Fanfic - Max/Liz
"Answers and Actions"
Part 2
by Kenna Believe
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Summary: The second season left a lot to be desired for me and several of my friends. I was ecstatic that UPN picked up the show, but the inconsistencies of TEOTW and the fact that Tess was really a traitor. The show has not cleared up the inconsistencies and they are driving me crazy.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
Author's Note: I am not happy with how the season is going. -And the spoilers are even more depressing.
Reality had effectively been skewed in everyone's world. Isabel called Jessie to come and pick her up at the back entrance of the museum. Brody went out to talk to the man in the car, but he drove away.

Max and Michael had moved a mostly comatose Diane to lay on the couch. Then, in a totally uncharacteristic act Michael joined Brody on the computer to begin making very complex calculations and plans. Max and Liz were talking in hushed tones. The upheaval was getting to Liz and now she was starting to cry. Max was trying to sooth her, but he was just as bewildered as she was.

"Liz, I know this is really an awful thing to say, but I should really take you home." He was resting his cheek on the top of her head. "Trust me, I really wish we could just stay together but .."

"I know, my dad." Liz sniffled. "Max, I want to remember, and, I just want to be with you." She sighed as she leaned in to his embrace even more.

"I know, come on," He started to take her towards the door.

"Max," It was Diane sitting up rather gingerly on the couch.

"Mom," He rushed to her side. "How do you feel?"

"Well," She finally managed to get into an upright position. "Like, I had the most bizarre dream. But, it wasn't a dream, was it?"

"No, what do you remember?"

"Everything. Probably more then you two. I wish your father was here.

Max, I really wish you and Isabel would have told us a long time ago. We love you. You two are our children. Nothing, nothing can change that. -Even if you were aliens who are technically older then your father and I." She slid her arms through Max's. "I just get you back and now you have to leave. It is going to be pretty lonely here for awhile."

Liz just stood and watched the interplay between the love of her life and his mother. None of the terrible things he was afraid would happen if Diane Evans knew the truth were happening.

"Max, I better go. I'll let you and your mother.."

Diane's eyebrows wrinkled as if thinking was rather difficult, "Liz, I don't think that is the best idea. I am still trying to organize and process all the information that was given to me. But, I think you two are, like married. It is not a legal issue, it is a, a spiritual decision. Sort of like your souls found one another and grew together. You need to be together. It is detrimental for you to be apart. You are stronger together , and I think you will remember your, ..remember everything if you stay together."

"Mrs. Evans," Michael rounded the corner, "I just, uh, wanted to see how you were doing. Maria brought some food over, if you are hungry."

"No, thank you Michael. I think I will be fine in a while."

"It is 9:00 and that is my curfew," Liz said slowly. "I need to get home or my dad will flip."

"Brody and I really think we should all stick together. As soon as we can decipher all this information from Tess, we will have to be ready to go. Liz, are you coming with us?"

"Of course, I am coming. My child is there. I just don't know what to do about my dad. I would like to not set him off."

Michael seemed to decide that solving that problem was totally up to her, he went back into Brody's office.

"Michael has four sisters." Diane said in a surprised voice. "His mother is an artist, too.

Liz, what if we go over to see your dad. We'll ask him if you can drive me home since I am really, um, discombobulated right now. That will give us a little more time to decide how to handle all this." Diane and Liz left together. Max was a little bewildered at seeing his mother and his girlfriend being so chummy.

The group decided to go to Max's house. Brody had all the information on his lap top and the museum felt too exposed.

Liz was totally surprised that her dad agreed to let her drive Mrs. Evans home. He didn't even really seem too worried about the idea. Liz was a little nervous going with Diane. There was so much she wanted to know, and now Diane seemed to know more about her and Max being...intimate then she and Max did.

The drive to the Evan's was short and less stressful then she had thought it would be. Diane had told her how glad she was that Max had had Liz to help him cope with everything . She was surprised she was a grandmother, but knew Liz was equally shocked to find out she was a mother. The first thing Diane did when they arrived was go to the den to call Phillip. Max, Brody and Michael showed up promptly.

Diane sat down in the den, and dialed the number Phillip had given her. She knew at this time he would be in his room going over the notes from today's meetings and preparing for tomorrow. He answered on the second ring,

"Hi, honey, I knew it would be you."

"Hi, I knew you would be waiting for me to call. You know how I hate it when you're gone. -And I always watch the old family videos, so I get really weepy. "

"Are you ok, you sound more emotional then your usual emotional," He said trying to sound concerned, but keeping it light.

"Phillip, I need you to come home."

"Diane, I'll be home as soon as this conference is over. " His voice smiled over the phone, then he seemed to sense there was something else. "Is everything ok?"

"Yes , and no. Everyone is all right, but, " She paused. She needed to tell him the truth in person, but she needed him home. "Philip, is there any way you can come home now? It is really important."

"Diane, what is going on?"

"Philip," she couldn't lie to her husband. She took a deep breath and found the perfect half truth to tell, "Isabel and Max are leaving in the morning. They have been contacted by their birth parents and they are leaving to go see them." There that was the truth and not the whole truth, but it was not a lie.

"What are you talking about? Contacted? What do you mean? "

"Philip, they are leaving in the morning. I don't want you to try to stop them, but you and Max need to make peace before he leaves."

"I will be home as soon as I can. Do you, do they, how do they know that the people who contacted them are their birth parents?"

"Honey, it is a really long and complicated story. It will be easier to tell you if you are here. "

"Ok, I'll have to make a few calls, and then I'll be on my way. I will catch the first available flight"

"I love you, be careful."

"I love you, too, and I will. Tell the kids I do want to see them before they make any major decisions."

"I will, bye" She placed the phone gently back in the cradle. Ok, now she needed to see what else was going on. She had so much she had to tell all of them. When she came out of the den, Michael, Max, Brody, and Liz were sitting in the living room. Suddenly they all looked way too grown up. This was going to be a really long night. Then, tomorrow, her house would be empty.


Diane was sitting at the kitchen table drinking a cup of coffee. She was warming her hands on the side of the cup. She was looking into the living room at Max and Liz. They were asleep on the couch, now. Max was sitting up, Liz had her head on his shoulder and a knee thrown across his thigh. It looked very intimate. She had talked to all them for two hours about their lives before. Before her eyes something seemed to grow and change inside of Max and Michael. Max, Michael and Liz all sat with Diane at the table and she began to tell Max and Liz how they could remember the night they had spent together. Michael had been ready to bolt, but Diane said he needed to hear parts of this story to understand what was going on with him and Maria.

"Max and Liz,"She sighed and went on to try to help them remember and understand what had happened to them. " Ok, now you know that you are bonded to one another through this ba-nephesh thing. It's an emotional spiritual bond, and it can not be broken. It doesn't always happen. Apparently people do get married on your planet , "that felt strange coming out of her mouth." without this ba-nephesh., and apparently it can happen after people have married. You were married to Tess. It was a political marriage. " She did look at Liz under her eyelashes. She knew this made her uncomfortable. Diane felt sorry for her, to have to hear all this. "You were the youngest king your planet had ever had, you were 100 years old, by our standards. Liz, you will be the youngest queen ever." She tired to smile at her ?daughter-in-law. " You had decided you would never find your ba-nephesh. Most people by the age of 100 had found their... soul mate. Your mother, did not trust Tess' family, but the confederation of planets was in serious trouble. I don't quite understand all the political ramifications. But, Tess was allied with Kivar, they didn't find that out until after she had been sent with the three of you here.. Michael , you and Isabel were to be married, probably to make Max and your parents happy as much as anything. Neither of you had found your ba-nephesh, either. Things happened with Kivar and Isabel later, your mother doesn't know all the details of that. Anyway Max, you agreed to go into a political marriage with Tess. Kivar's attempted coo came right after the wedding. There never was a marriage. You were all killed the very next day.

For some reason you all were, " She paused looking for a better word, "born, before Tess. Nasaedo, he was suppose to be your protector , but was really in league with Kivar, was not there. Tess knew what was suppose to happen her whole life, You were all played by her. It seems she has always been really good at playing roles to get what she wanted.

Both of you found your soul mates here. I don't think, your mother doesn't think, Jessie and Isabel are bonded that way, at least not yet. Michael you reminded Max's mother of your father so much, because you found your ba-nephesh, but like your father you pushed too fast to make the connection, Maria was not ready, she still isn't, she needs some more time. Liz and Max have had years. You have four sisters Michael. Two from your mother's first marriage and then you and your other two sisters are from her second marriage. Your father fell in love with her art and then her. He recognized her as his soul mate, but she was still morning the loss of her first husband. He created a lot of problems for himself and her. Don't rush, Maria. You won't lose her, you two belong to each other, but she needs more time." she paused to let Michael digest this information. He didn't say anything, but she could almost see his brain trying to digest all the information.

" Now, Liz and Max, you will be able to remember that night, you will just need to start telling the story. We don't have to go over everything together," She smiled. "We'll just start together, you two can finish without us later."

Max held Liz's hand tighter as he began his part. "Tess said she wanted to sneak into the observatory after hours. She said she had something to show me. I wasn't really in the mood, but she talked me into it. I met her there. She showed me the star we could see from our world. It did make me feel closer to home. Then," He paused he really didn't want to discuss this part with Liz, Michael, and his mother.

"You know, I probably don't need to be in on this part. I want to see what Brody's figured out, and I need to think." Michael excused himself and disappeared.

"It's ok, Max." Liz said, even though she wasn't sure she wanted to hear all the details about Max and Tess.

"She kissed me." He shifted uncomfortably. "I , didn't want to at first, and I kept seeing your face." He smiled half heartedly at Liz. "She tried to tell me we should let things happen because that would help me forget you. I was really hurt, so we were kissing, " He stopped and looked down. "But, I couldn't, I kept seeing you. I finally pushed her away, and she didn't take it so well. She cried, I felt bad, but she then went kind of crazy on me and then she left in a fury. I felt very defeated and lost. I just sat there."

"That is when I came." Liz said in a quiet tone, almost shocked that she was sharing images from her mind she didn't even remember. " I was so depressed because I had driven you to Tess. I decided to drive around. Then, I felt like I finally had to tell you about my visit from future Max. I saw your jeep outside the observatory and I went in. Max, you was sitting there alone, and you looked so dejected." She squeezed his hand and looked at him from under her eyelashes. "I told you everything. then."

"I remember, you told me everything he had said to you, about Michael and Isabel being dead, our wedding, and that you hadn't done anything with Kyle." He smiled.

Then a confused look crossed both their faces.

"Then there was this feeling,.." Max started

"This feeling came over both of us that was so,.." Liz began at the same time.

"That feeling was the cementing. Your souls became entwined, for lack of a better word. "

"Uh, does getting bonded, cemented, result in ,.. a baby?" Liz asked thinking through things much faster then Max.

Diane seemed to pause , as if to check the information she had, then answered, "No. It seems babies only happen when they are suppose to."

"When they are suppose to. What does that mean? I am barely 17." Liz squeaked."Why does Michael have four sisters and Max and Isabel only have each other?"

"I don't know the answer to that," Diane said. "You can ask that when you get ..home, I guess. The rest you will be able to remember, but you probably want to that in private. " Diane stood up form the table, "I have something I'd like to give to you, I'll be right back."

"Ok, so now, we go home, to save my son, "

"Our son, " Liz said firmly.

"Ok, now we go home to save our son, and then do what we can to stop Kivar. Do you think Michael will really come? Last time he stayed for Maria."

"You heard your mom, he and Maria are bonded. But, Maria is not ready for this.

Diane came back into the kitchen. "I want to give you two these. They belonged to your great great grandparents, Max. I am doing this for myself , it will just make me feel better." She held her hand out to Max and dropped two slightly tarnished silver bands into his hand.

Max turned them over. They were tarnished and very small. "Mom?"

"Those were their wedding bands. And, it seems appropriate that you two should have them, read the inscription."

"When two become one" he read aloud the fancy script inside the ring.

"Why don't you two go and work on remembering the rest, I'll sit in here and wait for your father."

Max and Liz wound up in his room. Max still held the wedding bands in his hand. He used his powers to restore the shine. "Liz, .., will you, do you, .."

Liz laughed at his shyness, "Max, I belong to you, and you belong to me. It is already true, this will just be a,..public display." She slid the wider band onto his finger and handed him the smaller one and stretched out her hand.

"I love you Elizabeth Parker Evans, " He said quite seriously as he slid the band onto the third finger of her right hand. "..Queen of Antar."

That made Liz laugh. "Ok, that part takes more getting used to then the fact that we are virtually married." She held her hand in front of herself to see how the ring looked there. It looked absolutely perfect. "Ok, I want to remember the rest."

Liz sat on the desk and Max sat in the desk chair and they held hands.

"Ok," he began, "You decided you had to tell me about Future Max, and we were both in shock. You were crying. I remember wiping the tears from your cheeks. I remember kissing you and how I could taste them on your lips." He was talking almost in a whisper.

'I remember you stroking my hair, and snuggling into the crook of your neck." She smiled and he scooted closer to her. "I can remember how you smelled. I was getting comfort from you, but then .."

"Things got much more serious,"He pulled her from the desk into his lap. "I can feel everything I felt that night." He began to kiss her deeply. She was leaning into him.

"Oh Max, I remember. " She said in a breathy voice."I remember everything," she went on as he began to kiss the side of neck." We did think about stopping, but we just couldn't It felt so right."

"Because you are my other half, my wife," He said between kissing he neck, her shoulder and finally her lips.

"Max, we made love and .."

They broke apart, "we knew, we knew that we had made a baby."

"It was crazy. We weren't especially worried about our parents and we were.."

"So, very happy.." Max finished looking deeply into her eyes. "We knew it was what was suppose to happen."

"We fell asleep, and then.." the troubled look came back into Liz's eyes. "Max, she came back and found us and took our baby, and all our wonderful memories."

They fell onto one another clinging and mourning and rejoicing all at once.

Diane sat in the semi-darkness of her kitchen wondered how and what Isabel was telling Jessie. What would happen with them? Would he go with her? Would he wait for her? Would she come back for him? She knew Max and Liz would be fine whatever decision they made. She was worried about the situation with Kivar and Max becoming a ruler. She knew in her heart he would never be alone, and he would always be loved. That made her feel some sense of security.

Philip came in the front door quietly, he was confused to see all the cars in the drive way. This was compounded at seeing Max and Liz on the couch. Diane walked out and met him and kissed him quietly. "I am so glad you are here." He pulled her into his arms.

"What is Liz doing here? Do her parents know?"

"Well, she drove me home. We didn't call, because we decided to say it was too late, I am sure they will be here in the morning. That will be ok, though, they need to say good bye to her."

"What are you talking about? Liz can't run off with Max. She is under age, the police can bring her back." Philip was confused by his wife aiding and abetting whatever cockamamie idea the kids seemed to have about being together.

Diane slipped out of his embrace and took his hand. They started for the kitchen, but paused to look at the kids, and then continued. At that point Michael came out of the den, "We need more coffee, | am going to let Max sleep for another hour and then it is his turn. Brody is running on so much adrenaline...Oh hi, Mr. Evans." He looked at Mrs. Evans questionably.

"I am just getting ready to fill him in, get whatever you two need." Diane said as she and Philip sat at the table. "You are really not going to believe the story I am about to tell you, but it is true. I know it is, and I am not crazy. And, we don't have much time. You know we have always thought our kids were wonderful and great, well we have had no idea how wonderful and great they really are....."


"Maxwell," Michael shook him gently and whispered to not disturb Liz. "It is your turn. I need a little nap."

"Ok, Ok,' He rubbed his eyes with his free hand, and gently ran his fingers through Liz's dark hair. My wife, the thought leaped into his head, the mother of my son. That made him smile.

"Max, focus," Michael flopped into an easy chair. "Go, there is not much else, it appears that it is all in the timing and focussing. Our timing has to be exact, for the travel and so that we arrive at the most opportune time. " Michael rubbed his eyes. "I just need about two hours."

Max gently slide away from Liz. She made a little groaning sound and seemed to search for him. He whispered to her that he wouldn't be far, and then put a blanket over her. He then went in to talk to Brody. His brain had almost reached information overload, of course, he was sure everyone else felt the same way.


Diane and Philip were still sitting at the table drinking coffee when Isabel and Jessie pulled up at 5:30. Isabel came in ahead of Jessie and promptly said "I haven't told him yet.., when do we leave?"

Jessie came in looking tired. "Hi, Philip, I thought you were in ... Why are there so many cars in your drive way? -And why are we here so early."

Jessie noticed Liz still asleep on the couch. "Is everything ok?"

"Dad," Isabel gave him a hug. Philip didn't know what to say since she hadn't old Jessie, other then, "You two need a minute, we will go in the other room."

Jessie watched them go as he poured himself a cup of coffee. "Is,.."

"Jessie, I ,.. I have something I need to tell you. I, could you stay here, just a minute, I need , need to talk to Max and Michael." Isabel shot out of them room and Jessie sank tiredly into a kitchen chair. Women were definitely different. She came out of the library with Michael. They went outside. Jessie couldn't hear what they were saying, but he could tell Isabel was very agitated. Jessie looked idly across the room. Liz had a wedding band on. He was sure of it. Maybe this was some kind of family confab because of something else Max and Liz had done. This would make everyone crazy. Why was Is talking to Michael? Jessie poured himself a cup of coffee and waited, rather sleepily.

While Isabel and Michael were talking they did not see Maria pull up in her Jetta. She was looking for Liz and did not know what was going on. The scene she witnessed last night between Isabel and Michael was still troubling her. Were they having an affair? Would Isabel do something like that? She sat quietly and watched the interchange on the porch. Suddenly Isabel threw herself into Michael's arms and the raced inside. Michael seemed amused and went back in himself.

Isabel was back in the kitchen pacing back and forth in front of a very confused Jessie.

"I should have told you before, I know, and I am sorry. I am not sorry that I didn't tell you, I just wanted things to be normal for awhile. I should have told you last night, but I wanted to pretend everything was normal for one more night, .." she wasn't looking at Jessie, and he wasn't saying anything.

Maria had walked from her car and noticing all the other cars had decided to sneak a peek in the kitchen window, to get a feel for what was going on at the Evan's house.. She didn't know where else to go. Liz wasn't home, she had climbed the fire escape to check, no one was at Michael's, something weird was going on between Michael and Isabel. She was incredibly jealous and she hated that. She saw Isabel pacing through the window, she appeared to be alone, suddenly she was also very angry. How could Isabel do this to her? How could Isabel do this to Jessie? They were newly weds for heaven's sake. Without really even thinking she burst in the back door,

"Isabel are you and Michael sleeping together?"

Isabel stopped and turned, Jessie stood up, "What?" His mind began to race, is this what she was trying to tell him? But, Michael?

"Maria, you are .." Isabel started, but then felt the need to talk to her husband first.

"Jessie, she doesn't know what she is talking about. Maria, let's go find Michael for you. I don't have time this,.." She grabbed Maria's arm and began to escort her to the living room. "Michael, you have a visitor ."

Michael looked out of the den and was very shocked to see Maria. Liz and Max had been cuddling again on the couch. Brody had decided he needed a break, so he was in Max's room sleeping.

Liz and Max sat up straighter on the couch, but did not move apart. They were surprised to see Maria, but thought it was a good idea for her to see Michael before he left.

Michael had taken Maria outside."What are you doing here?'

"I needed tot talk to Liz and I couldn't find her." She spoke haltingly in that sulky tone that Michael secretly found very sexy. "Michael, what is going on, why is everyone here? What was going on at the museum? Are you and Isabel having an affair?-If you are that is really low."

Michael smiled and gave a little laugh."Well, we are leaving, Max, Liz, Is, and me. We don't know for how long, we didn't call you because you said you wanted space. I did write you a letter though. "He smiled as he produced it from his pocket. He felt pretty peaceful. Diane had told him that he and Maria were bonded the same way Max and Liz were, but it had been rushed, not slow and finally cemented like Max and Liz's, so Maria's bond was uncomfortable for her. He knew they would be together. He knew he loved her and that she loved him, they just weren't at that emotional place yet. -But, he knew they would be. "And Isabel and I are definitely not having an affair. I happen to be in love with you."

"You are leaving me?" She asked almost accusingly with tears in her eyes.

Michael reached out and brushed her hair out of her eyes. He used his thumb to wipe the tears that had escaped her eyes. He leaned over and kissed the tip of her nose, and then her lips. -Very very gently."You make me crazy. I stayed for you last time, and you weren't ready for what that meant. I have to go this time, they all need me to, and it is my job. However, I am coming back, for you. I love you."

Maria was very stunned at this new calm and gentle Michael. he was saying the right things. He was being logical. She hated that."You can't take Liz!"

"We are not taking Liz, anywhere, she is going with us because that is where she belongs." He said quietly. He stopped as he saw Liz's parent's pull in behind the Jetta. It was starting to look like a used car lot. "You should probably come in and tell Liz good bye real quick. Her parents are here and things are going to be real crazy." He pulled Maria in the house.

He shook Liz, "Hey, get up, you and Maria need to have a girl moment, and your parents are here, so it will have to be short."

Liz had a resigned look on her face, but she smiled at Maria. "Come on, we only have a few minutes." They started through the kitchen. On their way through they notice Isabel was having quite a time finding a place to start and staying on that path once she started. "Excuse us," Liz said as they went out the back door. She gave Isabel an encouraging look. "My parent are here, so I will be back in just a few minutes."

"Liz you can't go with them!" Maria said holding onto Liz's arms as soon as she turned to face her. "You can't, what will I do without you? Michael said he would come back for me, surely Max would come back for you." Maria was rushing all her words together.

Liz smiled patiently, and began slowly and calmly almost as if she was speaking to a child."Maria, I have to go, I am Max's wife." She showed Maria her left hand. "And, this is the crazy part, Max and I have a son."

"Liz have you lost your mind!?" Maria grabbed Liz's hand.

"No, it was lost for awhile, thanks to Tess. But, that baby she said was her and Max's, wasn't, he was mine and Max's. She took him." The anger that she had not quite worked through tinged her words. "We have to go back to save him from Kivar."

"Oh my god! I am going to faint."

"No, you're not. Michael knows you need some space and we might need him, so he is going with us. I know he'll come back for you."

"What about you?'

"I don't know. I have to be with my son and my husband." She said with a stoic tone. "Maria, my parents are in there and I can't leave Max to handle them alone.We are going. I love you. Tell the Valentis what has happened. Figure out what you want to do with Michael. He will wait. I have to go in, you should probably go home." Liz gave Maria a quick hug and turned and ran in the house. She was greeted by her father asking, for what appeared to have not been the first time, "Where is my daughter?" Each word was enunciated.

"I am right here, " Liz glanced at Isabel and Jessie as she raced across the kitchen. She could tell Isabel hadn't gotten very far in her explanation. "Daddy, " she stopped, "I am sorry I didn't call. It got so late, "

"Get your jacket we are going." He didn't say anything else.

Liz looked at her mother hoping against hope for some sign of help. Her mother was quiet. She was just as afraid as her father. "Mom, Dad, we can't leave, there are some things we have to discuss."

Liz's mother dropped into the closest chair like a wet rag. "Oh, my god, you're pregnant aren't you?"

Liz really didn't know how to answer. She just didn't say anything. She felt Max come behind her and put his hand on her shoulder. "Mr. and Mrs. Parker, we ," he was speaking quietly,"are married. We love each other very much."

"We are going home," Liz's mother stood up. "You are our child and we know what is best and we are taking you home."

"I can't go," Liz said trying to be respectful. Tears were shimmering in her eyes. "Mom. I can't. I belong with Max."

Mr. and Mrs. Evans were sitting on the sofa being very quiet. This was a lot for them to handle too, but they had at least had a few hours. Max and his dad had had time to talk. They had made peace with each other . He and Diane had more or less resigned themselves to the fact their children were leaving to .. to rebuild a planetary government. Diane decided she should try to help. "Maybe if we all just sat down with a cup of coffee, we could try to...."

"We are going home." Liz's father stated in a no-nonsense fashion.

"Elizabeth, are you pregnant?" Her mother asked very quietly, reaching out to grasp Liz's chin and look into her eyes.

Liz was confused as to how to answer her mother."No,"

"Then, we can go and you don't need to have anything else to do with Max Evans." Her father had it all figured out.

"Dad,no. We are married. Didn't you hear me?"

"You are 17, there is no where close enough for you two to have gotten married without consent." It was obvious he was holding his temper with a very tight rein. Suddenly he saw the wedding bands on both their fingers. "Where did those come from?"

"Me," Diane answered quietly.


Isabel and Jessie hadn't gotten any farther then her telling him she and Michael had not had an affair, even though her parents had hoped she would marry Michael. That truly confused Jessie, he just couldn't see her father, his boss, wanting her to marry Michael. Not that he was a bad person, but he didn't seem her type.

"What has your brother done now?' He whispered as he heard the rise and fall of angry voices from the living room.

Isabel looked at him, and then just decided to rush, they were running out of time. It wasn't fair to Jessie to leave him without any idea what was going on. "Jessie, I am going to say this really fast. Don't interrupt me, you probably won't believe it, but please let me get through it." She took a deep breath and sat opposite him and grasped his hands. The voices were raising in the living room again. "In 1947 a weather balloon did not crash our space ship did. Max, Michael, Tess, and I were in incubation pods inside. When we came out were looked about 6 years old. Tess was a traitor. Max was a king, I thought I was a traitor, but I was deceived. Michael was Max's right hand, chief of security, that is why they all thought we would marry. Tess killed Alex, and tried to seduced Max. She evidently failed. Liz and Max consummated their relationship, they conceived a child which Tess tried to pass off as hers, now Kivar has their son, and is trying to take control of our confederation of planets and we have to go home." She hadn't been looking at him while she raced through her summary and now she raised her eyes to his.

He obviously had no idea what to say. "Isabel,.."

"I know, you think I am nuts. Well, now you are up to speed. Let's go in the living room, Max and Liz might need our help." She got up and pulled him after her. "You don't have to say anything. I needed to tell you so you will understand when I leave."

He pulled her back, "Leave?'

"I told you we have to go back to get my nephew and help the people. Our mother is still alive as well."

Jessie was totally lost. Isabel propelled them through the kitchen door and into the living room. Liz's parent were not leaving without her and they were doing their utmost to get her out of the Evan's house.

"Liz," He mother was trying again calmly."sometimes, when you are a parent you have to do things that may seem unfair and irrational. One day you will understand that. Now, we are leaving and you are coming with us."

"No, ma'am she is not. Our marriage has been consummated. We want to be together. I love your daughter." Max was trying very hard to find the right words.

"Mom ,Dad remember the shooting at the restaurant? I was shot that day. Max healed me. He has special powers. He risked everything for me. He would never hurt me." Liz didn't think they would believe her but, it was worth a try.

At that moment Brody and Michael came out of the den. "It is almost time." Brody said taking in the scene before them.

"Mom, " Liz hugged her mother tightly and whispered, "Max and I have a child. We have to go to him. We know we seem too young for this, but there really are extenuating circumstances. I love you and Dad. I hope we will come back, but I don't know. You can't stop us. Please, don't try to stop us. This is hard enough."

Her mother hugged her back tight, but didn't say anything. Max and his dad had made their peace. She really wished she could leave her parent's with that same sense of closure.

Max and Michael went into the den with Brody. He had to give them some instruction.

"Ok, you will be, ..beaming in, for lack of a better word to Larek's palace. He will have everything ready. Kivar is doing a public broadcast to all the planets proclaiming himself the King until your son is old enough. I doubt, and so does Larek that your son will live to reach the age when he could take the throne. During the broadcast you four will make your appearance at the castle. If everyone sees that you are alive then perhaps those who were following him so blindly will wake up. Kivar will do nothing but bring the confederation to ruin. You, Max will automatically be restored to the throne. But, things are not quite what they were when you left. Also, it seems that as you travel back all your memories of your life before will come back to you. I am anxious to one day travel this ..wormhole, we will be creating. But, we will let you all try to bring peace first." He paused and smiled. "Stephen Hawkings would just love to see this."

Max and Michael took all this information in and listened as they were told how they would be the ones using their power to open a sustain the wormhole until they had all arrived on Larek's world. It was a short explanation, the elements of time and space would be perfectly aligned only for a short while and that is when they had to make their journey. They practiced opening a small wormhole in the den. Once they could open and close it they all went into the living room.

Liz's parent had sat down, but did not seem to be open to any discussion. Max was sure they thought this was all insanity.

"Mr.. Evans you are a sane person, or I had always thought so, how can you sit there why your children fill my daughter's head with all this.. all this..."

"It is time" Max said. Everyone looked at him expectantly. This is what is means to be the king, he thought. "I will go first, then the girls, then Michael..."

"Max, " Michael interrupted. "I go first, it is my job."

Max and Isabel smiled. They were going home.

Michael and Max raised their hands and seemed to concentrate only for a moment and a wormhole erupted in the living room.

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