FanFic - Max/Liz
Part 6
by Kes
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Summary: (Tess Free Zone) Genndy has a secret bigger than the secret that Max, Isabel and Michael keep.
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Rating: R
Authors Note: We are not asked to be brought into this world. Those of us born with the weight of the world on our backs often never belong to anything or feel at home any where; like living anachronisms, but in our own time. According to Cambridge Dictionaries Online, the definition for anachronism is "a person, thing or idea which exists out of its time in history, especially one which happened or existed later than the period being shown, discussed, etc." With living anachronisms like myself in mind, I wrote this story while thinking of the song, "This Must be the Place (Naive Melody)" by the Talking Heads. Lyrics to "This Must be the Place (Naive Melody)" are at the end of Anachronism.
On the side of Max's Jeep, Genndy projected the images unfolding over her yellowish green cat like eyes, with audible sound. Everyone's undivided attention was on the images on Max's Jeep.

The first images were of Claudine as a beloved baby with Max, Liz, Maria, Michael, Isabel and Alex. Then there was a scene of the 18 year old Claudine torturing a same aged young man who mirrored Genndy down to her greenish yellow cat like eyes, and naturally curly carrot colored hair.

That picture was followed by one of Liz waddling pregnant around a quaint but beautiful house with Max so underfoot, she tripped. Max caught her before she fell and Liz fussed at him, "It's impossible for me to get my shoes from across the room when you're around," she scowled. Max smiled warmly at her then used his powers to bring her slippers to her.

Another scene showed Claudine taking her first steps into Isabel's arms. Isabel yelped in excitement and hurdled Claudine to the ceiling and caught her in her arms. Also caught was about a pound of Claudine's vomit; in Isabel's face, her hair and on her shoes.

A different picture showed Claudine's first date at about 17 years old. Maria took pictures of Claudine and her date while Michael awkwardly tried to spot the beached whale looking (from maternity), Maria. Each time Maria snapped a picture of Claudine and her date, she fell and Michael barely caught her.

"Maria, please let me take the pictures," Michael begged.

"I'm pregnant, not handicapped, Michael," Maria stated matter of factly while she zoomed in on another shot. She snapped the picture and fell again. Michael caught but almost dropped her.

In the background of the Claudine, her date, Maria and Michael image, Liz and Max belly laughed on the floor in what looked like a living room.

Claudine's face looked red from shame and embarrassment and her date looked like he was trying really hard not to laugh. Isabel and Alex walked in the quaint house and also fell out with laughter after observing Michael and Maria's struggle. Maria struggled to take at least a roll of pictures and steady herself, and Michael struggled to stop Maria from falling which meant stopping her from taking pictures.

Finally Michael delicately grabbed/held Maria by the arms, and her camera fell to the floor. Maria wiggled to free her arms and looked longingly at her fallen camera.

"So," Michael talked and tried to ignore Maria as she fidgeted under his hands, "What's your name?"

"Steve Genndy, sir," the young man responded with slyness and an overkill of respect in his voice.

"May we please go, now?" Claudine whined to her date.

Maria maneuvered herself out of Michael's hands and around her enormous girth. She came one foot from the camera just before Michael noticed her progress and kicked the camera across the floor. Michael smiled innocently as Maria cursed him out like a professional sailor. She lowered sideways until she eased herself onto the floor. Slowly she carefully crawled like a turtle with its shell on its front instead of the back, towards the camera.

It must have been too cruel for Liz to watch because she ran, although still giggling, to the camera on the floor, picked it up and gave it to Maria. Liz fell down on the floor beside Maria when she tried to help her up.

"It's like watching someone drowning frantically almost drown the lifeguard coming to the drowner's rescue," Alex laughed. Liz and Maria cut their eyes at Alex at the same time.

The sadness that had masked the faces of 'past' Max, Isabel, Michael, Liz, Maria and Alex transformed to laughter. They laughed harder than they had ever laughed in their lives, to date.

In the next scene, Liz successfully helped Maria up. But instead of taking more pictures, Maria aimed and hit Michael, bullseye, on the forehead. Liz, Maria, and Michael simultaneously hit the floor. Maria had traded balance against Liz for a direct hit, Liz was a casualty of war, and Michael was unconscious.

The living room behind them showed Isabel (laughed) unconscious. Max and Alex held on to each other laughing with running eyes. Apparently, when Liz, Maria and Michael all hit the floor at the same time, Alex urinated on himself he laughed so hard.

Liz and Maria surveyed that Michael was unconscious and that Alex had urinated on himself and cracked up.

Completely embarrassed, Claudine dragged her chuckling date out of the door.

Isabel regained consciousness, took inventory of the events she missed while passed out and laughed so hard that she again passed out.

The next scene showed shock on everyone's face after Maria's water broke. Some of the water splashed on Michael and woke him up. He looked irritable as he rubbed at the growing lump in the middle of his forehead caused by Maria's camera. Max patted his sister's face until she opened her eyes, then he healed Michael's forehead injury.

A hospital scene showed Michael with a baseball cap lowered to his eyebrows that perfectly covered Max's silver hand print. Maria had twin boys, "Mason Max Guerin and Mark Alex Guerin," Maria Guerin proudly told her doctor.

Michael threw his hands in the air like he had just surrendered something, "I think it's stupid to give them 'M' names, just because our first names start with an 'M,' Maria." He pouted.

Maria gave Michael Max's signature, "Shut up, Michael" look. And he heeded.

"Wow," Michael realized, "I'm like a daddy."

"No," Maria corrected, "You are a daddy."

The scene that followed the hospital scene showed Claudine's date with Steve. He drugged her at a party she begged not to attend. Weary of jock parties, Claudine drank only water, but Steve had strategically laced her ice cubes. Steve and the entire high school football team took advantage of Claudine while she was drugged and out cold.

The next image showed Claudine walk the halls of her high school with everyone's eyes on her. Students and classmates whispered while pointing in her direction.

A girl with boy cut, chestnut colored hair pulled Claudine aside, "Claudine, you're my best friend. Most of the football team is bragging that they took advantage of you last night. I think you should tell your parents and the police."

"That's nonsense, Amber. Steve and I just went to some boring party. He said I slept the entire time." Claudine replied.

"Okay then," Amber persisted, "You should at least mention the alleged rumor to your parents. Max and Liz are probably the coolest parents in the world. Surely you can tell them anything."

"There is nothing to tell, Amber. I love Steve and Steve loves me. I trust him completely. End of topic!" Claudine then marched away from Amber.

Genndy filled in some of the not seen story line, "Claudine loved Steve. Within a few days of that scene, Claudine slept with Steve. He treated her like his own free hooker, but she continued to please Steve whenever, where ever, and however he wanted to be pleased. A month later, she got pregnant. She used her inherited powers and a tapestry of lies to keep her pregnancy secret."

The next scene showed Amber knocking at the quaint house of Liz and Max Evans, in the dark. When the door cracked open, Amber babbled thinking Liz had opened the door.

"Hi, Amber. Liz and Claudine are not home. Is there something I can help you with?" Max read the concern etched on Amber's face.

"Oh, forgot what I was going to say. I'm such a ditz, you know?" Amber did an about face and tried to head to her car.

"I have been really worried about Claudine's strange behavior, Amber. I would greatly appreciate anything you can tell me." Max stared at Amber's back.

"About a month ago..." Amber's back scrunched up. "No...actually, there is nothing you can help me with."

"Please help me help Claudine." Max sounded choked up.

"About a month ago, Claudine was 'allegedly' sexually assaulted, for weeks she has been skipping classes to spend 'time' with Steve, and I think pregnant. I'm sorry I waited so long to tell you, Mr. Evans" Then Amber's shoulders shook like she was crying and she ran to her car and squealed wheels driving off without looking at Max.

Max was obviously enraged in the next scene as he drove his faithful old Jeep squealing wheels from his quaint house.

Genndy filled in some more story line. "On her way home from Steve's house, Claudine saw Amber crying at a stop light coming from the vicinity of her quaint house. Suspicious, Claudine turned around and pulled Amber over. Claudine was furious at her friend's betrayal. When Amber drove off, Claudine used her powers to blow out Amber's front tires. As a result, Amber was in a crippling serious car accident. Then Claudine sped back to Steve's home to warn him about her father acting on Amber's 'lies.' Steve's parents were out of town. Claudine pulled up to Steve's house terrified that the front door was open. Claudine parked in the yard and ran to the open door where she heard shouting crescendo as she got closer to Steve's kitchen."

Steve looked up and saw Claudine across the kitchen, "Are you going to let your daddy talk to me like this, Claudine?"

The scene showed Claudine look torn and put on the spot.

"Sweetie, go home. I'm not going to hurt him...that much." Max looked over at Claudine.

"Hurt me? I dare you to hurt me! Do you know how important my parents are? Besides, your precious daughter belongs to me, right Trixie? That's my pet name for her because she does tricks for me that your wife probably could not pronounce. Oh yeah, I even knocked her up." Steve wore a condescending grin across his face.

Max's face reddened, veins bulged from his neck and forehead and his hands glowed with power.

Claudine gasped and turned pale.

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