Fanfic - Max/Liz
"A Present Unseen"
Part 77
by Meagzie
Disclaimer: I own nothing and am nothing but a lowly servant of my computer and endless hours of fanfic. (Ok, maybe not.) Ooo, but I do own Adam. Mine. Mine mine mine.
Summary: It's about two years after A Past Forgotten. Graduation is just around the corner, but so is trouble.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: R
Author's Note: Ok, I know I say this a lot and I talk too much as it is, but FEEDBACK. I need it... it keeps my blood pumping and my fingers typing. Please? Love you guys!
Kyle drummed his hands on the steering wheel, starting to get uneasy in the warm car with its obvious location. The Pod Squad said to keep it in plain view, so it would be easier to find him, but now it was just getting kind of creepy. Paranoia seemed to be the correct word for him.

Shouldn’t he be driving a spaceship as a getaway vehicle for a bunch of aliens?

“Come on, Valenti, get your act together! Calm yourself down,” Kyle coaxed to himself. Kyle took a deep breath to cleanse his body, then a few hums to tune his vocal chords.

“It’s raining men, hallelujah! It’s raining men, amen!”

Kyle was pretty convinced he was good shit. Maybe he could go on tour with Maria or something, which would be pretty cool. The Kyle and Maria show. The Kyle show, featuring Maria. Or just the Kyle show.

Sick of singing, he clasped his hands together.

“One, two, three four, I declare a thumb war!” Kyle battled it out between his two thumbs, neither winning nor losing.

“C’mon thumb! Ahh! He’s beating you!” Kyle huffed in defeat as his right thumb eventually conquered. Kyle scolded his other thumb appropriately.

Before Kyle could go another round, a loud knock on his window stirred him. He slowly turned his head to glance out his window, fearing what he would see.

Oh shit.

A guard stood tall outside the car, and Kyle made a noisy gulping sound. Waving pathetically, Kyle said, “Uh… hi there. Nice day out, huh?”

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