FanFic - Max/Liz
"Abduction, Guilt, and Forgiveness"
Part 10
by Kelly
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Summary: Around a month after Balance, Max and Liz get back together. However like the in the history of their relationship though, someone or something interferes. To make it worse, something happens to a majority of the gang. From then on, even though they don't think it can get worse, it does.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
Authors Note: I know nobody wants to take the time to write feedback, but if you write something and no one responds, its really discouraging. Please tell me how it is, cause I want to make this story really long, but if no one tells you how it is (I want the truth) then its really easy to just give up, so please tell me what you think.
Agent Festerfield drove down the highway, he glanced up at a passing sign. "285 South" he said as he laughed. He settled into his seat. He had 10 minutes until he reached the abandoned military base, he may as well be comfortable. As he passed car after car he reflected on how lucky he was. He was only 23 and already working on top secret government projects. This was his second day on his new assignment under Hank. He still didnít understand the guy; he was quiet, hard, and insisted on being called by his first name. Most of the other agents were scared of him. They said he went out at night and drank, and came back to work barely knowing who he was. Still though, he seemed nice enough, he assumed that all the stories had been grossly exaggerated, especially because Hank seemed to like him. He seemed nice enough to the prisoners who where with them earlier which puzzled him more. Still he was happy with his new assignment. Everyone was nice to him and accepted him even though he was so much younger. This was his first chance to prove himself, and he couldnít believe how well he was doing. He had already tracked down the teenagers and knew where they were heading, life couldnít get better then this.

Michael sat with Mariaís head on his shoulder, Alex was driving with Isabel at his side, and Liz was sitting next to Maria ignoring them all with her head resting on the window. As much as Michael almost hated him for the things Max had and he didnít sometimes (yes, Michael is mean and jealous for a second) and the fact that they had argued on almost everything except Tabasco, he didnít know what he would do without Max. Whenever he needed someone, he almost always turned to Max, besides Maria, he the only one who really understood him.

Alex slowed down when he reached the road leading to the factory, but then sped up and passed it. Lizís head jerked up, "Where are you going?" she almost yelled.

"I figured weíd go around back, most likely they have heavier security near the front." Alex replied.

"Oh," said Liz, and five seconds later Michael saw her resume her blank stare.

After driving for ten minutes more, they reached the back gates and looked up at the dark building looming down at them. They cautiously walked towards the gates after seeing no guards or surveillance cameras, only barbed wire fences and a metal gate on hinges. Maria grabbed an extra jacket out of her car and wrapped a rock in it before handing it to Michael who easily tossed it over the fence. It landed 3 feet form the building, but no alarms went off. Everything was still. They slowly walked up to the gate, Isabel pushed it and it opened, a rusty lock falling to the ground. They walked forward slowly, Liz was almost semi-aware now, and finally reached the building.

They began to walk around the perimeter looking in windows when Liz simply said, "Heís not here." Michael wanted to challenge her, ask her how she was so sure, but he knew that if anyone could tell whether or not Max was here or not, it was her. Her three words affected the rest of the group more them anything they had ever heard. They all continued walking, but now with slumped shoulders and chins toward the ground. They continued walking at their slowed speed for another half-hour until they reached the main doors. Liz suddenly broke into a run. After looking at each other they followed, who knew what to expect from Liz right now. When they got there, Liz didnít say a word, only handed a piece of paper to Maria who read from it.

" Hello Liz and all her friends. I knew you would try to come and get Max. Do you really think I am that dense? I moved him, and Iím warning you for the last time, donít come and try to find him or it will be the last thing you do."

No wonder it had been so easy to get in. They had left, and now there was no way to help Max.

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