FanFic - Max/Liz
Part 9
by Denise
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Max: "Your my parents?" (Max looking at both.)

Mom: "Yes Max we are and Isabel's too."

Max: "How do I know for sure you are?"

Dad: "One of us could connect with you and let you see our thoughts. If you want to know for certain." (Liz pulls Max aside.)

Liz: "Do you think that's wise?. I mean they might say there your parents and they may not be. They could be bad."

Max: "I know but I want to find out Liz. If these people are telling the truth I can finally learn all about Why we came here, Why we look like humans, etc. There are so many things that are a mystery to Me, Isabel, and Michael that we want to find out."

Liz: "What if you find out and there's a way for Isabel, Michael, and You to go back to your planet. I would lose you." (He takes her face in his hands.)

Max: "You won't lose me you will always have my heart. But I have to do this and if these people have the answer it could make the difference in some answers that are left blank to us. You understand?"

Liz: "Yeah I do."

Max: "I'll be all right." (He takes her hand quickly lets go and then walks over to his parents.) "Okay let's try it."

(Isabel and Michael are outside the cave. Isabel looks up at the sky and notices that it's going to be getting dark soon. She looks at Michael.)

Isabel: "It's getting late shouldn't they be back by now. What if Liz went the wrong way?"

Michael: "Isabel calm down it's not that late. They still have time."

Isabel: "Yeah, but what if they can't get out and there just stuck there. I am really scared Michael. I can't lose Max. He is all I have besides you. I mean I have my parents but they don't know what I am. I have to lie to them all the time and I hate that. Sometimes I wish I was a normal girl that had a normal life and didn't have to worry about being different."

Michael: "I know you do Isabel. But were just not and we can pretend all we want but we will still be same." (He sits down on a rock. Isabel sits down on another rock next to him and looks at him.)

Isabel: "Michael, can I ask you something? Do you ever wish you had real parents that love you?"

Michael: "Yeah I do all the time. I think that's why am so into finding out where our people are and how to get back. Maybe even my parents are there waiting for me. Sometimes I watch you play basketball with your parents and Max and how envious I am that you have parents that love you."

Isabel: "Michael you may not come from a loving family but you are loved by Max and Me. We both love you Michael and we both need you in our life. Your a brother to me Michael and I love you."

Michael: "I love you too Isabel." (He takes her in his arms and holds her tight.) "I don't want to lose Max either. I admit I am scare but we just have to believe Liz found him and there both on there way back here soon."

Isabel: "Your right." (Michael continues holding her. Alex comes outside and sees them.)

Alex: "I am sorry I forgot you guys were out here. I am sorry if I interrupted something. I'll go back inside now."

Isabel: "No Alex can you stay a minute?" (Michael lets go of Isabel.)

Michael: "I am going inside okay." (He goes back inside the cave. Alex turns to Isabel.)

Alex: "So what did you want to talk to me about?"

Isabel: "I over heard you and Maria talking about me. I wasn't ease dropping. I just couldn't help over hearing."

Alex: "Yeah."

Isabel: "I am sorry Alex about me not opening up to you. I know you care about me. I am just not ready to let you in. I mean I am still learning to trust Maria, Liz, and you. I'm not use to trusting anyone but Max and Michael. I'm scared Alex."

Alex: "Of what me?"

Isabel: "Not just you. Letting my guard down. Letting you see the real me. I'm not ready for that yet. I do like you Alex. I just can't promise anything now. Can you understand?"

Alex: "Yeah wi'll take it slow. I'll wait for as long as it takes for you to trust me."

Isabel: "Thank you" (She smiles at him he smiles back and then she hugs him.)

(Max connected with his mother and he saw different images. One of his mother and father on his home planet and his mother with a big stomach pregnant with him and Isabel. Next scene he finds a war on his planet breaks out and everyone flees the planet. He sees his mom and dad and another couple who's lady is pregnant too gets on a space ship and fly's away. Then you see them crash on earth and they use the technology from there planet and they cut his mom and the other women and his mom puts the fetus of him and Isabel into an incubation pod to continue living and the other lady does the same. Next scene you see all four people put the incubation pods in a cave that Max is sure he has seen before. Then they are captured and experimented on. The scenes end and Max looks at the women in front of him.)

Max: "Mom" (He hugs her and then he hugs his dad and looks at them both. Liz is watching.)

Dad: "Now you believe us?"

Max: "Yeah"

Dad: "I hope this helps with a lot of your answers you must have."

Max: "It does but the other women that was on the ship with you that was my friends Michael's mom wasn't it?"

Mom: "Yes she is. Her and her husband were good friends of ours and they died as well. We were all experimented on that's why we put you in incubation pods. So you would grow and continue living. We knew they were after us."

Max: "Why do we look human and how come we didn't come out of the pods until 1989?"

Dad: "Are race started with one alien that came to this Earth centuries ago. He fell in love with a human and they had children and that's why are ancestors and us are half-human, half-alien."

Mom: "The reason you didn't come out faster from the pods was because this planet was different from ours. So it took you years to grow until you were ready to come out. Your body was adapting to this environment. And that's why you get older just like a human in this environment."

Max: "Is there no one left on our planet?"

Mom: "I do not know. I do know there's a way you could find out."

Max: "How?"

Dad: "Take the stones from our planet. Find the cave where your incubation pods are. There's a vortex there. Light the stones and go through the vortex. That should led you to our planet. But there's a warning you won't be able to come back through the Vortex."

Max: "What's our planet called and do you know a guy name Nasedo?"

Mom: "Our planet is called Light Moon it's on the other side of the galaxy. It's small but there's oxygen there. Nasedo was our pilot." (Liz looks at the light from the stones and notices that it's getting dimmer. She goes over to Max.)

Liz: "Max the lights from the stones are getting dimmer. We have to go."

Max: "Yeah" (He looks at his parents.) "I wish I could think of what to say."

Mom: "It's okay . One more thing before you go as you get older yours, Isabel, and Michael's power will increase and new ones will be found. Like for example you will be able to tell what peoples feelings are. Like Liz she loves you very much and we can sense pictures from her mind of what she feels for you."

Max: "Really that's interesting. What do you think Liz?

Liz: "Yeah it is."

Max: "I'm so glad I got to meet you guys." (He hugs them.)

Dad: "So are we. Remember were always watching you and Isabel. And Michael's parents are doing the same for him."

Max: "Okay" (He lets go and walks toward Liz turns around and waves at them. They wave back then disappear.He looks at Liz)

Liz: "This must be huge for you now that you know the answers of what you are and why your here."

Max: "Yeah it is."

Liz: "So are you going back to your planet now that there's a way?"

Max: "I don't know."

Liz: "I admit Max I don't want you to go. But it's your decision and really think about this carefully and listen to your heart promise me?"

Max: "I promise.Okay let's go there all probably worried sick." (He sticks out his hand.)

Music: Walk Blindly to the light and reach out for his hand. Don't ask any questions. Don't try to understand. Open up your mind and open up your heart. And you will see that you and me aren't very far apart. 'Cause I believe love is the answer. I believe love will find a way...... (Blessed union of souls)

(She takes it and they walk towards the light.)

(Michael, Maria, Alex, and Isabel are all in the cave pacing and worried. Then they see the stones light up. Michael calls to River Dog and he comes and they all watch as Max wakes up and then Liz. Then the lights from the stones go out again. Isabel and Michael rush toward Max and hug him. Maria and Alex hug Liz. Then Isabel goes over to Liz.)

Isabel: "Thank you for saving my brother." (She hugs Liz.)

Michael: "Yeah Thanks Liz." (He hugs her next. Maria hugs Max and Alex shakes hands with Max then Max and Liz look at each other and hug. While Michael is holding Isabel and Alex holding Maria. Maria and Michael smile at each other. Max and Liz continue hugging.)

(Max, Michael, and Isabel in Max's room.)

Isabel: "So our parents are dead?"

Max: "Yeah all of ours."

Michael: "It seems like I never get the family I want." (Isabel goes over to Michael and places her hand on his arm.)

Max: "Michael your parents loved you. So you are still loved even if there not here there watching us."

Michael: "I know but I felt so cheated. I never got to know them."

Max: "I know."

Isabel: "Guys what are we going to do about this vortex thing. Will it actually take us to our planet?"

Max: "Yeah it will take us there and I remember where the cave is of our incubation pods it came to me when I connected to our mom Isabel. But if we go we will never be able to come back through the vortex. Plus we don't know if there any of our kind on this planet still because most left. So that means that we won't be able to come back to Roswell if we go...................

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