Fanfic - Max/Liz
"Betraying Antar"
Part 4
by Phoebe
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters used in my story below, no infringement is intended.
Summary: Isabel and Alex arrive just in time but then Vilandras past catches back up with her!!
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
Author's Note: i don't really do this often, i would really enjoy some feedback telling me whether i should continue doing it. Thankz!
"What could be taking Alex and Isabel so long, they should be back by now," Max queried.

He had been pacing around the Crashdown for the last 15 minutes.

“Maxwell, if something had happened to Is, we would have felt it. You know that, so calm down they are probably right around the corner now.” Michael finished.

Even he didn’t believe that last part, he was still becoming increasingly worried by the minute and barely able to hold on to Maria who needed his support.


“Sheriff!?! Kyle!?!”

“Isabel, over here!!!” cried a muffled voice.

The house was in chaos. The sofa was turned over, a bookcase had fallen over. The place looked as though it had been through a tornado.

“Oh God, sheriff, are you alright? What happened?” exclaimed Alex.

“We’ll explain later, first we have to get out of here in case they come back,” Kyle cried.

That’s when they noticed the five glowing circles in a vee shape illuminating their front wall.


“Max, it looked just like the vee shape we saw in Nasedo’s cave!”

“Who ransacked you house, Sheriff?” Liz murmured.

“Two men and a young boy. We had just been fishing and we got back and these men seemed to be looking for something.” Valenti finished.

“When we walked in, they raised their hands to the back wall and a bright light came over us. Then they just bolted through the back door.” Kyle added.

“Kyle could you describe the intruder?” asked Michael inquisitively.

“Ummm, yeah, sure, I guess. The two men were identical. They had blonde hair, blue eyes, little bit of muscle. And the kid, brown hair, brown eyes, short. Looked about 16-17 years old.”

“Actually Max, I remember one thing the kid said before he raised his hand…”added Valenti.

“What was that Sheriff?”


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