open the cell door and immediately walked over to Max, giving him an ominous glance.

“Get up!” Pierce demanded, flinging the restraints off of Max’s beaten and bruised body. Max leaned up, much to the protest of his aching muscles and slowly swiveled his body so his feet hung over the side of the bed. Gingerly he placed his feet on the cold tile and began to stand. Taking several deep breaths, Max leaned against the glass partition to steady himself and then slowly made his way from the bed to the door.

Max could feel Pierce’s breath, heavy and impatient, against the back of his neck as he reached the doorway. Gripping both sides of the frame, Max took a moment to rest.

“Faster! Hurry! Move!” Pierce screamed, pushing him from behind. Max tried to reach out for something—anything—but it was too late. Like a domino, he swayed forward and fell to the ground with a hoarse grunt.

Pierce walked carefully around Max’s body, which was splayed on the cold linoleum, and took his seat at the table, folding his hands and waiting for Max.

Max laid on the ground, every muscle screaming for mercy. For a moment, he thought about giving up, about just laying there until Pierce dragged him away to do more sadistic things to him. At this point, Max was not even sure he could get up. He felt wetness dripping down the back of his shirt and knew the wound on the back of his neck had opened up and was bleeding again. Pain shot through his body and silently he prayed for drugs. He prayed that they would just leave him alone and put him back in his room, on his cot. That was not going to happen.

“I’m wa-aiii-ting!” Pierce sang out in a deadly tone. Somehow finding the strength he no longer had, Max pushed himself up and crawled to the chair opposite Pierce. He slumped silently in his seat, waiting for the house of horrors to begin.

Pierce flashed Max another deadly smile as he flipped the locks on his briefcase and opened it, “so, you have been very bad!” Pierce said, chiding Max as though he was a small child. “You shouldn’t have taken that chip out! Now why did you do that?” He asked in a condescending tone.

Max said nothing, his eyes staring blankly ahead.

“Answer me!” Pierce yelled leaning across the table, inches from his face.

“You are never going to get that in me.” Max said quietly, not even bothering to look up.

“Well, Max, I hope you are enjoying the pain, because there is going to be a lot more to come if you don’t start cooperating! The chip will be going back in…tonight and there will be no antiseptic this time. You will be awake every minute!”

Again, Max just sat with a blank stare. Pierce wagged a finger in front of his face, “Don’t event think of trying this again!”

Max eyes flickered with life for a moment, “you will have to kill me first.” He had expected Pierce to throw anther tantrum, but instead, he reached into his briefcase and pulled out a manila envelope. Pierce held it gingerly in his hands as he talked to Max, “Well we are going to try to avoid killing you if possible, but that doesn’t mean we are opposed to killing someone else…”

“What do you mean?” Max asked, confused by the cryptic clue.

“I mean this.” Pierce replied taking a photo out of the envelope and sliding it across the table so Max could see it. Max’s heart almost leapt from his body. The photo was a black and white 8X10 print of Liz. It was a picture of her at work, standing in the Crashdown with her uniform on. Max gazed longingly at the photo, his eyes picking up every detail, from her creamy skin to Liz’s long glossy locks of brown hair. As he scanned the image, his hands began to tremble under the table. He had been so intoxicated by the sight of Liz, that he had not noticed that Pierce was also in the picture, standing leisurely next to her, talking and smiling. Barely able to tear his eyes from Liz, he looked up at Pierce, who has a wicked grin plastered on his face.

“That’s right Max, I can get to Liz Parker at any moment if you keep refusing to do what we want. We WILL kill her and it WILL be slow and painful. If that what you want?” Pierce waited for a reaction, but there wasn’t one. Max continued to look vacantly forward.

Finally, when Pierce was about to run out of patience, Max picked the picture up from the table and held it in front of him. With one quick motion, he ripped it in two, separating Pierce from Liz. Flinging Pierce’s half on to the floor, he took the other half and stuffed it quickly into his pants. Max raised his head and looked up at Pierce, whose face froze. Behind Max’s liquid brown eyes, was pure, raw rage.

Pierce could barely comprehend what happened next. Although it happened in a split second, everything seemed as though it was in slow motion. Max jumped to his feet and onto the table, adrenaline pumping into his heart. Reaching across with both arms, he grabbed Pierce and flung him onto the table. Max wrapped his hands around Pierce’s neck and began to squeeze.

“Don’t you touch her!” He screamed, banging Pierce’s head back and forth against the table “ I will kill you if you hurt Liz! I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you! KILL YOU! KILL YOU!” Pierce tried to scream out, but his hollers were cut off by Max’s grip.

From there, chaos ensued. The next thing Max knew, guards swarmed into the room and pried him loose from Pierce.

“Sedate him! Now!” Pierce hacked, trying to get his voice back. Max continued to fight like a wild animal, screaming and thrashing as he was dragged down to the floor. He felt the sting of a needle being jabbed into his arm and with in seconds, he began to feel his heart slow and his eyes close. Right before he passed out, he could still hear someone yelling Liz’s name. It never occurred to Max that it was him.

Pierce watched as Max finally fell victim to the drugs. For a moment there was silence as he caught his breath. Then, he walked over to one of the doctors, jabbing a finger in his chest, “What the hell was that?!” he demanded, “he was suppose to be too weak to be able to do more than breathe!”

The doctor looked befuddled, “I don’t know how that happened. There was no way he should have been able to do that! No way!”

“Well he did!” Pierce snapped, tenderly rubbing his neck. “Put him back in his room. We will continue with the surgery as planned.” Leaning in, he reached up and grabbed the doctor’s collar, “and I want him to feel every second of it!” Looking back at his briefcase and its contents scattered among the fallen chairs, he said, “get someone in here to clean this mess up! I will be back soon, I just have to go pick someone up.” Then, he turned in disgust and left the room.

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