Fanfic - Max/Liz
"Answers and Actions"
Part 1
by Kenna Beleive
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Summary: The second season left a lot to be desired for me and several of my friends. I was ecstatic that UPN picked up the show, but the inconsistencies of TEOTW and the fact that Tess was really a traitor. The show has not cleared up the inconsistencies and they are driving me crazy.
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Author's Note: Roswell and Fanficiton have become my guilty pleasures.
Max sat at the counter of the Crashdown eating his burger and watching Liz wait tables. Today seemed so very normal, but the stress was still showing on everyone. Everyone, except maybe Isabel. She had left moments ago with a take out order for her and Jessie, she was meeting him for lunch, again. Everyone was surprised by their sudden relationship and marriage, but Isabel was happy, really happy. She loved Jessie, and everyone could see that it was true with the recent brush with Kivar.

Maria was waiting tables in a stoic mood. She had given her notice and was simply putting in time. Michael was watching her very covertly. Maria had broken up with him, and she really couldn't tell him why. She needed to find herself. He wasn't letting her be herself. No one understood that, including Maria. To his credit Michael was being patient and the model of tact and decorum. He was not happy, but he was waiting. He stayed on Earth for her, and he knew he had to wait for her. He also knew he couldn't push, so he didn't. Max could see the toll this was taking on Michael. He wished he could help him. but, he had his own demons and convoluted mess to clean up.

"Liz," he said to her softly when she came to give him receipt. "What time is your shift up?"

She smiled that smile that melted his heart, "Six, why?"

"Well, your dad is letting me eat in here now, do you suppose he would let me take you out to a nice well lit restraint and to a movie, if I promise to have you home by ten?"

Neither of them had noticed Mr. Parker coming up behind them, "You can eat here, and then have her back by nine." He said in a monotone and then went on past them to the cash register.

"Well, that is something. I just want to do something normal. No alien stuff to worry about, just you and me." Max smiled. "I'll see you then." He leaned over to give her a quick kiss on the cheek and headed to the cash register where Mr. Parker was standing.

"Thank you Mr. Parker." He mumbled as he was paying his bill

Mr. Parker stared at him, "I don't like it, but I don't want to lose my daughter."

"Neither do I," Max said firmly looking straight at him. "I'll see you later, sir." He tried to let his conviction about him and Liz's relationship. He loved Liz and wouldn't do anything to hurt her. That thought crashed down, he had done something to hurt her. -And, it was something he couldn't undo no matter how much he wanted to.

Liz was smiling a silly dopey smile for the rest of her shift. It really irritated Michael and Maria but neither would say anything. Liz did try to contain herself. When her shift was over she ran up to her dad gave him a quick kiss and dashed upstairs to shower and change. Max wanted to go on a real date! No sneaking around, no secret plan, just a date! -And her dad was letting her go. Ok, they had to eat in the Crashdown, but at least they were allowed to be together.

The movie was fine. Neither Max nor Liz had cared very much about what was on, they just wanted to be together. Max parked his car in front of the Crashdown at ten minutes until 9. "We don't want to be late, we might not be allowed to do this again." He leaned in to kiss her . After several minutes, he pulled himself reluctantly away and got out of the car to come around to her side and help her out.

"Max, I hate saying goodbye to you." She leaned in to kiss him again and leaned back against the door.

"I know, I know, but we don't want to get in to anymore trouble. We have had a very nice normal uneventful night. We should try to have more of these." He kissed the tip o her nose. "Liz, you have to go in, " he said sounding not all convincing.

The loud sound of someone clearing their throat startled both of them apart. They turned expecting to see Liz' father, instead they were met by an embarrassed looking Brody. "Sorry, "

"Brody, hi," Max began

"It's Larek, actually and it is imperative that we go somewhere to talk." He looked around nervously.

"So much for a normal evening," Max said wryly. Liz unlocked the door of the Crashdown. " I will let my dad know I am home, and then I'll tell him that I need to fix you and Brody a little something." She headed through the kitchen and up to the apartment.

Max and Brody/Larek sat at a booth in the corner.

"Max, we need to make an appointment for tomorrow to meet. We need Isabel and Liz."

"Has something happened? What is going on?" Max asked eagerly.

"It's Tess."

Max looked toward the kitchen. He could hear Liz in there, Tess was not something he wanted to talk about, and not in front of Liz. He just wasn't ready to deal with all that yet.

"I don't think.."

"She is dying Max. She doesn't have much time, she wants to unburden her soul, make amends." Brody/Larek went on.

Max let this information sink in. "Where is my son?"

"With your mother."

Max was shocked again. "She is alive?"

"She is under house arrest. Your son is with her for safe keeping, by Kivar. It also gives Kivar a way to control her. Look, there is so much we need to talk about. There isn't much time. The resistance has found a way to give Tess some time to talk to you, but you have to make sure everyone is there." Brody/Larek went on in a conspiratorial tone as Liz came out of the kitchen with a tray carrying pie and coffee.

"Liz doesn't need to be there" Max said in a fast whisper as she walked to ward them.

"Yes, she does." Brody/Larek said as he sat back to make room for the tray.

"So," Liz said serving the pie and coffee. She knew Max was trying to hide something. "Max, we agreed we aren't going to do this any more, no lies either directly or by omission , even if we think it's for our own good."

Max looked up at her. This would bring that pain back into her eyes and he wanted to erase so badly it hurt. Now this would bring it all crashing back.

"Max?" He didn't answer so she looked at Brady/Larek. "Larek?"

"Tess is dying. She needs to speak with you and Max tomorrow."

Liz dropped to the seat next to Max. "Oh,"

"Liz, you don't have to be there." Max began and was cut off by Larek.

"YES, she does." Liz and Max turned at Larek's abruptness. "Tess, is dying. She was poisoned, by Kivar, after he imprisoned her."

"What?" Now Max was confused. "She went back with my son, why is she in prison and why would he poison her?"

"Max, Liz, this will really be easier if you let her explain. We need Isabel. She wants to do the mind link, it has to be tomorrow and it has to be Isabel. Tess is very weak and Isabel will be able to complete the circuit.

Look here is what I can tell you. Kivar tried to get power of the throne by using Isabel, and was trying again over her honeymoon. Kivar would have had control of the throne by marrying Tess after she gave birth to the heir and he proved true. She gave birth to him. His is the heir, his name is Zhander Rathmore." Brody/Larek stopped,

"This body is tiring, and I need it tomorrow. Kivar is struggling to keep down the resistance. He does not know that I am involved. You Zhan, were my friend, I was unsure of this plan your mother had, but now I see that it was the only hope. You need to listen to Tess, both of you. Thank you for the coffee, I can taste it, it is peculiar. I better take Brody home and put him to bed. Tomorrow, at the museum, at 8:00 Earth time.

I am sure your questions will be answered."

He got up grabbed Brody's jacket and left. Max and Liz sat in silence.

"Liz, I have to tell you again how sorry I am for.." he began without looking at her.

"Max, you had thought I had slept with Kyle. We both made some big mistakes. We both need to stop apologizing." Liz went on.

Max leaned over to kiss her again when the lights flashed and Mr. Parker's voice boomed out of the kitchen. "Time to say good night."

Max and Liz gave each other a wry look and Liz walked him to door and locked it as he left. She cleaned up the table and went to the kitchen. Her dad was checking the freezer inventory.

"Thanks, Dad."

He grunted a response as she leaned over to kiss him good night and ran upstairs.

Max left and decided he needed to go see Isabel. He stopped in front of Is and Jessie's apartment. There were lights on, so he reluctantly climbed out of the car. Jessie was probably home. It was only 9 o'clock, but they were newly weds. He really hoped he wasn't about to interrupt anything. He knocked lightly on the door. And, as if he wasn't uncomfortable enough Jessie answered the door pulling his shirt on. "Max."

He walked in as Jessie held the door open wider. "Sorry, I, uh, needed to talk to Is, is this an ok time?"

"Yeah, sure." Jessie continued following Max around the corner to the living room. To compound his discomfort Is was sitting up and tying her robe. "Hi, Max."

"Sorry Is, I probably should have called first. I really needed to talk to you about our parents." He hoped Isabel would pick up on the need to be alone.

"Oh, um ok, " Is seemed to have understood, "Jessie could you get Max something to drink."

Jessie understood that they needed some private time. He was glad Max wanted to talk to Is about their parents. Phil and Diane were really worried about him. He shut the door to the kitchen to give them some privacy.

"What is this about Max? Is Mom ok?"

"Is, this is about our Mom. She is alive."

"What?!" Is grabbed Max's hand . "How,?"

"Larek met up with Liz and me tonight. We need to have a meeting tomorrow. Tess is in prison and dying. She needs to meet with us, and she can wants to mind link with you."

"Wait, I thought this was about our mother."

"It is, it has to do with my son, and he is with our mother." Max went on in a quiet voice, watching the kitchen door for any sign of Jessie.

"Are you sure this is for real?"

"Larek seems to trust her. We need to meet tomorrow at the museum at 8, can you?"

"Yes, Max, of course. Oh my god, of course. "

That was the moment Jessie came in with a glass of ice tea for Max.

"Max, is every thing ok?"

Max took the glass and took a long drink, "Yeah, uh thanks, um, I'll just be going now. Good night."

Max let himself out and wondered what Is would tell Jessie. He was pretty anxious about the meeting tomorrow and now he needed to go tell Michael.

Diane Evans had just finished her grocery shopping and had to drop some files off at her husband's office, Jessie was working late and they had visited for awhile. She was sitting in the car and she saw Is, Max, Liz, and Michael leave the Crashdown and head to the UFO museum. She did think that was odd since the museum was closed. She did not turn the car on she just sat and watched.

Maria watched them all meet up when Michael's shift was over and then they had left together. No one had told her what was going on. Of course, she said she was sick of the alien stuff and wanted space, but that was beside the point. She watched them all go in. She resented the feeling she was having, and she resented not knowing what was going on. She really resented that she was feeling resentful. As, she was getting ready to go back to work, she noticed a man pull up in front of the museum. He didn't do anything, there was just something about him that bothered her.

Diane saw the same car. She waited for him to get out, but he didn't he just sat there.

Inside the group went and sat in the research library. Brody was working in his office, they knew he would come out when Larek was ready to talk to them. Michael and Is were sitting on one love seat and Max and Liz were on the other.

"Ok, so Tess wants to what, do a death bed confession kind of thing?" Michael asked skeptically.

"That was what Larek said. He also said that our mother is alive and my son is with her." Max said.

"So, what do you think this means?" Is asked nervously.

"You are about to find out," Larek/Brody said strolling into the room. " Now, Is, we have someone in with Tess, and she will be there as a look out. Tess doesn't have much time, and she has things she needs to tell you, but she also has some information that she wants to give us for getting you home."

Everyone looked at each other and breathed the word,"home?"

"Ok, Isabel, lean back, and clear your mind and try to find the connection." Larek instructed.

Isabel leaned back on the seat and closed her eyes. Michael was holding her hand. Max and Liz were very tense.

Suddenly a visible change came over Isabel, and the voice and mannerisms were completely Tess, a weakened humbled Tess, but Tess.

"Hi." She started inanely, looking around taking inventory as to who was there. " I know Larek has told you that I don't have much time, and there is a lot I have to tell you."

"Why?" Max asked.

"Because, I am dying. I want to go to the next life having tried to make up for what I have done. Your son, our don, changed a lot in me. he showed me things, ..

Liz, I have so much to apologize to you for. "

"Max, I don't think I can do this." Liz said, "Just let me know,"

"Liz, you can't leave." Tess called through Isabel, "This is mostly about you, you and Max. I am so sorry for every thing. The first thing is that, um you were never visited by a Max from the future. That was me and Nicholas, we were playing on your worst fear. It was easy, you were so afraid of that happening, so we just played on that."

"You what?!' Liz was shocked. "you played on my, do you know how much I hurt to do what I thought was the right thing to do! How could you do that?"

"Liz, " Tess went on, the model of patience. " I know what I did was wrong. But, we don't really have time for you to issue recriminations. I have done that already. I knew that you would do the right thing, you have that responsibility thing that Max has. So, for one thing, that was a lie.

Then, I was trying to seduce Max at the observatory. It didn't work."

"What do you mean it didn't work? We have a son." Max ground out.

"Well, we do now. I think of him as mine, I carried him.But, we did not consummate anything." Tess went on in a softer voice. " I tried, believe me I tried, but your heart belongs to Liz, I should have realized your relationship. Anyway, I was blinded by the power. I would have been the queen. I wanted to be the queen." She stopped.

Max and Liz exchanged confused and angry glances.

"Do I have a son?" Max asked.

"Yes, you and Liz have a son, that I carried." She stopped to catch her breath and renew her momentum. "Max wouldn't be unfaithful to you, even though he thought you had been to him. I even tried that angle. You got angry with me, I left. When I came back, I found you and Liz, asleep. It was very obvious what had taken place. I was so angry. Nicholas showed up, he was telling me that I had failed. I was even angrier. I had to get the memory of that out of both your minds, and take you home. When I was taking you home and carrying you up stairs I felt the baby. He was already connecting with you, and then I moved him. He was sick from trying to connect me when I was not his mother, not from the atmosphere. Then I went back and made Max think we had,.."

"Oh my god, oh my god, you stole my child?" Liz was shaking with rage. "How could you? How could you make us think ..? You took our son.., you."

"Liz, I know. Trust me, I am so sorry. Carrying your son made changes in me. He was the,.. the embodiment of your love. It, the love was so pure and so devoted. I could feel that, the whole time I was carrying him. He is all the good things from both of you.

I really hated that for awhile. But, then I loved him. Him was no longer just a way to achieve power, I really came to love him."

"Our son, " Max went on. "Liz and I have a son. We have had a son, and you kept this from us." Max stood up in front of Isabel .. He did not know what to do. His baser instinct was to choke the life out of Tess, except she wasn't there.

"I know this is terrible. I am sorry. I would change things if I could. I can't, so I am trying to make things right. After Zhander was born, we had the ceremony to show that he was the true heir, and that is when Kivar found out that I was not his mother. So, then I was no longer important.

He fed me to the wolves. Suddenly I was the one responsible for your death and I was trying to take the throne by stealing your son."

"That is not really wrong is it?" Liz demanded sarcastically.

"I did not kill Max. I never tried. I ,.. ok, never mind, I was wrong. Now, I am in prison. I was poisoned, to prevent me from going on trial. Kivar does not want to risk me telling any one the truth. You need to come back. I was not really interested in weather or not Kivar was the right ruler before, but I know now he is not. He will use our son, and you have to save him, and our people."

Tess stopped speaking. Isabel had two tears running down her cheeks. Liz and Max were starring at each other. "We have a son." Max said incredulously.

Liz smiled. "You didn't sleep with Tess. We have a son." She flung herself into his arms. "Max we have to go to him. Tess, we want to see him, is there a way to see him?"

"Yes, you should be able to if you try to connect, together, with him. He won't really be able to connect back. He is too young. You will be able to feel him, you will know that I have told you the truth. He is yours and Liz's. He is at the summer castle with your mother,Max. She is under house arrest. She loves him a lot.

I have to give you this information for traveling. Larek will help me, I don't have much strength left. I want you to know I am sorry. I can see now how very wrong I was."

Larek moved to sit next to Is and Michael.

Max and Liz moved away from the group. Max and Liz were holding each other and leaning against a wall. "Liz we need to try to reach out to him." He leaned rested his forehead on Liz's head. "Think of our son, Liz"

Suddenly they both could see a small boy running and playing in a garden. They could feel him. He was part of them, they could feel it. They could feel the love they had for each other.

"Max," Liz breathed, "he has smile."

"He has your eyes," Max echoed her sentiment. "Liz, he is so beautiful. Like you."

Suddenly a woman walked into the garden, "Zhander," she called and then stopped.

"Zhan, Zhan are you ," She seemed to feel the connection between Max and Liz and their son. "You are here, aren't you? You are alive! MY son!"

Then suddenly there were hands touching his face, "My son,"

Started Max spun around to see his mother, his earth mother gazing at him as if she had never seen him before. It was Diane, yet there was an ethereal and regalness about her that made it evident that Diane was snot Diane.

"Zhan, where is Valandra? Oh, my children you are alive!"

Liz and Max exchanged confused glances. "How did you, why haven't you.."

I thought you were dead, and this is not something I can do easily. Valandra has the pathway open, it made this easier. -And you're connecting with your son. "

"how did you get my mom, to .."

"Your Earth Mother was here, she was listening in. She is terribly worried about you. Valandra is right, you can trust her. She loves both of you very much. I can't believe I can touch you. You look just like before, just like your father. Your son looks like you and so mush like your,..wife? Is that the word?"

"Liz and I aren't married."

"Married? This is more then that, I think. She is your ba-nephesh. I can not think of a good translation. She is the one who claims your heart and soul. You claim hers, it is more then this married. that is why Ava could not get you to committ to her. Your heart was already taken. Now, let me see this girl who has claimed my son." She turned to give Liz her full attention. "You are so beautiful. Smart too, I imagine from knowing my grandson. I can not wait to see you, in person." She was talking so fast, as if she knew her time was limited. " I need to see Valandra, where is she?"

"She is in there, she is connecting with Tess. " Max said slowly.

They walked toward the seat where Michael, Brody/Larek and Is were sitting. It was evident that Is was losing contact with Tess. Diane stopped, she was watching Isabel intently. "oh, she is just as beautiful. Oh, look at Rath. Oh I have missed you children. Rath's parents will be glad to hear he is well. We had all hoped Rath and Valandra would become one another's ba-nephesh. They were more like siblings then lovers, and I doubt they would ever have become lovers."

Suddenly Tess was gone. Isabel turned into Michael to cry. "You know she was not my favorite person. But, I could feel her anguish. She was really sorry and she was afraid to die." she was crying very hard and Michael was holding her and rocking her back and forth.

"Valandra," their mother called softly. Isabel turned around shocked. It was Diane, but not. "Oh, my beautiful daughter." She wrapped her arms around Isabel and stroked her hair. Isabel's eyes sought out Max.

"It's our mother, Isabel."

Isabel pulled back. "Mother?"

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