FanFic - Max/Liz
"A Stitch in Time - Revised"
Part 38
by Lynda
Disclaimer: Dear Ms. Metz and Mr. Katims, can Max and the others come to my house to play? I'll try to have them back in time for dinner. Thanks, loon.
Summary: AU Fic. No spoilers. Max had thought just being an alien would fulfil the 'weirdness quotient' for his whole life, but now he had to cope with the concept of aliens from the future. And not just 'good' aliens from the future. There was a whole organization of 'bad' aliens from the future and he, Isabel and Michael had been recruited to help stop them.
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Dedication: to Addison, my first fan.
The rest of his 'guards' followed him into the corridor. "Bring her to my cabin, Max?" Dave asked. **I've been there long enough for it to absorb some of my vibes. Her 'mom-sense' should pick them up easily.**

\\He's right. These subliminal clues should make her more at ease-- better than my cabin; it's as sterile and impersonal as a hospital room.\\ "Good thought, Dave." Max smiled at his mate's son. Such an impressive young man.

"Max, put me down. I can walk." Liz attempted without success to get down.

"Hush up. I want to carry you." **Do this for me?** Max sent her a telepathic kiss and was rewarded when Liz snuggled up close to his chest.

Dave led the way while Michael and Isabel followed Max and Liz, still in guard mode. Dave opened his cabin door and stood back for the rest to enter. When he followed them in he found Max sitting in the chair with Liz still in his arms. It didn't look like he'd be letting her go any time soon. Dave smiled and went to sit beside the chair, taking the hand she held out to him. Michael and Isabel sat on the bed.

Isabel leaned forward and rested her head in her hands. "Is it over yet? I want to go home. I want to see Alex."

Michael wrapped her in a comforting hug and rocked her. "Hang in there for a while longer, Izzy. You've been great. I don't think we would have rescued all those captives unharmed without your inside help."

"Thanks, Spike." Isabel's voice was muffled against his chest, but her amusement was clearly heard.

They spent some time catching each other up on the events of the past two weeks. Everyone started to relax and release the tension that had gripped them for too long.

The group had fallen into a companionable silence when there was a knock at the door. Dave got up and opened it, startled to see Gregory waiting there. "May I come in?" he asked hesitantly. Dave looked at Max for his okay then stepped aside, gesturing for Gregory to enter.

"I believe this is yours, Liz." Gregory handed her the quilt he found abandoned in the healing chamber.

"Thanks," Liz said shyly, hugging the quilt to her chest.

"Liz, aren't you a little old to have a security blankie?" Michael looked at her curiously.

Liz laughed and snuggled unabashedly into her quilt. "Nope."

Gregory straightened and looked at Max. "It is my pleasure to tell you that we'll be entering Earth orbit early tomorrow morning. We'll drop you off wherever you want in the scout ship."

There was general good cheer and approval for Gregory's announcement. He stopped at the door before he left and faced Max again. "Max, Liz, would you be so kind as to drop by my cabin this afternoon?" When Max nodded okay he looked at the rest of the group. "I'm sorry to be rude and exclude you good people, but the matter is personal."

"Well, that was interesting," Isabel commented when Gregory had left. When Max and Liz offered no further enlightenment she stretched back out on Dave's bed, thinking pleasant thoughts about her reunion with Alex.

The next to knock on the door was the Chief Medical Officer. He didn't enter the room, but spoke from the doorway as if uncertain of his welcome. "Ms. Parker, may I speak to you privately?"

Max stood and let Liz up. **Do you want me to go with you, sweetie?** In answer Liz reached for his hand and took him with her as she walked out the door. Max closed the door and stood close to his mate, ready to back her up in any way she needed.

The doctor, plainly intimidated by Max's expression, cleared his throat and struggled to make this encounter less threatening. "Thank you," he began. "Let me apologize again for my assistant's actions." Liz nodded without speaking. "Will you two accompany me to my office? There are some things we need to discuss." He turned and led the way down the corridor.

When they were seated in his office, the doctor consulted a file that was displayed on the screen on his desk. Going into doctor-mode he folded his hands and looked at the couple seated across from him.

"Ms. Parker, I hesitate to release you from our care without completing the examination that went so wrong today, but I can see from your aura and the expression on Mr. Evans’ face that there is very little chance of that."

"I'm fine. I just want all of us to go home." Liz had on her stubborn face and she had a white-knuckled grip on Max's hand. Max had on his 'whatever she says goes' expression. The doctor didn't have a chance.

The doctor pressed a button on his keypad then reached over and picked up a stack of papers from a slot in the wall. He placed them into a folder and put them on his desk. "I printed out your complete medical records. Although it wouldn't be a good idea to show them to a present day doctor, you can take them with you. If you wish, I will go over them with you."

When Liz hesitantly nodded, he continued. "What I know of your history is second hand, so I might have to have you clarify some things for me, if you're willing." Another nod. "The scout ship healing chamber's records were brought to us when Mr. Evans came aboard. From my understanding, you were injured escaping from the dissidents and Mr. Evans placed you into the healing chamber. It was successful in healing your serious injuries, including regenerating the damage it found to your reproductive system."

Max had heard this before but had forgotten it in the urgency to rescue Liz. He glanced over at her and saw her face pale even further. He sent her reassurance through their strengthening link. She sent back a telepathic kiss.

Liz nodded at the doctor and said in a strained voice, "The damage occurred when my son was born."

Beaming at them like he was personally responsible, the doctor continued, "It gives me great pleasure to tell you that you are no longer barren." He watched the smiles the couple exchanged and evaluated their auras. After giving them a moment to process that information, the doctor continued with his summary. "The healing chamber here on this ship successfully removed the drugs the dissidents had given you and countered what little damage it found. I have your assurance that you suffered no other injuries?" He looked at Liz for confirmation and received it. "Would you talk to one of our counselors? You've been through so much lately. It would do you good if you could talk to someone."

"No." Liz was firm on this point.

The doctor was just framing his objection when Max spoke up for the first time. "Don't push her on this." He looked over at her and his love shone clearly. **I'll be here when you're ready to talk, Liz. In your own time, in your own way.**

Seeing the devoted look Max gave this small woman, the doctor realized she didn't need a stranger to help her through the trauma. He continued giving his summary. "The scout ship records and our own tests have established your heritage. I believe there was some question about this in light of your, shall we say, talents? My report also tells me that you are aware of Al'Centrans and what that means in the way of the different powers than humans normally do not possess.

"Well, Ms. Parker, you are an enigma. You are clearly human but you apparently possess powers similar but not exactly like Al'Centrans have."

Liz's face revealed nothing to the doctor and somehow she had shut down her aura too, giving him no clue how she was taking this news. This further increased his curiosity. The few times he had seen this human woman her aura had been strong and strangely compelling. "Is there any way you would consent to letting us study you for a short while? The information would be very valuable…"

Liz shook her head and lifted her chin slightly. "I am what I am." She looked at the doctor, still revealing nothing of her reactions. "I don't think you could get through my shields. And I can't imagine what use I would be to your study would be except as a scientific curiosity."

Wave after wave of desolation washed over her, chilling her to her core. She didn't belong anywhere. She really was an odd duck and this time it wasn't a familiar joke. The numbness began to spread.

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