Fanfic - Max/Liz
"Betraying Antar"
Part 3
by Phoebe
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters used in my story below, no infringement is intended.
Summary: Michael gets Maria to Max but will he be able to heal her meanwhile are the Valenti’s ok?
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
Author's Note: I don't really do this often, i would really enjoy some feedback telling me whether i should continue doing it. Thankz!
“Why isn’t it working, Maxwell,” demanded Michael. But Max couldn’t reply because he didn’t know.


Maria watched as several men tried to knock down the door, to push it, to pull it, they seemed to try anything except the door panel. It was as if only Maria could see it.

*Why am I seeing this? Let me go back to Michael! Now!*

But the vision wasn’t finished. Then Michael, Max and Isabel walked up to the door and she gasped for breath as she awoke.


“Maria, oh God are you alright?!?” cried Liz and Michael in unison.

Everyone was gathered around her and Michael was holding her hand.

“Maria, what happened? One minute you were insulting my kitchen, the next your lying on the floor unconscious. Even when Max tried to heal you, you didn’t come back!”

“Michael relax! I’m here now, please calm down!”

Maria told them what she had seem after passing out and finally when she was finished Max absently murmured, “No one is safe…”

Liz could tell he was trying to think about what to do next. She had seen this Max face way to many times and it always meant danger was ahead.


They were walking at a hurried pace and they couldn’t help it. But they were still hand-in-hand. Isabel could not believe it. One month ago Tess had murdered Alex but now he was back with her and she didn’t wait this time to show him her feelings. They had been given a second chance.

When Tess had departed in the Granolith, Alex had returned to them but no one had remembered him leaving them except the group of teenagers.

Since then Isabel and Alex had spent every minute together, taking in everything life had to offer.

“Alex, do you think it is a good idea to bring Sheriff Valenti into the situation?” Isabel asked.

“Well Is, its not my place to call the shots but in my opinion, yeah, I agree with Max. I mean we are gonna need his help at some point so we might as well make him aware of the situation now rather than later,” Alex finished.

Isabel was just about to knock on the Valenti front door when they heard a crash inside and blinding light shot through the windows. The couple looked at each other then quickly ran inside.


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